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Why Do You Need to Start a Blog in 2019?

January 04, 2019

A blog can simply be defined as a periodic publication of individual ideas. Also known as weblogs, the initial technical requirements restricted the number of bloggers. Over time, various developments have leveled the playing field. Advances in technology have crushed the technical barriers and opened up blogging to anyone with a computer, reliable internet connection and appealing content. The last quarter of a century has seen the number of active blogs expand exponentially.

What was previously considered a pass-time activity has gradually transformed into a formidable tool in the twenty-first century. Blogging has revolutionized the way information is packaged and relayed. Blogging could become a source of earning for you in 2019. With so many blogs domiciled in the World Wide Web, you might wonder whether we are approaching saturation point. Below we explore the reasons why you need to start a blog in 2019.

Main advantages of blogging in 2019

There are numerous potential benefits when you start blogging. Also, if you're not good at writing but you need a blog you can find some good writer at writing services. All you need is to enter get assignment writing help in Google. It is always better to entrust the case to professionals. Also, blogging is a dynamic vocation whose dividends evolve with time and new trends. So the possibilities for blogging in 2019 are infinite. The important thing is that, you have to work on your website’s SEO health

We couldn’t possibly enumerate all of them. Here are some of the major advantages to start a blog:

Gives you a voice

A blog is a vehicle through which you can get your personal ideas out there. Depending on the specific niche you choose, it enables you to build a name for yourself. By addressing pertinent issues that resonate with your target audience, blogging can make your voice an authority.

Improved communication

Blogging is a definite way of developing your communication skills. By virtue of the fact that consistency is involved, it affords you practice time to hone your skills. Whichever niche is chosen, you have to address an audience.

Opens doors

Many people harbor dreams of attaining specific goals in life. However, this might not happen due to different factors. But that is not to say all is lost. Blogging has opened opportunities for people to self-actualize where under normal circumstances it would not have been possible.

Social networking

At the core of blogging is human interaction. By writing to an audience, blogging inadvertently provides the opportunity to connect socially with people that read your blog. By getting more likes on your blog’s Facebook page, you can surely built a great network with industry professionals. 

These people can give you important feedback on your strengths, weaknesses and from this you can tweak a few things to make your site better. It may also open opportunities for team building and commercialization which is the ultimate gift to any blogger.

Makes you trustworthy

As the adage goes, trust is earned. People tend to trust those that they feel most comfortable with. As a blogger, you are constantly communicating with your audience. The more they read your blog, the more they identify with you. Consequently, they develop a level of trust. This is evident from the continued subscription to your blog or sharing content with others.

Broadens your perspective

There is a misconception that bloggers are introverts spending most of their time in front of computers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Blogging entails a lot of research. The worst mistake for a blogger is to put out false information. Credibility is a key tenet. Must follow top blogging practices to get higher rank in search engine results.

That said, blogging enables you to become an all-rounded individual through continuous research on different topics. The research is not limited to computer-based search engines. You may have to get mentors to guide you through the learning phase.


Enhances your thought process

Cognitive ability is to the brain what exercise is to the body. The best way to keep your brain active is by subjecting it to different thought processes. Blogging involves being exposed to different situations that require divergent approaches.

It solves problems

The primary objective of a blog post is to achieve a set goal. In a nutshell, bloggers aim to solve problems. The true worth of a blog resides in the ability to cater to its adherent’s immediate needs.

It pays

A major spinoff from blogging is commercialization and monetary gain. However, research has shown that a majority of blogs have not yielded much in terms of money to the blogger. A lot of dynamics come into play here. The key lesson is blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It can take you ages to earn a penny from your blog.

Personal Fulfillment

Blogging offers you the opportunity to self-actualize. It offers a chance to grow at your own pace and in your own terms. It is a sure way to achieve personal fulfillment.

Organic resume

In a world that is fast changing, blogging has proven to be a worthy testimonial for individual ability. Documentary resumes have been the traditional testimonials for a scholar’s academic abilities. A blog offers a multidimensional insight to a character and is slowly edging out the archetypal curriculum vitae as a yardstick for employment suitability.

Things you should know when you start blogging

There are a couple of factors to consider when setting up.  The key pointers are reiterated below: 

Content is everything

There is a raging debate over quality versus quantity. While some argue that a lot of content is a good way of maximizing traffic, quality content is the guaranteed route to ensuring a loyal legion of followers. The content you write must be unique and trustworthy.

Look for a niche

You have to decide what you want to write about. Your scope should not deviate far from your area of focus. Once you lock onto a niche that you are passionate about, emphasize depth rather than width.



This is perhaps one of the biggest threats to the craft. Content theft is rife on the internet. You have to learn how to safeguard your articles and images. On the flipside, you must also be alive to the possibility of being the culprit of content theft. You can use prepost plagiarism tool to identify the uniqueness of your written content.


Presentation is crucial. Readers are more likely to open sites that are appealing to the eye and easy to read.

It’s not free

Even though we have free hosting sites, these limit you when it comes to future custom development. It is strategic to have control by self-hosting.


SEO knowledge

Search Engine Optimization knowledge is vital and aids in directing much-needed traffic to your location. 


There’s no escaping the time sacrifice that is needed to catapult your web diary from a nondescript site to an authoritative one. Countless man-hours must be invested in research and mentorship programs from seasoned bloggers on the do’s and don’ts.

 Blogging: what’s new for 2019?

As 2018 draws to a close, we need to look at the current landscape and the emerging trends that will shape blogging in 2019. Social media forecast is generally an uphill task. For the most part, we are unlikely to see a radical shift from what we already know. What we might see are updates to existing features that will improve the ultimate online experience.

Exclusivity of content

As mentioned earlier, blogging attracts new entrants on a daily basis. Whichever niche you choose, there are thousands of other bloggers with a similar inclination. This should not really be a cause for concern.

What is important is the specific attributes that distinguish your blog from the rest. While it is important to write about popular topics, it might not quite lead to higher traffic. Going beyond the ordinary will definitely do the trick.


Videos are increasingly being used as tools in blogging. Videos enhance user utility by adding an audio-visual angle in the blog. For example, some blogs that may require a step by step tutorial on how to solve a specific problem. This also saves time. However successful you are with your text blogging, you will need to incorporate video as an extra feature. Benefits of video content include;

Potential to increase audience Reap from context advertising

Website Clarity

There has been a behavioral shift from consumers on the length of information being served. Readers today are hungrier for in-depth and detailed information as opposed to interlude offerings to be read while queuing or in transit. Your blogging website must contain perfect color scheme and design to attract customers.



Nothing beats the age-old art of storytelling where blogging is concerned. It remains an integral part of human socialization. The most effective stories are those that are drawn from personal experience. Through these, meaningful life lessons are extracted which the audience can learn from. From the above, it is evident that a blog is a tool that will be around for a long time. Following its brief history only affirms that fact. It has had a fundamental growth pattern and continued to evolve with time.

Ever since the veil of technical constraints was lifted, blogging has now become a free for all pursuit. The internet is littered with bloggers and manuals with enticing rewards for whoever dares to implement. It has been turned into a latter-day gold rush of sorts. What has followed is a stampede for blogging opportunities. In the melee, there are casualties of aspiring bloggers with nothing but tales of frustration. But this need not be the case. Ultimately, the level of success in starting a blog in 2019 is dependent on their ability to learn and implement the time-tested tips.

About the Author

The author of this article is Harry Southworth. With five years of blogging under his belt, he has made a name for himself in the marketing and SEO field. He also mentors budding bloggers on the dos and don’ts of starting a blog.