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A Complete Guide How to Submit Information on Google My Business

October 12, 2018

Google my Business is a free tool that helps webmasters to manage how their business appears on Google search results and Google Maps. This includes adding a business name, location and hours of business for customers to know about the actual business information. This tool works as a website indexing tool for businesses to rank their website on google without any hassle. By providing the true information you can easily optimize your business in the top local SEO results. For a new business, it’s always valuable to rank at the top of searches, especially in their local results. In this article, my aim will be to help you completely understand the process of submitting information on Google My Business account, and how you can optimize your business through it. 

“Google My Business is a Perfect tool in a way that it allows professionals to quickly rank on local web results, and deliver expected ROI” - Betty M. Serrano

What’s The Process Includes?

If you are new to the internet world or recently you have developed an e-commerce platform then Google My Business is the best place for you to quickly get the attention of local users.  As per the research, half of the internet searches are conducted through the smartphones. So, the importance of local area searches becomes more evident for the businesses to gets the most out of their local business coverage. This tool also beneficial for increasing a website domain authority. The whole process of information submission includes the following steps.

•    Create an account & claim your Business

•    Verification of your Business

•    Optimize your overall listing

Creation of Google Business Listing

Creation of a new business listing includes the submission of various important information that a website owner must have to put in the empty fields during the sign-up.  GMB is a completely free tool but the key here is to only provide the actual facts and figure about the business. You can use text comparison tool to find out any misrepresentation in submission.

Google will remove your business from GMB if they find any misrepresentation from your side. Follow the below-mentioned process to create free GMB account.

•    Step No 1: Log into the GMB account with an accurate email id and add information.

•    Step No 2: Select the start option on the top right corner.

•    Step No 3: Enter your business name. (Actual Business Name)

•    Step No 4: Provide a detailed business address for online customers.

•    Step No 5: Select the type of your business niche in which you will provide services.

•    Step No 6: Add a new phone number for your website.

•    Step No 7: Select a verification option (As per your convenience).


Verification Process for New Businesses

A new GMB account user can use the several verification methods to verify their business listing on Google My Business. These options help users to select any verification mechanism as per their convenience. Verification on GMB includes four different types of verification. Check these out below.

•    Postcard Verification:  If you are sure that your business is nearby located to the post office and not in any remote area, then you must have to choose this option. While submitting your address information make sure that it is completely accurate.

•    Phone Verification: Mostly businesses located in the US, Google provides the facility of phone verification. It’s an instant verification mode that users normally do for successful signing up on GMB.

•    Email Verification:  It’s the third most used verification process through which business get listed on GMB. Sometimes the whole process takes a lot of time because Google already has the bulk of verification emails in their list.

Efficient Optimization OF Google My Business Account

After the creation of a new account at Google My Business, the next important step involved with the effective optimization of account to perfectly rank business in the web. Optimization of the account is not a one-time process. Normally webmasters have to conduct this process at consistent intervals. Most of the optimization things they can do by just logging in to the website. If you are a new GMB account holder, then you must have to keep in mind the following important aspects to be the top of local search results.

•    Be Through with the listing information again and again (Update the information about business hours, types of payment mechanism, your business products etc.)

•    Update Your Business photos (make sure the posting of new photos of each product just as you decided to sell online in local markets)

•    Effective Research Mechanism (Information you put online must be true and accurate. Make a perfect photo search to get unique images)

•    Provide Best Customer Experience (GMB reviews matters the most for local customers to make any decision about getting a product. So, don’t compromise on it.

•    Evaluate what your rivals are doing (Do find out the strategy of your rivals for becoming at the top of local search results and then use that method)

•    The Sharing Impact (Must share your GMB account with the world. You can sync with your social accounts to be more productive)

Google My Business App

The world has been changing at a rapid speed, and an increase in smartphone usage trends is the best example of this. Customers are now becoming smarter as they first use their phones to get any relevant information. To attract this chunk, your business needs to have an account on GMB app. It’s a simple process, and very similar to the account creation of desktop GMB listing.  Just download and submit the required info for making an instant increase in your local area sales.