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How To Ace The Perfect Essay

June 30, 2022

How To Ace The Perfect Essay


Where to start?

How to get on with the research?

How to stop procrastinating and pushing it off in the background, and then rush at the last minute.

These are your ‘essay writing thoughts,’ which students know too well, and they are always looking for new innovative ways. Ways which can essentially help them come out of their writer’s block and finally begin with the essay.

Why Is It So Important!

The thought of even writing a thousand-worded essay could be extremely jarring. It is not much about how to end, but more about how to start, and then comes the endless distraction, which convinces us that doing anything else is more important than writing that essay which is due in a week.

Our mind tempts with endless series of excuses -

  • I will pull up an all-nighter.
  • Just one more episode, and then I will sit.
  • I will start tomorrow (The most dangerous one out of all).
  • I have other lessons to get over with.

However, the last pointer is not always an excuse. Sometimes, we really cannot schedule a time out of our busy schedules to finish our essays, and the education system doesn’t help. Here, we can use online SEO tools.

Bombarding students with essays after essays carries a good amount of credit that will affect their end-term marks. However, in the age of the internet, you will be able to get the rightful help.

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How To Start Preparing For An Essay

The preparation before essay writing is the most important task because, believe it or not, the moment you get your head into it, the words will simply slip from your mind onto the paper.

This is why you need to take an hour or two to prepare for the essay before you can sit and start your writing.

1. Select A Subject Matter

The moment you select a subject matter for your essay, you will automatically feel the load being lifted. This will give you a starting point to commence your essay. Sometimes, the intimidation of writing an essay comes from the initial unknowingness of the subject matter.

Generally, schools give you a broad area, and out of that, you can select some of the umbrella terms. Try to seek a subject matter which you will like writing about. After all, writing an essay also has the purpose of learning.

2. Research! Research! Research!

Now that you have your subject matter with you, it is time to begin with your research. The reason why students are told to have comprehensive research with rough pointers jotted down for their essay is that it helps them write the articles faster.

You will be able to add more originality to your essay and save some time by preventing research in between. Plus, having facts at your fingertips also helps you get a smoother flow to your writing style.

3. Make An Outline

Making an outline is like the guide with which you will be proceeding with your essay. This is where you divide your essay into parts and make subparts. Now, rather than seeing it as a whole, you are seeing it as chunks of tasks that you need to finish each hour.

You will do all these in the preparation and research phase of your essay. There are some tools that can even help with the extensive organization of the work.

4. Find The Objective

The main purpose for you to write this essay.

Are you trying to get a message across?
Does it have arguments and counter-arguments which will support a theory?
If it is historical, then what are unknown facts you are writing about it?

If you look at your essay writing as just meeting the word count requirement, then you can never make it more objective. It is the thesis that will give it a purpose.

5. Make A To-Do List

If you are getting your essay done at the last minute just because the sense of urgency helps you work faster, then you are wrong. No essay is perfect when you are pumped with adrenaline. 

You need to give yourself the time to relax and finish your work a night before the due date because that night is for one final check.

So, make a to-do list!

If it is 2000 to 3000 worded articles, then start a week before and finish at least 500 words each day. Try to figure out the topic you will finish today and begin with the research. Then two days before your submission, you go through the entire writing and do the necessary editing & omission.

Once you start accomplishing these small tasks, you will get the motivation to do more.

How To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is like poison for perfecting your essay. But, do not worry, because we have the right solution for it.

  •  Try to close your eyes for five minutes and clear your mind before you sit for your task.
  •  Close your electronics or whatever you were consumed with at least thirty minutes before starting your essay.
  •  Try to download all the research materials and keep them ready. In this way, you can switch off your internet connection before writing your essay and get all the work done offline.
  • Keep your cell phone and other distracting elements away when you sit for the essay.
  • Put on some mood music which will get you right into the zone and help you concentrate better.

To Wrap It Up!

Lastly, we would like to mention that essay writing should be a fun process where you get to assess information that is not in your textbook. It is not about the dates and the chronologies but researching what the history books don’t tell you and making a compelling argument on that.

Yes, no doubt it is tiresome, but if you put your head and heart into it, perfection is just one essay writing away. Most importantly, never feel shy to take help, whether it is your friend or sources online.

After all, those marks do matter!