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How to Plan a Blog Post; Essential Steps to Follow

Nov 14, 2018

It is extremely challenging to write high-quality compelling content for the audience that loves to know about the latest market trends. The more preparation you will do before the posting of a blog/article the more benefits you will gain. The success of your blog post simply depends on the quality of your idea that you explain by writing. It’s always essential for you to write a post that has unique and plagiarism free words, so it could be easily ranked in search engines. The best thing will be to use a plagiarism checker tool to rectify any kind of copied work. When writing user’s oriented stuff, your preference will be to transform your words in a way that make a good impact on the minds of readers. A good post can increase the overall sales leads by engaging more and more new customers. Here in this article. I will explain the most essential factors that you must have to keep in mind while creating your content.

“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.” Ron Dawson

What’s Your Blog is All About

When writing a blog post, it’s necessary to find out what kinds of services and products your brand is selling and what are the main benefits of these. Create an idea in your mind about the new stuff you will write for your readers, and how it will affect them to make a sale from you. Don’t play with the same ideas or information that you have already used in your previous blogs. Fresh content always has a positive impact on the minds of viewers


So, don’t hesitate to pitch new ideas. At the initial stage of blog writing, you have to keep in mind the following things.

Is the content is influential What’s your topic is A possible headline A key message to communicate

Content Planning is The Key

Accurate and quality focused content is an essential part of blog writing steps. Select the words and paraphrase those are totally related to the brand. Sometimes a writer uses tiny text generator tool for writing new stuff with complete ease. Keep in mind that your blog post is representing your brand, so any fake or misleading statement will affect your brand overall goodwill. Don’t overwrite your post with similar kind of information. If you will do that, then the readers will not want to read your work anymore. Here are some key factors, you must remember in your mind when start writing.

Get an innovative idea Collect the data Explain with passion Illustrate your idea as a story

Follow Standard Blog Post Formula

Normally, most of the experienced technical writers use a standard blogging formula to convey their new ideas to the world. They don’t hesitate to change this idea again and again, because they know that it’s a successful path to gain positive outputs. If you are a beginner in article writing, then you have to follow out the way how senior writers are writing and publishing their content, and in result getting out the desired benefits. Follow the below-mentioned template to achieve favorable results.

Eye-catching Introduction Article body At least 5 subheadings Ending note

Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

You can’t receive the huge amount of appreciation from your readers if you haven’t written your idea without doing any research. For example, if you are working on a post that is about the new smartphone recently launched in the market then, you have to first perform a complete research of phone’s specifications, and how these make it more competitive among the rivals. It’s important for writers to find out what their readers will love to read from their topic, and how they will have to use words in a better formation to make sure that their work rank higher in the search results. The process of brainstorming ideas is as follows.

First, select the important points to work on Write it down on the paper Explain each and every point with detail Be accurate and precise in your explanation

Image Can Make or Break your Post

No matter how much a written post is well described and well explained, if you haven’t put an attractive image with your post, then you can’t be able to optimize your work as it should have to be. Well, the key is to perform a comprehensive image search that is pretty much feasible to words you write in the form of a blog post or article. Webmasters are asked to only use images or photo that is unique and have a good resolution. An image is a key to increase the click-through rate of your site. It’s also valuable to add some important images and essential photos in your post according to the subheadings. Use the following process to prepare a unique quality image.

Choose a unique icon that represents your post Only use flat colors (as these are more attractive) Use a PNG or JPG file format Keep in mind the uniqueness

Give a Perfect Ending Note

Most of the writers think that summary or ending note doesn’t require. But still in 2018 user’s lovers to read the piece of work that summarizes all the important facts or findings that the writer has explained in their work. The summary of a blog post or article can really help you to deliver a precise message to your audience about what’s the main reason behind you have written this piece of text/content. So on a good note, I am providing you the summary of my article. Following are the key steps to follow, when you sit on your chair to write down a perfect blog post.

What’s Your Blog is All About – choose your topic wisely Work on your content finding strategy Brainstorm your idea to explain your idea well Include images that can increase conversion Accurate and true deliverance of data