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7 Tips to Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

October 02, 2019

7 Tips to Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Writing academic essays is a skill that can be acquired through practice and proper training. Before you become an expert in this field, you need to understand the essential tips that will put you ahead of the rest. For instance, you should base your essay on a solid thesis where you build evidence to support it. This evidence could come out of your research or from other sources. Remember that academic writing is very different from other kinds of writing. This field aims at informing rather than entertaining, so you may experience some difficulties trying to make it engaging. If you master the skill, you will write persuasive papers that are valuable even if you are constrained on time. The following are tips that will help you to improve your skills in writing academic essays.


1.Understand the Content Before You Can Begin Writing

The first step towards writing a credible essay is to know what you want to discuss before you set out to write. You can do this by making an outline which will help you to create a proper argument out of your thesis. The basic outline should comprise of three items which are introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should carry the thesis while the body discusses the various evidence points in separate paragraphs. The conclusion provides a summary as it links all the information to the thesis. Make sure you have at least 3 points in your body section. 


2.Use Basic Grammar, Style, Proper Punctuation and Correct Vocabulary

To convince your audience and score good grades, you must apply the best grammar, punctuation, and style. Elements of grammar include sentence structures that are well-formed, proper use of pronouns, articles, and subject-verb agreement. Must conduct online grammar check of the essay you write. Take note of punctuation marks, especially the use of commas and placement of full stops. As you progress with your writing, be mindful of the voice. Academic writing employs an active voice and not passive voice. The former strengthens the tone of your essay. Your language should also be concise, where you avoid unnecessary transitional words. These only compromise your argument.

In academic writing, always remember that your aim is to persuade your audience to concur with your argument. Therefore, the choice of your words is critical in building the language. When you resort to using big words in writing essays, there is likelihood that they will result in not so impressive results. It is very easy for a smart audience to detect that you are overcompensating in your writing if you choose bombastic words. If you do not know the meaning of a particular word, you better not include it because you may use it incorrectly. Big words also compromise the clarity of your argument.


3.Analyze Evidence before including it in the Argument

Creating an academic essay is a process which calls for your commitment and attention at all times. As you write, keep the thesis in mind. Avoid distractions that can tempt you to veer off the topic. Some ideas could be interesting, but interrogate your mind to see if they build upon your argument. If they are irrelevant, avoid including them.

4.Do Not Use Literary Clichés

As earlier mentioned, academic writing is quite formal and is meant to educate rather than entertain. All essays under this category are meant to inform through research. Therefore, refrain from using flowery language. Analogies and metaphors are also prohibited because they diminish the essence of your paper. Stick to the formal language that is concise, clear, and straightforward.

5.Edit and Proofread Your Essay

In academic writing, editing is a continuous process. At this stage, you examine the format of the paper and the content. Check whether you have used the correct material in creating your content. Clarification will assure you that the content is persuasive. If there is too much use of words and unnecessary verbs, editing will help you to identify and eliminate some of them.


Even after you have generated content for your paper, there are bound to be mistakes. Before you submit your paper to your instructor, take some minutes to check for grammatical or spelling errors. Online editing tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor will come in handy  improves your paper by making it more compelling and credible. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to help you with proofreading. These qualified experts will provide important feedback for you to make changes if any. This is definitely an excellent way to deliver a finished product.


6.Always Practice Reading and Writing

Just like in any other activity, practice will make you perfect in academic essay writing. It boosts your experience and confidence, and with time, you will find that your ideas flow naturally. Make sure that your content for the essay is unique. By using an online Plagiarism checker you can find out the copied mistakes in any paragraph of your essay. When you read, you acquire skills and inspiration to write a convincing essay. You get ideas, language perfection, and also the correct tone. As you peruse other materials, you definitely learn about the structures that are allowed in academic writing.

7.Include a Proper Conclusion

You should understand that the conclusion is a key component to academic essay writing, although many people neglect it. This section is very important because your conclusion proves your thesis by tying your research points together. This does not imply that you copy-paste the thesis into the conclusion. The conclusion should just have a quick outline of the evidence points. This is the last section of the paper so you can also include your individual opinion about the evidence that you have come up with. You can either approve or disapprove it but make sure you do not come up with a new idea under this section.






You can be the best academic essay paper writer if you follow the above tips. It is simply an art that you can train and enhance. Most of the tips are quite basic, and they demand that you spend quality time to learn them. Others are simple and only require you to be keen as you progress with your paper. Step out and pursue this great skill that will not only boost your academic achievements but will also impact on other people around you.