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Octal Calculator

The octal format of values is not used as commonly as the binary or decimal format. It is also known as the format with base 8. This is because it has a total of 8 values (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7). In terms of mathematical operations, it is not that simple to add or subtract octal values. First of all, it is a lengthy option and secondly, it requires high standard mathematical skills to perform these operations without making mistakes.

This calculator is combination of following

  • Octal addition calculator
  • Octal subtraction calculator
  • Octal multiplication calculator
  • Octal division calculator

This Octal Calculator makes calculation simple

There is no point in going through the stress of performing the conversion manually. You have to complete multiple steps and each of them has to be 100% right. Other than that, the time factor is critical. If several comparisons have to be performed at the same time, you need a dependable tool for this purpose. By going through the usage process, we can get more details about base 8 calculator.

Stages of convenient usage

For most users, it is a matter of concern whether the steps of using a tool are simple or not. No one likes going through complicated stages. This octal calculator is very easy. By going through the steps, a better understanding can be attained.

  1. The input parameters

There are three input parameters which the user has to enter. The first text box is for entering the first octal value required for the calculation. After that you have to select the operation which has to be performed. The options present are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The last input box is for the second octal value. Once the inputs have been entered, the calculate button has to be clicked.

  1. Results

The results would be shown in the text bar present below. For instance, consider an example. Take the first octal value as 7 and the second as 122. The mathematical operation is addition for this example. Once you have entered these values, the result “131” would be shown to you.

Simple interface of Octal calculator for users

A tool should be as simple as possible so users do not get agitated. Complex tools usually get rejected and users do not appreciate them a lot. This octal calculator is very simple which makes it a better option as compared to other alternatives on the internet. You only have to enter three inputs and the output would be calculated after that.

Avoid rigorous calculations and save time

Every student asks how to add octal numbers? Adding or multiplying octal numbers is not as simple as decimal numbers. You have to perform several intermediate steps and then the result would be generated. With this tool, you do not have to complete any calculations and the tool does everything. From the perspective of the user, octal addition calculator is a good option. It saves a lot of time for users and they can complete several octal calculations in few minutes.

Free usage without application of restrictions

It is not that easy to get a 100% free technological tool. Tools that claim to be free have numerous conditions attached. This calculator is completely free without any conditions being applied.

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