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Plagiarism Checker App for Android is now available

Dec 06, 2016

After we have developed plagiarism checker for wordpress users; we were working on the development of the android app for mobiles users. So we have released the first version of android application and you can download it from the button bellow.

Download Android Application

Plagiarism application is a web based mobile application. It is not possible to create a native mobile application for plagiarism checker, because we have to do changes on regular basis.

Features of application:

Application is very secure and free to download

Checking plagiarism is very fast and much similar to our online plagiarism checker tool.

File uploading is supported in that application you can detect plagiarism by uploading .doc, .docx and PDF files.

We do not save any kind of your data that you check via plagiarism checking app.

Application display real time results and show plagiarized and unique percentage.

How to use plagiarism detection application:

First of all download the application from the app store (click here to download). Currently we have developed app for only android users and we will launch an iOS app soon.

After that open the application and paste content in the input box or you can also upload any supported file to start plagiarism scanning process.

Click on the “Check plagiarism” button to run process.




You can also login into your account from the application directly. Your application account and website account details will be same. You can use same details on both platforms. Queries limit for visitors is limited for security reasons but you can increase that limit by creating account from the application directly. Please keep in mind that, queries limit for free users is also limited to add more queries to your account you have to purchase one of our premium plans.