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The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Guest Blogging Strategy in 2019

January 17, 2019

In the past, guest blogging has been a powerful method to market products / services online. Some brands that are extremely dominating these days have used guest blogging on continuous basis for a long time span. The important question is whether it still remains to be an effective method for online marketing and getting traffic. Certainly, guest blogging is still an effective way to increase the organic searches for a website. Guest posting plays a key role to increase SEO score of website

Is guest article posting still good for SEO? The answer to this question is yes. If you want to grow as a brand and combat the problem of low online traffic in the year 2019, posting guest articles on other websites is a key option.

Why is guest article posting an evergreen method to generate online business? Why do so many brands continue to use this method to earn money online? Guest article posting has a simple but very powerful working mechanism. In other words, if you want your own website to improve in terms of exposure and better traffic rate, guest article posting is one of the key options which you should focus on.

How does guest article posting prove to be beneficial for brands? The answer to this question is very simple. Consider that you have recently launched a website on crockery and are seeking ways to enhance the traffic rate. Here is how guest article posting would be helpful for you. To start with, you need to publish a blog on a website that also deals in crockery but has a better standing than you. Once you have written a blog, make sure that you have provided the link to your website in it. The blog must be well written. This is where the process actually starts. As the website for which the blog is being written already has a reputation, it would have continuous regular traffic and people would be reading the blog written by you.

It is obvious that when people would read the blog, they would click the link to your website. However, simply providing the link to your website is not enough to retain the customer. The content of the website should be good enough to convince the customer to stay. Once the customer feels that the content is not up to the mark, he exit within no time. Thus, before you submit a blog on another website, make sure that you have a well-designed website with high quality product related information.

Be aware of the milestones

Submitting content on the internet has a purpose and there is nothing different about guest article submission. If you are aware of the goal, you would attain the targeted benefits. When you submit a blog on another more established website with a bigger clientele, the goal is to redirect traffic on your own website. When you have a new website, it is not that easy to get customers on your site because people do not trust you.  On the other hand, if you are connected to a website that has a higher traffic count and better reputation, it becomes easy to redirect the visitors to your own website.

Once people start reading the guest article submitted by you, they would click the link provided if they find the content interesting. As the link would direct them to your website, the traffic would increase on your domain.

What you have written matters most?

Submitting low standard reputation would not only ruin your relationship with that particular website but also reduce the rate of traffic ending up on your page. Thus, be sure that the guest article content meets the standard in every manner. Here are some points that should be taken into account for guest article submission.

Carry out proper research before you submit the blog. In addition to that, take your time while explaining the points. Readability is absolutely essential if you want people to read the blog and then make the effort to click the link to your website. If the content is boring, the reader would not bother to click the link to your landing page. Writing a blog is not about increasing the word count. Each and every line should be well written and redundant information has to be avoided. If readers witness that your blog has the same points being repeated time and again, they would not be encouraged to pursue reading.  This would also prevent them from visiting your link. In other words, the entire effort that has been invested to write the blog would go down the drain.

Another key factor that can enhance readability is content uniqueness. Why would people prefer what you have written? Readers would only show interest if your blog has something different to offer. If you are writing a blog and you want it to be read, make sure that it is interesting and offers exclusive information. Readers who are serious blog readers search for information which they have not read before. Hence, if your blog offers content that they have read in the past, the required impact would not be made. Thus, before you start writing ensure that enough research has been carried out.

If you look at some blogs, they only include promotional content. This is not actually the correct strategy that should be used for drafting content. It is a fact that you should convince the user to land on your website. However, do not draft the blog in a promotional tone as its purpose is not product marketing. The correct strategy is that the tone of the blog should be interesting enough to encourage the visitor to click the link to your website.

Establish a connection with website owners

Reputed websites that allow guest posts get several requests on daily basis. As a result, they do not pay attention to most of them. The reason is that most guest post requests have a poor pitching strategy. A better way to deal with this situation is establishing a connection with the website owner.  

As these websites get a large number of requests for guest post submissions, they are very selective about picking the correct ones. They only allow people whom they know personally. Thus, if you want your guest post pitch to be 100% successful, constructing a relationship with the website owner is very important. Once the website owner knows you, he would obviously entertain your request. Website owners adopt such a selective approach to safeguard the reputation of their website. As they do not want garbage content on their website, they only permit the best bloggers to publish content.

Constructing a relation with the website owner does help but you need to think ahead of it. To prevent your blog from being discarded, exceptional content writing that involve perfect grammatical quality are needed. If you have not researched well enough or the content is not proofread, it would be hard to get the blog published. As a result, the tactic to drive traffic to your website would result in a complete failure.


There are various methods which can be used to drive traffic to a website. If you have recently launched a new website, it would take time to construct a trustworthy relation with potential buyers. Other than that, there is no point in designing a website when you cannot generate business or revenues from it. Submitting guest blogs on websites with high authority is definitely a good way to generate business.

Although you can generate traffic for your website by submitting blogs on well reputed domains, you need to abide by some regulations. First of all, you have to pay proper attention to the quality of content. Website owners work very hard to turn their domain into a success. Hence, they would not permit substandard content to be published on their website. Do not be hasty when you are drafting a guest blog. Make sure that you have done enough brainstorming and the blog explains unique ideas. Other than that, before the blog has been published, it should be proofread properly.

There should be no grammatical issues in the content and no redundant information should be included. Most content developers include redundant information in the guest blogs. This can simply convince the website owner to discard your blog and the journey to get traffic on your website would stop even before it starts. In a nutshell, make sure that the blog has nothing but 100% unique original content. This is an essential point to get traffic.

When a visitor starts reading a blog, he does not even see if a related link for more insight has been provided or not. He only clicks the link when he finds the provided information interesting. Thus, the goal is that you should try and make the blog as interesting as possible. When a reader finds the content interesting and catchy, he would click the link to your website by default.

Guest blogs should not have an overly promotional tone because that is what most website visitors avoid. If they figure out that the content has a strict marketing tone, they would not put in the effort to read all the information provided. Instead, they would make an exit.