DNS Propagation Checker

To use prepostseo DNS Propagation Checker, Paste domain name in the input box and select record type click on GO Button.


Server Result TTL
Austria 1
Austria 2
Switzerland 1
China 1
China 2
Czech Republic 1
Czech Republic 2
Germany 1
Germany 2
Germany 3
Denmark 1
Denmark 2
Russia 1
Russia 2
Russia 3
United States 1
United States 2

DNS Propagation Checker

Have you changed DNS of your website recently? Remember that DNS does not change quickly around the whole world it took up to 48 hours to for full DNS propagation. It might possible you can see the newer version of your website, but mean while there is a possibility someone still browsing your old website.

To check this you have to confirm that even your DSN propagated fully in all regions of the world. Our DNS propagation checker tool can do this job for you. It checks DNS propagation from the following locations

  1. Atlanta, USA
  2. Auckland, New Zealand
  3. Falkenstein, Germany
  4. Johannesburg, South Africa
  5. Las Vegas, USA
  6. London, UK
  7. Los Angeles, USA
  8. Milan, Italy
  9. Montreal, Canada
  10. New York, USA
  11. Pune, India
  12. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  13. Seattle, USA
  14. Singapore, Singapore
  15. Sydney, Australia
  16. Toyko, Japan
  17. Varna, Bulgaria

What is a DNS?

DNS stands for domain name servers, it controls domain name of website and email settings. These servers maintain a directory of the domain name and translate them to IP Addresses. It is like phonebook of the internet. It is easy to remember a name rather than numbers. DNS provides the same service, it is a phonebook for the internet.

For Example:
When you type PrePostSEO, Request will go to DNS and it will indicate to an IP Address that is associated with it. Then your browser will connect to the server and retrieve webpage.

What is DNS Propagation?

When you change or update Name Server of any domain, it may take up to 48 to 72 Hours for the change to take effect. This is called DNS Propagation. In the other hand DNS propagation is a term that used to describe the time that can be taken to make any changes in a domain name.

Every time when you write domain name in the address bar and hit enter, if you are visiting that website the first time. A request will generate to your local Internet service provider. The browser will not send a request directly to hosting server. It has to pass through several ISP nodes, your computer first checks local DNS cache. Then send a request to nearly ISP provider that provider sent to next one and so on. After passing all these paths request received to hosting server.

In this process cache of DNS will be stored in your device operating system cache. Purpose of saving cache is just improving the performance and making it fast. Next time when you will visit DNS that is stored local cache will be executed; this cache has an expiry time set. Therefor updating in Name Servers can take up to 72 hours.

In Simple words DNS propagation is just the time, it takes for all the DNS servers around the world to catch up with the new DNS updates.

What is DNS Propagation Checker Tool?

DNS Propagation Checker is a Free tool to check domain name server records against the list of servers that are located in different corners of the world.

PrePostSEO providing very simple and well-designed Propagation checker Tool to check your domain name server records on all DNS providers in the world. You can use this tool to see if your records have propagated across the entire world.

How to use this tool?

It is simple as 1, 2, and 3; follow these easy steps to use this Tool properly.

  • Type your domain name in the textbox.
  • Press “Check DNS Propagation” Button Simply.

Now let our tool to check all the records against all servers that are located in the world. Our tool will display report against your query in Tabular Form. It will display a list of servers where your DNS record is propagated.

Why use this tool?

Have you changed or updated Domain Name Server Record recently? Or have you recently switched webhost or started a new website?

This tool will help to find out where your DNS records are propagated. Do a quick look up for any domain name and check DNS data that is collected from worldwide and check is records are propagated or not.