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Hiring An SEO Agency

Hiring An SEO Agency

July 24, 2018

Deciding which SEO agency to hire can be tricky business. You have to look at the agency from different angles to determine which one can provide you with the services you need. You also have to think about the price you’re going to pay for these services. You don’t want your business to suffer financially just because you hired professionals to help with your website, right? Customer service and aftersales services are things which should also be considered. To help you hire the best SEO agency, ask them the following questions first:

1. How long have you been doing this?

The number of years that an SEO agency has been in business is essential. Remember that technology is fast-paced – what works today, might not work in the next two or three months. You should hire an SEO agency who knows how to keep up with the times and can adapt to your demands. Finding an experienced SEO agency like can help provide long-term solutions for your needs.

2. What methodology are you using?

Before hiring an SEO agency, you should have an idea of what methodologies they’re using. If they can’t provide you with a thorough explanation of their methodology or tell you it’s confidential, cross them off your list. You need an SEO agency which is transparent and knows what they’re doing. You can never assess if an SEO agency is fit for your needs if you don’t know what they can give

Since SEO is complicated, it might be better if you take time to know the basic approaches and best practices involved. When you have an idea of how SEO works, you’ll know better which SEO agencies to consider and which ones are just wasting your time.

3. Can you share to me about your successful campaigns in the past?

When you’re about to ask this question to an SEO agency, keep in mind that you have two goals on why you’re doing it. First, you need to know what approaches an SEO agency has generated in order to help clients. It’s important that the SEO agency used different approaches for their clients who are working in different industries. A one-size-fits-all solution rarely works in SEO. Different clients require different solutions, and an SEO agency should be able to provide all of that.

Second, you want to know how an SEO agency defines success. If it considers increased traffic and improved rankings as their success, you’re looking at the wrong SEO agency. The SEO agency you’re going to hire should help increase your sales, and not just limit their services to managing online traffic and SEO rankings.

4. How about unsuccessful campaigns?

As a customer, you would choose an SEO agency who has a perfect track record. An agency which succeeds and satisfies their clients all the time. But in reality, an SEO agency with this kind of track record rarely exists – but for good reasons. When you’re eyeing to hire an SEO agency which had a few lapses in the past, ask them about it. Ask why a campaign didn’t work and what did the SEO agency do to make things right. Questions like these can help you determine if the SEO agency is flexible and if they’re willing to go out of their way in order to meet the demands of their clients.

5. Can you provide references?

Working with an SEO agency for the first time can be challenging. You’re starting off with a clean slate, and you basically don’t have any experience to base your decisions from. If you’re hiring an SEO agency for the first time, ask for at least three references of satisfied customers. This should contain the customers’ full name and contact details. Once you have this information, call these customers and ask about their experience with the SEO agency. Inquire if the agency was able to deliver excellent service and what were the results like. Any comments from these customers can help you manage your expectations.

6. Are you working with my direct competitors?

Having a strong online presence is a requirement in all businesses. This is one way of ensuring that you’re hauling in customers. But if you’re working with an SEO agency which also provides the same services to your competitors, reaching your own business goals can become a challenge. You’ll end up being head-to-head with a competitor. Don’t fall into this situation by making sure that the SEO agency you’re going to hire is solely working for your business.

7. How do you price SEO projects?

Money is important to any business – and for sure, your business thinks of this the same way. When meeting with an SEO agency, don’t get carried away with their business talks; always ask about their prices. If you’re planning to pay for $500/month and an SEO agency requires a minimum of $1,000/month, it might pose a problem in the long run. But the earlier you know the numbers, the better.

And while being thrifty is always needed in a business, don’t think that the cheapest services can provide you with the best services in SEO. This is an industry which requires you to pay more in order for your business to take advantage of better results. This might put a hole in your pocket, but when done right, SEO can become a long-term investment which can pay you off in months and years to come.

Decisions Are Critical

If your business is struggling online, go ahead and hire an SEO agency. Their experience in the industry will greatly help your business in more ways than one. They’ve been doing what they’re doing for years so you can guarantee that they can provide solutions for your needs. And while you can immediately hire an SEO agency across your business location, it won’t assure that you will end with positive results. Hiring an SEO agency demands more than just convenience; you have to think about several factors first. This can require time and effort, but if it’s for your business’ growth and success, it’s worth it. 

Volkan Durgac

Volkan Durgac is the founder of Tip Top SEO. An SEO agency that operates differently to all it's competitors. Coming from an agency background before starting his own thing, Volkan has worked on businesses hitting revenue numbers from 7 figures all the way up to 9.