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A paraphrasing tool (paraphraser) is used to reword or rephrase sentences while retaining the original meaning. This sentence rephraser works with AI and NLP.

We developed this tool using state-of-the-art AI models and language processing technologies such as NLP and GPT-3. It utilize advanced rule-based algorithms to rephrase paragraphs, essays, and articles smartly.

By making diverse changes to the text, our word changer makes the content more readable than the original version. It also minimizes the chance of plagiarism.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the process of changing words and sentences in a piece of content to make it look different from its original form, but with the same meaning. Here are some other common definitions that you can find on the internet:

According to the Oxford Dictionary:

“...a statement that expresses something that somebody has written or said using different words, especially in order to make it easier to understand…”

As stated by Dictionary.com:

“...a restatement of a text or passage giving the meaning in another form, as for clearness; rewording...”

In the opinion of Wikipedia:

“A paraphrase (/ˈpærəˌfreɪz/) is a restatement of the meaning of a text or passage using other words.”

For more details, read our paraphrasing guide.

How to Use this Paraphrase Tool?

Prepostseo’s paraphrase tool provides a simple interface.

Follow the steps below to rephrase your content easily.

  • Copy/paste the content in the Input box.
  • OR, upload a file from your local storage by clicking on the Upload (Upload icon) button. 
  • You can also use the Google drive (Google Drive Icon) to directly import files.

  • Select the required mode of paraphrasing (by default, the Standard mode is selected)

  • Select the language from the dropdown menu.

Language Dropdown

  • Click on the Paraphrase button to rephrase the text. That's it!

Paraphrase button

The paraphrased content can also be edited. You can change synonyms or switch to some other mode for a different output.  

Why Use Our AI-Based Paraphraser?

The main reason that you should use our AI based sentence rephraser is because it uses rule-based algorithms to provide smart and intelligent results.

Some benefits that you can enjoy with our tool are:

🚀 Quickly Paraphrase    Essays, Sentences, Paragraphs
🤖 AI Modes  Creative and Smarter
✍️ Enhances  Readability, Clarity, Tone
📖 Languages    17+ Supported
💲 Availability   Free & Paid
👍 Best for   Assignments, Theses, Blogs

Key Features of Our Online Paraphrasing Tool

Following are some features of our rephrase tool:

04 Different Paraphrasing Modes

  1. Standard Mode: The Standard mode is the most basic one of the four. It only synonymizes the text, i.e., changes the words with their synonyms. It essentially works as a word changer.
  2. Fluency Mode: It works a little more advanced than Standard Mode. It improves the flow of the content by making changes to the words, phrases, and sentences.
  3. Creative Mode: The Creative mode helps to paraphrase your content by smartly changing the words with their synonyms and by altering the phrases used. As the name indicates, this mode ‘Creatively’ changes your content so that it looks like the work of an actual human being. (Note: This mode is only for premium users 💰)
  4. Smarter Mode: This mode is also only available for premium users. It is the Smartest mode available in this tool. It can intelligently change your content to make it look unique and different without diverging from the original context.

Smarter mode is also best, as it removes plagiarism from the text. We have checked the uniqueness of the content rephrased by creative mode using our plagiarism checker. It always PASSED 😎.

Multiple File Uploading Options

You can upload the file directly from your local storage in the following format to paraphrase the content.

  1. .docs

  2. .doc

  3. .txt

  4. .pdf

You can copy-paste the content in the input box or import the document from Google Drive with a single click.

SEO Optimized Content

Our paraphrasing tool is safe for SEO. It provides unique, engaging and readable content, which makes it ideal for SEO purposes. You can also check it using a paraphrase checker if you want. 

Free to Use

Prepostseo's paraphraser is free, fast, and easy to use, which makes it the best paraphrasing tool available on the web. You can reword unlimited essays, articles, blogs, or paragraphs using our rewording tool for free in a few clicks.

Integration with Other Tools

Along with our paraphrase generator, you can use various other tools to improve the quality of content. After completing the paraphrasing process, it provides options to summarize text, find or fix grammar errors, or check for plagiarism. You can find the buttons for the respective functions below the output box.

Multi-Lingual Support

Our paraphraser works in multiple languages. It offers more than 17 languages including Spanish, Turkish, Italian, and many more.

Freemium Availability

Prepostseo's paraphrase tool offers 2 free paraphrasing modes with a 500 words input limit in a single submission. If you upgrade to the premium plan, you will get a generous word limit and access 2 advanced AI modes.

