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4 Types of Plagiarism

Aug 15, 2017

Plagiarism, as we all know, is an act of copy/pasting content, assignments or articles. This is considered as a major issue regarding educational departments and SEO. Copied content not only reduces quality to zero but also cecomes the major reason to reduce SEO Score. Copying content cause lack of creativity in a student as well. They find easy ways to do work which is quick but extremely painful later. As well as go for article writers or blogger who steal content from the web and paste it as their own face even major issues. Google algorithms red flags a site if it has copied content. The search engine will never be optimized for it. The site will lose viewers as they will gradually know about the copied content.

There are certain types of it.

1. Image Plagiarism

While writing a blog, article or even an assignment, we use images for a visual aid to our topics. It's very normal and preferable by the readers to understand the content better. For example taking images straight off the internet and present them as your own. This is extremely wrong as the original creator of the picture can easily claim you for copy right which can bring your web page down easily. You might end up being charged a huge fine. Bring your own work to the view or at least put a reference to the original source. If necessary, take permissions or mention the source and reason why it was taken. This issue of copying images should be avoided in assignments as well. It is similar to copying someone else's idea and hard work and is illegal.

To check similar images you can use reverse image search tool.

2. Video Plagiarism

Similar to image plagiarism. It is the copying of videos and using it for purposes as your own idea. Extremely wrong and a very stupid thing to do. Videos are caught easily when they are checked for plagiarism. Moving images or frames are easily caught by simply searching them on Google or Youtube. Well, this is one method but there are professional checkers for this matter too. For example, if you are writing a blog or anything and it requires a video to make it more explainable. So copying other videos instead of making your own is not only wrong but punishable. Copy rights can turn your web site down. Instead of that and if really necessary, then give a credit to the creator of the video and then paste it after permission. We often see videos in blogs that we know are from someone else but credits are given under it. Also, the blogger or writer will mention that “They do not own this material” somewhere near the reference.

3. Speech Plagiarism

Now, this is an important one. Ever heard someone on the television or in news saying quotes or whole lines said by someone else. I am sure we all can relate. Well, there are tools which scan through every spoken word and match it. In case, if words match then it’s a clear case of copy right as well. Same goes as earlier, we can refer while speaking, for example, As the great person said this once “___”.

But saying it as your original thing and completely ignoring the fact that it's said by someone else will result in speech plagiarism. Even sometimes we see movies copying dialogues from other movies or celebrities copying speech of others are a few example to make you understand.

4. Text Plagiarism

The most common issue in students and article writers. Students copying text content from the web or other students hard work to their assignments or writers copying content from other articles etc. Citing is the best method to avoid plagiarism. Putting references to the original content always helps. It shows that you actually did research and did some work on your own. Plagiarism checkers are available to avoid such mishaps. Universities prefer unique content and as I say in my blogs that “ Writing less quality creative work is better than stealing high quality from someone else”.

Plagiarism checker can help you out in this issue before submitting your work. Teachers and students should be aware of such issues. if you want to compare two different documents for plagiarism with each other, then you can use plagiarism comparison tool.


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