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Paste up to 50 webpages to check their DA, PA, mozrank and ip address: (one url on each line)


Check Authority

Bulk Domain and Page authority Checker:

Domain and Page authority presents how website will appear in the search engines. DA and PA is used check the ranking strength of your website according to the time. Website authority calculated with number of factors including linking to root domain, total number of links, moz rank, moz trust, domain age etc. Page authority of every page is different according to the strength of back links, moz rank and quality of the page content.

  1. Domain Authority: Scales of 1 to 100
  2. Page Authority: scales from 1 to 100
  3. MozRank: scales from 1 to 10

To maintain Domain or page authority you need to increase number of backlink of your website. Some main things that can harm your DA or PA are listed below

  1. Broken links linked in your webpage. (Broken links checker tool)
  2. Quality of the webpage. You can also say the seo analytic of your webpage. Check seo of your webpage.
  3. Spam links can also downgrade your website authority

What our tool is capable of?

This website authority checker tool is developed to check domain authority, page authority, mozRank and ip address of bulk webpages. We are displaying ip addresses of webpages to show you that how much domains hosted on the same ip address.

You can check DA, PA and mozrank of multiple webpages with our tool. Paste webpages url in the input box and click on the “Check Authority” Button. This tool will start displaying authority details of each webpage one by one. You can check up to 20 webpages at one time. No captcha needed to use this tool.

Understanding the Results:

After pasting the URLs in the input box you will see 5 metrics related to each url.

Domain Authority: Is the overall domain authority of the website that will be from 1 to 100. DA for newly launched websites is 1. After that it increases with the passage of time and number of backlinks, social signals and with regular content updating.

Page Authority: Second value you will see is page authority. PA of each and every URL is different from other while DA remains same. Page authority of a url calculate by using moz trust, Moz Rank and backlinks pointed to that webpage. PA of a webpage ranges from 1 to 100. We have a spate page authority checker tool.

Moz Rank: MozRank represents link popularity and it is actually a Moz’s version of Google’s classic PageRank algorithm, you can also consider it as goolge page rank. Pages earn MozRank based on the other pages on the web that link to them and the MozRank of those linking pages. The higher the MozRank of the linking pages, the higher the MozRank of the page receiving those links. In this way, it reflects a type of raw link equity for any given webpage on the Internet. Moz Rank checker is a separate tool available at prepostseo

IP Address: 4rth value that will be displayed in the results table is IP address of that url. It is important to check IP of a url we you are going to check multiple websites. It helps you to know that how many of the given urls hosted on the same server. If you want to check classes of that ips, then we suggest you to use our Class C IP Checker tool.

Google Index Status: 5th parameter that you will see is "Indexed Page in Google". It becomes important when you are going to purchase backlinks from different web pages. What if you purchase a backlink by just checking DA and PA of a website and website is not indexed in google. It will be useless, ever if you purchase a link from a website having DA/PA more than 80.