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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Essay

Dec 20, 2018

Have you ever wondered about how to avoid plagiarism in your essays? The obvious way to resolve the issue is to write your texts from scratch, as it seems to be the best way to create an original article, but nothing goes so easy. There’s a trick there. Have you ever been in a situation when you write your own thought and end up getting 85% authentic wording and writing, while other 15% copied from 6 sources you have never seen before? 


One problem stems from being a communicative person. The first instance we start learning our native language is through people that are close to us and moving on to 12 years of daily chatting with our peers. Proving the point, there are emerging language trends, words that we suddenly begin to overuse massively. Popular sayings, expressions, set phrases appear at our writings unconsciously, because this is the way we perceive the surrounding world. That’s why even when you do not consult sources, someone has already used the same wording on the Internet before. 

Creating content for websites or blogging is more complicated. Spotted plagiarism can make it lose positions. Blogging becomes challenging and requires ongoing work on your vocabulary and syntax. The stakes get higher if you are a student at the university in the attempt of avoiding plagiarism at any cost. 

Correct quotations 


Latest versions of software discern copied and pasted text from the proper quotation. There are online writing apps that have a feature named “quotation.” It means you only have to highlight it in the text and click the button. The app will format it according to all the rules.  

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The reading material has to be different, so you can pick up various styles and enhance the lexis to create rich texts. Not only the non-fiction literature, academic, and research materials become beneficial.  Seek for the “geeks” online, who write articles targeted at a general audience, but explain complex concepts. Here you can learn how to make your essays attractive. They will teach you how to write your paper both informative but interesting at the same time. This one is easy because it’s entertaining. You should try reading articles and books which are relevant to your main interests.

Find the latest tool 

Don’t underestimate the software that marks your “a” and “the” as plagiarism. The older versions that have not been updated show bad results. However, if you use newly developed ones like online plagiarism checker with the percentage, they also help to fix other issues. 

As you are inclined to use the same wording as people of your age and background, you also make the same mistakes someone did before you. Fix your spelling and punctuation faults. Review readability and optimize your text. Having done this, there might be no plagiarism left. 

Analysis and Logic 

This skill should be one of the reasons you go to college in the first place. It is not easy, but you have to apply it every time you can. Take raw material and stats. Build an argument and present a conclusion following a logic blueprint. 

Learning to analyze like this and apply logic won’t come easy. Some of your conclusions can be false, or your professor and peers can help you spot flaws in your logic. As you master it, no matter where you work in the future, this is going to be your advantage. Being able to read and work with raw data is winning professional quality. 

Rephrase better 

Any academic paper requires using source material. Learn to interpret text and put everything down in your own words. The trick is to master a thin line between delivering the same meaning in very different words vs. manipulating facts to your own liking.  


When you cite a source, change every two words that come together, but this isn’t a perfect solution. Again, someone before you could have done right the same. Here is why keeping your head up for the recent trustworthy resources. Research becomes valuable and outstanding. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed. 

Don’t think that putting a text through the article spinner helps because lots of people have done it already several times. They won’t save you, so there’s no point in using it. Always save time for editing and don’t ignore online tools to determine uniqueness.  Be honest and never copy papers your fellows spent hours working on. It is not a smart move. Just like years before, plagiarism is a good enough reason to get expelled and earn the worst reputation. It's that one instance where making mistakes doesn’t worth it.  Luckily, the strict language of research becomes outdated each day. The more understandable your writing is, the better it is for the ordinary people.