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10 Facts You Need to Know about Web Hosting

July 30, 2018

Internet Website Hosting or Web Hosting means to rent a virtual space on a computer to hold your website. Your host makes sure to assign you with an address (DNS) for your files to a domain name so that people can find your website on an internet through that domain, where all of your files are stored.

Web hosting comes in many different types having different tools and offerings from huge registrar offerings to budget planning to different tools related to domain age checker. There are almost unlimited offerings which you can get on web hosting, but before you rush on to get yourself a web host service you should know about some facts related to it.


Cost is the most critical consideration before you go for a web hosting service you should get an idea about your own budget. It is important to have an idea about your budget, which makes things a little bit easier for you in future.

When you have your budget determined you always plan according to it, you don’t get lost in many options, you get your options filtered and if you really want some positive results you always check domain age and then take any further step.

Low cost or budget hosting seems appealing but it can come with many issues, like hosted is having many websites on one server which causes power outrage. Medium to higher cost hosting comes with enterprise level services. Some of the services here can be specialized like web hosting and emails. Others work according to your needs, can provide you with one or more server.

For high-end companies who are handing over their control to the web host should go for a lawyer and do a proper agreement. You should review all the costs including average charges which means you should also check domain age.


Communication plays a very important role in business. You should always opt for a hosting provider who has effective communication skills and active on daily basis. The provider should send you newsletters or any other content that shows how a company is working, what are new trends in technology.

Whenever hosting provider keeps maintenance, the provider should send an advanced email to all the clients affected by the change.


The first thing a person checks in any product or services is its feature and a web host is no different. The qualities, capabilities, durability and much more. So, you should always look for the features your web host is providing with. Some of the questions which might arise in your minds are,

What technologies do they support? What technologies do they consider themselves expert in? Auto respondents Bulk age checker tool Application Pool memory limits Bandwidth options Control panel Email service Reseller programs Costs for additional services Web statistics Custom DLLs or packages

This list can help you to evaluate the host. Always check if the host keeps his hands on latest trends or if he is behind. And don’t always go for the cheapest web host services, as mentioned earlier, look for the web host service which has best features and is also within your budget. Also use the bulk age checker and check the domain before taking any final step.


Support is a very broad term in web hosting, normally a provider controls hardware issues and needs, server administration, internet connection, and maintenance of the system.

 The site owner is the one who makes decisions about what technology should be used whether it should be PHP, ASP.NET or Java. It is really important to determine what you support and what your site provider supports.

Live chat support is increasingly becoming mainstream and is easy to handle, where the site owner can contact the host and get guided throughout the website. Another support is phone support which is very common and keeps you connected with your service provider. Last but not the least are the emails which the most common tool for communication.

Support is a vast topic to cover and can vary widely from host to host. Don’t fear to ask questions about how they handle some cases, to your host service provider. And if you’re an enterprise-level client, it is important to ask these concerns during a contract.

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Types of Hosting

There are some types of hosting, as it comes in different shapes and sizes, which are discussed as follows,

Low cost or budget hosting are also known as shared hosting. Also, it is important to check domain age before going for any domain for a site.


Here are  a few features that you have to consider in low cost or budget hosting;

Medium-level hosting focuses on small to midsize businesses (SMB). The types of plans in this type of hosting can be higher end shared hosting or virtual to dedicated server plans. Entries level or managed hosting is the highest level of hosting. Which provides with many features of technologies, this type of level plan can go from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands of levels. This level of hosting means you give control to the provider and should pay him for managing your site.


Length of Time in Business

The time of experience in business shows host is trustworthy. It means if he is in this business for several years then he has learned how to compete with others and how to have a good relationship with his clients. So, you should always ask the host about the length of time in business and his experience.


We could talk on this topic in detail as it is totally an entire topic which could be talked about. Following are some stuff you should keep in mind while searching for a host if he meets your security needs or not,

Do you need to be HIPAA compliant?  Is the host SAS 70 compliant? Are IDS implemented? How do you handle DDoS attacks? Does your site need a PCI compliance?

Each question answered by your host will determine if your site will be safe and secure.

Host Size

In hosting, bigger is not always good. The domain age should be checked but it does not mean the bigger the age the better the hosting. The higher end hosting services provider with long-term relationships, they don't lose clients like low-cost hosting services does.

There are many domain age checker tools which you can get from the internet, or you can find domain age free from some sites too.


It’s good to have a busy website where there is a lot of traffic. Hosts provide a range of options when it comes to limits. Number one is the bandwidth, every host handles bandwidth indifferently.

The amount of bandwidth used depends on the type of content your site has. If you have music or videos on your sites your bandwidth will increase. And if you have data or statistics on your sites you will have less bandwidth. Here again the domain of your site matters a lot so make sure that you have used a domain age checker before using it.

Disk space depends on whether you store a lot of files on it or databases. Your host can handle your disk space effectively. Another limit which you should have known about is an application pool or memory limits.

 Shared hosting can limit the quantity of memory a website uses. Finding a host which will provide unlimited bandwidth, disk space or other resources can help control unpredicted costs and sustain an approachable website.

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The most and most important thing in website hosting is the location. The location of your host can make your clients effectively. While working with your host you should inquire about his location and what area he is going to target.

In website hosting, there are many different variations from which you can learn about. These were few facts which you should keep in mind while going for a web hosting services. We hope you have been answered about your questions and have learned about ways to determine an effective web hosting services according to your requirements.