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Check SEO Status of your website URLs:

URLs are actually meant to address any web-property located somewhere at a specific space that is most probably a computer, that’s always switched on, connected to internet and capable to respond the query calls. This is the only purpose of URLs, but what are the SEO Friendly URLs? As we discussed the purpose of URLs, so the path should be correct and the files must be there to respond. But Search Engines like Google consider URLs as one of bits and pieces of SEO. Why? As you know Google always predicts relationships between different items of a website observing text of each item. So, Google want to interrelate URLs to the content of the same page. This helps Google figure out precisely that webpage has related content to the URL as well as bound it to have only few special character like hyphen. The better URL having the focused keyword used in content the more it’s precious towards your SEO efforts and it’s considered more SEO friendly. So, basically URL should contain the focused Keyword and no overloaded special characters to become a user friendly URL, though it might contain some more words as well.

How SEO Friendly URLs Checker tool serves you?

Our beautifully brought up tool check URLs for their SEO friendliness quite comfortably. Our tool will provide detailed result for all of the URLs within the domain. So, you can enter any URL of any level to check for and “SEO friendly URLs Checker” tool will intelligently grab all the URLs of that particular domain and will inform you about the anchor text as well as the behavior of the URL that directly relates to the SEO friendliness.


Just paste a correct URL within the given box and push the button “Analyze Links”. Rest of all is up to our tool. You will find all the results in a matter of second. Our tool will inform about all URLs of that particular domain quite promptly.