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Consequences of Plagiarism

Feb 11, 2020


Everything that is wrong have some consequences, for sure.

Consequences for plagiarism can be personal, ethical, professional and legal as well. Due to the development of plagiarism detectors, the plagiarist is getting caught at an alarming rate.

It has a direct effect on people’s lives and careers. Different people in different fields fall in the plagiarist category like students, teachers, writers, authors, journalists, etc

Students Teachers Professionals Legal Impacts


As per the condition of institutions these days, plagiarism is getting a steep rise. Students are demanded to do a lot of work every day. Ultimately leading them to copy someone else work to get rid of their assignments in a shorter time. 

For new generation students, vast information available on the internet is making easier for the students to copy. 

Student victims of doing plagiarism or can say breaching academic honor face serious consequences.

Consequences like Failure in an assignment, the student may face grade reduction, suspension from the institute, and maybe get expelled. Getting expelled from institute will abolish one’s whole career and future. 

In swear cases, the student may have to face legal action, fines, penalties, etc.


Many cases are reported every day in the world of academia. 

Teacher’s reputation is at risk like if a teacher passes a student in his tenure who has done plagiarism ultimately in students' professional life he gets caught and proven guilty the teacher will be held equally responsible for that. 

These cases not only destroys student academic life, the teacher's reputation is at risk at the same time. No compromise for anyone regarding plagiarism. 


Professional people like authors, journalists, freelance writers, and researchers. Not only these, but plagiarism can also be terrible at any workplace. Some of the consequence is as follows: 

May face suspension. You could get dismissed. Loss of professional authority. Imprisonment, legal actions.  The professional license may get canceled. Future professional career views can be damaged.

These are some common examples, there are a lot more consequences according to the conditions and situations. 

A person found guilty, he may lose his job, he may lose his dignity and respect over his colleagues, he may remain unemployed, and he may face legal action which can make life worse for the person. 

People work hard for their dreams and for an easier life usually these small mistakes ruin their lives. Due to a lack of awareness in the people this practice is getting a perk in the internet society.

Those who write for a living are well aware of the copyright laws. Copyright laws can be deadliest to some extent. An author can sue the person using their content. There is a Prison sentence possibility as well.

People like journalists, bloggers or authors are mostly susceptible to plagiarism issue.