Uses of the Paraphrasing Tool

Here are some key uses of our Paraphrase Online tool:

  • Rewrite full-length essays.
  • Reproduce text to achieve unique content.
  • Remix articles for blogs, websites, or research paper assignments.
  • Paraphrase the text and get better synonyms for a number of words.
  • Remove any chances of plagiarism in the copied text.
  • Achieve better clarity

Manually paraphrasing a text is a difficult task. Paraphrasing online using the paragraph changer tool will save a lot of time and result in more precise and accurate words

Who can use our Paraphrase Tool?

Our paraphrase tool can be used by anyone who needs to rewrite or rephrase written content. Following are some potential users of our tool:

1. Students:

Students can use our paraphrasing tool to get their work done quickly and easily. They can improve their writing skills and also take active help during the writing process itself.

How Can Students Use Paraphrasing?

Among others, here are some ways in which our rephrase tool online can be used by students.

  • Learning new words: First of all, students can use the different modes of our online paraphrase tool online to build their vocabulary. They can enter their own content and then look at the new words added by the tool.
  • Using old material for assignments: Our tool can also help students use their old content for newer assignments.
  • Improving the quality of academic write-ups: During the writing process, students can take help from our paraphrase tool to make their writing look more professional. Our sentence rephraser can be used for essays, applications, presentations, and research papers.

 2. Professional writers:

Like students, professional writers can also use our professional paraphrasing tool to get help in their work. Here are some ways in which writers can use this paraphraser:

  • Improving content readability: If the content is too difficult to read due to complex wording, our rephraser can be used to make things simpler and easier to read. The Creative mode can be particularly useful for this purpose. This can even be verified using a readability checker.
  • Removing accidental plagiarism: Prepostseo’s word changer can also be useful for getting rid of any accidental plagiarism that may be present in a piece of content. The tool makes different changes to the text to remove replication and resemblance with existing content.
  • Improving content engagement: Long-winded and clunkily-written content can hurt content quality, which is something that professional writers can’t afford. With this sentence changer, such content can be reworded for better engagement.

3. Freelance writers:

Freelance writers can also use our rephraser for different needs and purposes. They can use our tool to improve the quality of their content, speeding up the content creation process and enhancing their writing skills.

Here are some ways in which our tool can help freelance writers:

  • Enhancing Content Quality: Junior freelance writers can often have trouble keeping their content quality up to mark. Prepostseo’s paraphrasing tool can help them fix readability issues in the content. This can help them learn how to make their phrases and sentences properly flowing.
  • Removing Content Similarity: Freelance writers often have to conduct extensive research on different topics and niches for their clients. During this process, their content can pick up similarities from the research sources. This sentence changer can help them give their content a unique touch.
  • Reworking Old Content: If a freelance writer wants to use some old un-used content, but they aren’t confident of the quality, our paraphrasing tool can be a great help.

4. SEO experts:

This rephrase tool can also be highly useful to SEO experts. Here are some ways in which SEO experts can use our tool:

  • Optimize meta descriptions: Creating proper meta descriptions can be challenging. Our paraphrasing tool can help SEO experts to rephrase clunky texts and make them catchier and engaging.
  • Creating engaging taglines: SEO experts also need to create taglines and banner text for web pages. They can use the paraphraser to get multiple suggestions on how to write the text properly.

5. Digital marketers:

Digital marketers can also find a lot of uses in this tool. Here are some of them:

  • Writing Engaging Product Descriptions: Digital marketers often have to write product descriptions for e-commerce stores and sites. During this process, they can use our rephraser to make the descriptions unique and engaging.
  • Copywriting: Other than product descriptions, digital marketers have to do copywriting on a lot of other different occasions i.e., when writing content for landing pages or for service pages, etc. This tool can help improve the quality of that content as well.


How does the paraphrasing tool improve content readability?

Rephrase Online is a professional tool with every word stored in its database. This word rephraser replaces words with their possible synonyms to improve the readability of your text.

How many articles can i paraphrase with this tool for free?

As a free user, you can enter 500 words at a time. However, you can use the tool as many times as you want and paraphrase unlimited articles. You just need to be careful of the word count.

Is using a paraphrasing tool plagiarizing?

Using a paraphrasing tool is not plagiarism. However, you have to cite the source if you use someone else’s content.

Can you get caught plagiarizing using prepostseo paraphraser?

No, you will not get caught plagiarising using Prepostseo paraphraser since the changes made are extensive and smart.

Is using a paraphrasing tool cheating?

No, using a paraphrase tool is not cheating. But, if you want to use existing content, you have to give the necessary accreditation.

Does paraphrasing tool count as plagiarism?

Poorly done paraphrasing can count as plagiarism since the changes are not proper and thorough. 

What is the best paraphrasing tool out there?

The Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool is one of the best sentence rephrasers that you can use to paraphrase your content online. There are a lot of different alternatives as well, such as Editpad, that you can also try for free.

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