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Server Port Scanner

Our port scanner allows to you to scan your server ports online. Using our tool, you will be able to check the open status of following ports.


SSH (Secure socket shell) is a network protocol that helps administrators to access any server in a secure way. SSH is the main suite of web utilities that implement the security protocols. The secure shell provides the complete security during the data communications between the two computers connecting online. An SSH suite based on three different utilities i.e. slogin, scp and ssh. These are the secured version of the UNIX utilities to make it sure that client request is performed in a protected way.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard internet procedure for transferring files between web servers and TCP (transmission control protocol/IP) connections. FTP process helps uploading files to the server. It’s a client-server based protocol that depends on two transmitting mediums.

  • A command channel which controls the conversations.
  • A data channel which transmits the file content.


First, the client initiates the secession via command as a request, and after that, the server starts a data connection with the client to transfer required files.


Telnet is a communication protocol used on the internet and different local area networks to provide interactive text-oriented communication. To use the Telnet protocol, you have to be actually logged in as the user of the computer. Telnet is helpful in providing access to command line interface including network equipment and operating systems. Telnet offers zero file transmission encryption, which means that all data allocations made over Telnet is passed in a clear text.


SMPT (Simple Mail Transfer) is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving of e-mails. Now it is limited in its ability to transmit messages because it works with two other protocols POP3 and IMAP. It allows users to save any required messages on the server, and download these periodically one by one. On UNIX based Servers, SMPT is the widely used server for E-mail messages. SMPT normally operates with internet port 25.


Domain name system is known as the phone book of the internet. DNS translates domain names into IP addresses. Internet users can search and find this information in the shape of domain names e.g. prepostseo.com or Moz.com etc. Information from all domain name servers is maintained in a central registry. Hosting services providing companies and internet providers make regular contacts with the central registry to update any DNS info. After when you register a new domain name, then it takes only 12-36 hours for domain name servers to update DNS information.


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is an application protocol for distributed information systems called hypermedia. HTTP is designed for communication between web browsers and web servers. Hypertexts are characterized as structured web texts which use hyperlinks between the nodes. The latest version of HTTP was standardized in 2015, and now it is supported by the all major web servers and browsers. HTTP protocol is designed to stop any intermediate elements to make sure the effective communication between the clients and servers. HTTP provides authentication and control over the whole transmission of the internet.


POP3 (Post office protocol 3) is among the latest version of standard internet protocol related to receiving of emails. It helps users to check their mail server and download it. POP3 is specifically designed in a way to delete the mail just on the server as soon as the download it and read all the essential details. In this process, emails are stored in a single device and only be accessed from a single device. So the whole information transmitting process is secure and safe for the users.