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Paste up to 10 webpages to view server Status:

Check Server Status

Check Server status of multiple urls:

Server Status is crucial for your online presence. Let’s try to elaborate what is Server Status in a simple and straight forward way.

What is Server Status?

Server Status is actually the Status of your server as it’s obvious from the name. It is determined through Http or Https response from your website is either OK or not. If it’s not, it means your server might down or not responding correctly at the moment.

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Our Server Status Checker Tool is absolutely easy, straightforward and top of all it’s free to use. You are always only two steps away from checking the server status. Just place the domain you want to check the server status for and then click the button ‘Check Server Status’ and that is it. Sometimes it might happen that you get a pop up containing an error, ‘Please provide at least 1 valid URL’. So, what does it means? It means the URL that you entered is either incorrect or you did not supply response type, http or https etc. with URL. So, keep this in mind that you have to enter a complete URL. You can easily copy URL from a browser directly and paste it in the box. One more thing within our tool is that facilitates you and enhances the capability of checking multiple URLs at the same time with just one click. So, put as many URLs as you want up to 10 URLs maximum and click ‘Check Server Status’ button. You will find status report for each of the URLs separately. Let’s try this now!