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Blogger Outreach and SEO: How It Helps Your SEO Efforts

July 10, 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) is perhaps one of the most popular terms when it comes to today’s era of digital marketing - and for good reason. After all, given how most - if not all - of mankind has started the shift towards a more digital-oriented marketplace, businesses, brands, companies, and enterprises must follow suit. However, the volatility and flexibility of today’s digital marketing scene can make it tricky for companies to gain access to innovative strategies and methods to improve their SEO efforts. If you’ve done your own research, you’re likely going to have heard about blogger outreach - and if you’re curious about its impact towards SEO, this article will serve as your quick guide to blogger outreach and its many benefits.

Blogging And Consumers: How Do They Fit?

Interestingly, perhaps one could better understand the appeal of blogs as a marketing option so you can have a better idea why blogger outreach can potentially give you the kinds of returns you’re looking for. In fact, it’s interesting to note that consumers consider blogs as the fifth most reliable source of information, following news sites, Facebook, retail sites, and YouTube, respectively. This extends to purchase decisions, where 60-percent of online consumers in the United States actually make decisions after blog recommendations. In terms of brand awareness, companies who choose to blog can potentially get 97-percent more links to their brand site compared to those who don’t blog. Marketers also appear to be likelier to receive a boost of up to 13-percent in ROI just because they chose a more blog-centric approach to their marketing.

With these in mind, what do they have to do with blogger outreach?

Blogger Outreach: Starting With Basics

Perhaps it’s also important to understand just what blogger outreach is before one can discuss its impact for any brand. Blogger outreach is exactly what it sounds like - you tap into the strength of bloggers and influencers in making an impact to their respective audiences by compensating them to use and share experiences with your brand, service, and products.


Bloggers and influencers are incredibly powerful in social media and the internet, as they can reach a huge target market just by creating content about their experiences. Fans and followers of bloggers and influencers are inspired and influenced (hence the term) by the voices and opinions of these figures in their respective niches. This is especially the case when it comes to issues, content, and brands that are rising and prominent in their industries. Forming relationships with bloggers and influencers allow you to have people to tap when it comes to introducing a new experience, service, or product to audiences you would otherwise have a hard time reaching. Should bloggers and influencers like the products, services, and experiences you’re offering to them, their influence over their followers might urge them to avail the said product or service from you.

Blogger Outreach: Boosting Your SEO Efforts

One might wonder just how exactly could bloggers help when it comes to “establishing relationships” with audiences - as this is exactly what your marketing team is supposed to do, right? In as much as this is correct, blogger outreach is in itself its own form of marketing, albeit much cost-effective and risk-friendly. Not only are you tapping into a “natural” resource that audiences have already taken a liking to, bloggers have a natural way of “appealing” to audiences that advertising and traditional public relations doesn’t have.


Bloggers and influencers have much more to “provide” aside from just a gateway to their respective audiences, however.  Being able to form a good relationship with a blogger potentially allows you to form good relationships to an entire community and niche, which means your company’s audience base may expand into much larger depths. Planning your returns and your overall marketing strategy can now be more flexible with bloggers and influencers at your side, as you can take their respective targets and audiences into the equation. The process of acquiring leads, prospects, and customers can now be more personalized to the needs of your clients - which in turn can make sure your brand, product, or service can resonate efficiently with them. The lack of any outreach efforts may limit your content marketing and make your goals to achieve a particular set of returns a bit bleak at best. Remember, link building means making sure you have a wealth of good blogs to post your own content with links back to your website. While this has proven to be an effective way to expand your branding, it takes a considerable time and effort to accomplish. Blogger outreach helps change the entire link building scene as a few popular blogs can expand your audience and popularity, provided you connect with them properly. Blogger outreach is considerably a more cost-effective and risk-friendly approach, as you’re going to be able to save more money by tapping into the right blogs with just a sizable target audience - unlike when you have to make your own public relations strategy and do this from the ground up. Blogger outreach can help you gain access to high-quality links, as being able to persuade them to publish articles and other forms of content related to your brand can potentially boost your own Google ranking. Given that original and bespoke content form the backbone of SEO, it’s important for your marketing team to not only be comprised of an effective link-building strategy, but also of an efficient outreach strategy as well. Constantly finding new and reputable influencers and websites to talk about your brand can boost your overall appeal to your audience.

Conclusion: Boost Optimization Through Blogger Outreach

When it comes to blogger outreach, it’s not just exclusively about making sure you get the most links from the most reputable of websites. However, blogger outreach also isn’t just about making sure you get the best links for the cheapest deals either. Efficient blogger outreach and SEO, when combined, can show you quite a lot of ways on how blogger outreach can help your SEO efforts. In fact, if there’s anything the above could share, it’s that blogger outreach has a potential of skyrocketing your returns provided you properly plan and execute your outreach strategy properly. Hopefully, the above information has given you the kind of insight you need in order to make smart decisions regarding an efficient approach towards outreach and SEO.