DNS Report Checker

To use prepostseo DNS Report Checker, Paste domain name in the input box given below and click on check dns report Button.


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Domain DNS Information Report

DNS report provides you the complete information about your Name servers. Enter domain name in the input box above and click on Check DNS report button.

What this report will include?

  1. NS records listed at parent servers: This will return all server records by parent server
    e-g: ns6269.hostgator.com. [] [TTL=172800]
    ns6270.hostgator.com. [] [TTL=172800]
  2. Domain Listing: It will check either your domain is hosted on parent server or not
  3. NS records listing: It will check your server have NS records listed or not.
  4. Check A & WWW records: it will check server have A and WWW records for each domain or it shared records with each other. ALso check if www record have a public ip address or a private ip address.
  5. Check Name Servers Respond: it will check all of your NS works properly or not. Also ip addresses for each nameservers tested and check if all name servers have different ip addresses. It will also check the total number of name servers and local name server answers. This section will also check missing NS records like A, TXT, CNAME, etc. TCP connection is also pinged, it is recommended that your server allow TCP connection.
  6. Start of Authority (SOA) Tests: This test will check SOA records, serials numbers of your domain name servers, Format of the serial number, SOA Refresh value, SOA Retry value, SOA Expire value and SOA Minimum TTL value.
  7. Mail eXchanger (MX) Tests: Check duplicate MX records entries and validate hostname of mx records. If MX records have reverse DNS entries it will display them.

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