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Our Text compare tool allows you to check similarity between two texts and show you the overall matched percentage matched in both texts. It is a side by side text comparison search and there is not daily limit to use this too.

How to use this Tool:

To check the difference between two texts all you have to just copy and paste your content in the input box shown above. Paste your first content in the first Input box and second content in the second input box. After adding contents just click on the Compare Text Button to run this software.

Why use this Tool?

Sometimes you do not want to check plagiarism for your content from all over the inter all you want is to compare your text with another text. This tool provides you the exact solution for it. No matter if your content is plagiarized on the internet; If it is not similar with your second text our calculations will show zero percent matching and this is the main beauty of this checker.

What if I want to compare two webpages or documents?

This tool will only compare plain text and find the difference in them. But if you want to compare webpages and some documents like .doc, .docx and .PDF then we recommend you to use our plagiarism comparison tool for this purpose.

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