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Compare two text files

This tool is basically a text to text compare for you to check the similarities between different content. The normal use of this tool is to check plagiarism between two different written documents. It will highlight all those words sentences which are similar and matched entirely. This tool has unlimited use per day which is a wonderful thing.

Most Accurate:Our Diff Checker displays exact percentage for both values, also highlights matched text.

Upload Files:Using File Diff Checker find similarity by directly uploading .DOC / .TXT / DOCX / .PDF files.

Fully Customizable:Allows you to select any type of input (File, Text, Web page URL) for both values.

Our Text comparison tool allows you to check similarity between two texts and show you the overall matched percentage matched in both texts. It is a side by side text comparison search and there is not daily limit to use this too.

Why use our online diff tool

Sometimes you do not want to check plagiarism for your content from all over the internet. All you want is to compare text and compare files online with each other. Online diff tool provides you the exact solution for it. No matter if your content is plagiarized on the internet; If it is not similar with your second text our calculations will show zero percent matching and this is the main beauty of this checker.

How To Use Text Diff Checker

To compare two texts files all you have to just copy and paste your content into the input boxes shown above. After adding contents just click on the Submit Button to run this software. Online text diff tool is very helpful for teachers, students, and webmasters. It helps you to check the originality of your content.

File compare tool worked in such a way, first it parse full text into small sentences. Then it matches content with second file one by one and calculates the percentage of matched content.

Why Students Use this Tool

College students use our tool to find out the similarity between two assignments or essays. Because same work is not be accepted in educational institutes.

What Outstands Us?

Well first of all Prepostseo is providing this tool with a no limit per day facility. No matter if you have to compare 1000 documents a day, it will help you out. It's simple and reliable. Proper navigations are provided to map you through the details of, how to use it? It's quick and you don’t have to wait a couple of minutes or pass Captchas to get your results. The text diff checker works slightly in a different way than plagiarism checker, so it will only show the similarities between the compared texts even if your content is plagiarized from the web.

Our online text comparison tool has many features that are not available in other software. We provide each and every option by which you can check diff in two texts. You can

  1. Compare texts between two texts by pasting directly into the inputs
  2. Check files diff by uploading doc, pdf and text files.
  3. Check text diff by directly pasting webpage URLs

Why Teachers Use This Software?

In Colleges and Universities mostly students copy assignments and thesis of their colleagues. Copy does not mean they fully Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V whole assignment, it means they pick some part of the work. And it is very hard to find out which section is stolen and what is the source. So, they need a software that can help them. This advanced software not only displays the percentage of plagiarized work but also high lights the sentences in both files.

Plagiarized content is extremely dangerous if you are writing a blog post or you are creating an assignment. So before you decide to post your article online or to submit your work each uniqueness of your content. If you are blogger then it is impossible to rank in the earch engines with copied content.

What if I want to compare two files or documents?

This tool will only compare plain text and find the difference in them. But if you want to compare webpages and some documents like .doc, .docx and .PDF then we recommend you to use our plagiarism comparison tool for this purpose.

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What our users said about us

As a webmaster, I have to compare text online for each and every blog post that I want to submit. I have 50-100 authors registered in my websites and it is quite possible some of them copy content. I would say prepost have the best online diff checker tool.

~ Imad Junaid ~