DNS Records Checker

To use prepostseo DNS Records Checker, Paste domain name in the input box given below and click on check dns records Button.


Table of Contents

DNS Records Checker

If you have a very complex website then you have to add DNS records. You will get information about Name, TTL, Class, Type and details of each record added to your domain. Our tool will

  1. Check SOA records
  2. Check NS records
  3. Check A records
  4. Check TXT records
  5. Check MX records

You also need to check your records for the security purposes. Let’s say you have some security added to your website like cloudflare to prevent DDOS attacks. You might hide your ip address but sometimes hackers check your direct ip address from MX records. So you have to keep all records secure. A records could also be used to do hacking attacks on your website.

If you want to get complete information about your DNS then we recommend you to use our DNS report checker tool. And if you want to check details about any website you can use domain whois checker tool.

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