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To use prepostseo Server Status Checker, Paste up to 10 webpages to view server Status in the input box given below and click on check server status Button.

Check Server Status

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Check Server status of multiple urls:

Server Status is crucial for your online presence. Let’s try to elaborate what is Server Status in a simple and straight forward way.

What is Server Status?

Server Status is actually the Status of your server as it’s obvious from the name. It is determined through Http or Https response from your website is either OK or not. If it’s not, it means your server might down or not responding correctly at the moment.

PrePostSEO Offers!

Our Server Status Checker Tool is absolutely easy, straightforward and top of all it’s free to use. You are always only two steps away from checking the server status. Just place the domain you want to check the server status for and then click the button ‘Check Server Status’ and that is it. Sometimes it might happen that you get a pop up containing an error, ‘Please provide at least 1 valid URL’. So, what does it means? It means the URL that you entered is either incorrect or you did not supply response type, http or https etc. with URL. So, keep this in mind that you have to enter a complete URL. You can easily copy URL from a browser directly and paste it in the box. One more thing within our tool is that facilitates you and enhances the capability of checking multiple URLs at the same time with just one click. So, put as many URLs as you want up to 10 URLs maximum and click ‘Check Server Status’ button. You will find status report for each of the URLs separately. Let’s try this now!

Server Status Checker is very important to check website status. It determines either website is Online or Offline. Our helpful tool will help you to discover the status of your favorite website. It will tell you whether the server of your website is online or offline. It is a very useful tool which every webmaster should use daily.

This tool generates a report in tabular form. If the status is “200”, then it indicates website is online. If it denotes “500” It means the website is offline due to a server problem.

How to Use it

Here is Guide to using this tool,

  1. Enter URL into the text area of the website that you want to check.
  2. Make sure you write complete URL of any website, including http or https protocol.
  3. You can enter up to 10 domains, but keep in mind each domain name should be in separate line.
  4. Click on Submit Button and wait.

Our Tool will present results in few moments, It is very fast, simple and accurate.

What is Special in Server Status Checker Tool of PrePostSEO?

PrePostSEO is a remarkable name in the online SEO tools industry which provides powerful tools to the website owners to improve their website ranking. We are also providing very helpful tools for users also to check plagiarism and hundreds of other facilities. The main purpose of PrePostSEO is helping others in the best possible way by using our outstanding tools. We developed this tool to check if a website is down or up.

Status server checker tool is one of them that we are providing online tools for our valuable visitors.

SSC (Server Status Checker) is the amazing tool that checks the status of the website either it is working or not. It is a very efficient tool and recommended to all webmasters to check about server uptime and stay update with website’s server position.

It helps to find out the issues with website server by checking its status and show results. It is easy to determine if there is any problem, this tool indicates it efficiently. Using this tool you can monitor the status of favorite websites and can stay update easily when they are down.

This tool is quick, simple, easy to use and accurate. The very helping feature in this tool is, you can check up to 10 websites at once by entering URLs at the same time. No need to enter each URL at once, here just put all URLs and hit the check button to get results.

Just enter up to 10 URLs at a time in given text field and press button to check the status of these website servers at once.

Importance of Server Status Checker Tool

It is very important to use this tool in order to keep yourself updated by checking your websites either it is working or not. It will indicate immediately if the webserver is down.

The website that is not accessible for users is harmful to website ranking. Website purpose is helping others and provides them useful information, but it will fail if the website is out of reach or not visible due to technical issues. If website server stays down for a long time then it is very harmful for ranking.

It is very important to keep active server status; it helps to maintain traffic of a website. A website offline Status means visitors cannot access it and as a result visitor leave the website. It increases bounce rate and leaves a bad impact.

Benefits of Server Status Checker

How fast the server reacts to a page load time? This, in turn, is a criterion for ranking. It Page load time is a ranking factor. It is very necessary to look at their response time and status. It is a very important aspect of good user experience.

While checking, if you find status offline, you can take urgent steps to make it online. It provides a facility to check all the favorite websites at a time. No need to open website separately. Sometimes webpage goes offline and we could not notice it immediately, because most webmasters use cache to improve load speed. In this case, if server down and you visit any page of that website, it is possible your browser show you specific page and you could not determine fault early. But using this tool you can easily check the status of the server. It provides accurate results.

Server Status Codes

  • 200: It indicates the status of server Good and server is working properly.
  • 301: It means that the address of a website is permanently moved to another address.
  • 302: It shows that server has found a temporary site redirection.
  • 400: It indicates a bad request.
  • 401: It denotes unauthorized access.
  • 403: It means this particular page is forbidden for you or you have no access to this page.
  • 404: Page Not Found Error, this specific page does not exist.
  • 410: Similar to 404.
  • 500: It indicates Internal Server Error. It means the server is down.