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Random Name Generator

Most websites have a lengthy registration process for new users looking to create accounts. You need to enter your name, provide the address and various other details required to complete the form. A lot of people do not like using their actual name for confidentiality reasons. However, you cannot complete a registration form without the provision of a user name. The website would keep prompting you until a relevant name has been submitted. Why do you need to brainstorm and come up with a unique name when an easier alternative is available? This random name generator is a tool developed specifically for this purpose. If you want a user name for setting up an email account, social media account, online shopping ecommerce profile or any other form of online registration, this tool would surely save a lot of precious time for you.

Easy to Use with immense productivity

The best online product is one with simple usage options and productive outputs. With the busy routines that people have, no one has the time to use a tool after detailed exploring. Hence, they look for tools which are easy to grasp and can be used instantly. This tool matches these requirements. There is no need to completing a lengthy learning phase because the controls are easy.

Online usage is another benefit

Using an online tool is less exhausting than an offline one. Consider that you wish to use this tool on your smartphone while travelling. This can be done easily as you only need network access on your device. There is no need to have any supporting applications prior to usage.

  • It is much simpler to use an online tool particularly when you have less time on your hands. Consider that you are in the processing of completing an online registration form while going to college. The registration process is being completed via smartphone. If you have to download the random name generator on the phone and then use it, it would require more hard work and time. Using this online random name generator means that you can use it straightaway without installing any application.

Use the random name generator for free

Most quality random name generation tools have a high price attached with them. If you opt for free tools, a lot of them would produce words with incorrect spellings. This random name tool is one of the few options that is free and does not carry any quality problems. Irrespective of the number of words generated, you would see that none of them have spelling problems. Users can use it innumerable times and no charges would be applied. Whether you generate random names once, five times or use the tool one hundred times, you would not be charged anything.

  • Unlike a lot of other free random name generators, no hidden conditions are applied. In other words, you would not be told to upgrade the tool to smoothly continue using it.

How to go about using this random name generator?

If you have a look at the interface of this tool, it is amazingly simple. Any user who uses the computer or smartphone can easily generate random names using it. In terms of the steps you need to complete, the following have to be completed.

  1. Select the language and number of generations

Human names depend on various factors including the country you live in. To generate random names, select the language you want. If you want names in US English, select the option “en_US” from the drop down menu. How many names are you looking for? This is the second input which has to be entered. If you need 4 names, enter “4” in the provided text box.

  1. Selection of Gender and other parameters

Are you looking for a male or female name? Once you have selected the language and number of generations, select the gender. Along with that, if you are looking for the first name, last name or both, select the appropriate checkbox accordingly. After that, simply click the “generate names” button. This tool is quick and the names according to your needs would be produced in a quick manner. With this tool, you do not have to worry even if you are in the middle of a registration process. The random names are produced instantly after the inputs have been entered by the user.

Names according to various languages

People speak different languages in various parts of the world. Along with languages, names also differ from one country to the other. For instance, the names in USA would not be similar to the ones in France. This tool is relevant for people living in different countries and speaking their respective languages. When you select a particular language, the names would be produced according to the selection.

Get multiple names at the same time

The output generation of this tool is not confined to one name. Based on your requirement, you can generate several names at the same time. If you are carrying out multiple online form filling processes at the same time, the random names for all of them can be generated together. This saves a lot of time for the user. The immense quickness is one of the many reasons why users prefer this tool for random name generation.

No exhaustion through manual name creation

Thinking of a random name manually is not an easy goal to achieve. If you do not have a lot of time, it becomes even harder to come up with a good name in so much urgency. Thus, if you are using this tool, random names would be generated without any exhaustion. It is not easy to put an online registration process on hold and then think of a random name. As this tool is online, you can use it along with an ongoing registration process. By all means, this tool is convenient to use. The set of user features are easy so majority of the people adapt them on immediate basis.

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