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Online Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism is basically an act of stealing, Copying/Pasting other’s hard work and presenting it as your own. It is a shameful act that actually slows down the performance whether if we are talking about students or webmasters, article writers etc. We can commonly see this activity where procrastination is present. For example, 70 percent of students or a percentage of new bloggers or article writers. The act of plagiarism takes away the quality of creation. Once getting used to this habit, you will always be looking for shortcuts and quick work. Plagiarism saves times but drops down the quality to zero.

We respect our users, Any article you check at is 100% Safe & Secure. we do not share any of your content publicly. Also, we do not save your content in our database.

What plagiarism brings you? Not good stuff.

Teachers and universities simply give an F to the students for copying stuff. Google algorithms are designed in such a way that they simply red flag the article or blog which has copied content. Not only this but this reduces the quality of work as well which might bring your business down. Users online viewing content have pretty much idea what is going on. If they will notice any kind of copied content, then they will simply leave your page and visit the next one.

What will happen with this?

Your traffic will decrease, Bounce rate will increase, Sites will not backlink your page, DA will drop, SEO will die instantaneously. And it will be extremely unfair with the ones who are doing hard work.

Let’s see one thing.
You have spent a few hours of your day in writing quality content that was researched based and totally unique, then you upload it and in a few days you notice a similar article online.
What is the first thought that will appear in your mind?
It is actually possible. There is a huge chance of a lawsuit if you are stealing from well known and developed blog. They can sue you and bring your site down while charging you a huge fine. You might easily come out of the legal issues but may never be able to recover the lost business or your web page.
Stop plagiarism, start thinking, bring originality and kudos to you.

How can you dodge it? Use research and tools obviously.

Dodging is very important. Quality maintaining is extremely important, it can only come by having a wide research and proper tools which help you reduce the risk to zero. Never ever start to write blindly. Bling writing brings a lack of authenticity of the content. You are not really sure about what you writing and this is the first step that takes you to plagiarism. Do a lot of research and read about your topic online. Even if you know tons about it, still there is a chance you will find something unique. Next are the tools. There are plagiarism detector tools available online which are of great help. But prepostseo Plagiarism checker is quite reliable, easy and quick. Copy your text or upload file in .doc or .pdf and run the rest by clicking check plagiarism. This will simply run the test to check all over the web that whether your content is copied/matched from somewhere. This is a necessary test whether you are making an assignment for college or an article for SEO. The best feature of this tool is that it actually tells the exact percentage in the ratio of how much is copied and how much is unique. Not only this, but it will tell you many possible grammatical mistakes and surface errors.

Hey! There are other things too.

In case if you want to perform a test on two different documents while skipping the check from the web, then we recommend you to use Text Comparer Tool. This is also another test which only detects the similarities within the provided documents side by side. Ok, so this was all about written, text, words, but what will you do if you need to perform a check on a picture, image, Gif, Bmp?

Hmmm. A very famous and reliable source of reverse image search is your answer. Simply upload the image or provide the URL that is leading to it. It will send all the results at your end with the sources from where the image is coming from, original source, where it’s been used illegally or where it’s been credited. This tool is not only used to check plagiarized content but also, the bloggers who need images for their content may use this method to find the original creator to cite or to give credit on their page. Famous photographers use this tool to ensure the security of their clicks. Basically to check if someone using them without permission or not and if they are then whether they were credited for it?

Well, there you go. Texts, docs, and pictures are done but what if you are too lazy to copy content from web pages to check plagiarism? Then simply go to Page Comparison tool. This tool lets you compare two different web pages. Site content, meta content like description and tags will be easily taken out. Not only the similarities but weaknesses and strengths will also be compared.

These tools will completely kill the impurity of plagiarism and students and teachers should widely use these tools constantly for almost every thesis and assignment. This not only gives a fair chance to the hard workers but also increase an urge among the weak and procrastinated ones. Webmasters are already familiar with this and while submitting their content to the final stage, they should always check for plagiarism in the above-mentioned tools. Quality is the key element to high grades and SEO ranking.

Ways to prevent plagiarism

There are many way by following which you can make your content 100% Original. There are some tools available like article rewriter that can help you to avoid duplicate content. We have discussed some of the methods that can help you to solve plagiarism issues.

Cite the sources

This is understandable that to write a topic, you have to have a lot of ideas and research. It’s a healthy thing to take help from the internet or your friends. But copy everything as it is is bad. Research everything but write your own and still if it's not helping and you have to copy up. Then simply mention the source from where you took the content. Even if they content you are copying from the web is free, but it must be cited too. This will actually give a thought to your viewer or checkers, that you did some hard work.

Citing the sources will not only provide them this but will also give an extra link to more knowledge. Citing also helps in thinking that you have taken your first step to hard work. It might seem dumb at the start or you start thinking that you lack ideas, but this sure helps and avoid plagiarism. This is better Instead of copying everything. It also helps the original sources to get their knowledge spread across.


This is the second step after citing towards creating something on your own. Paraphrasing is basically rewriting and upgrading the content with fewer new ideas or taking out errors. It is basically telling the same story with different words and sentences to express it better and more clear. If you are unable to create something on your own, then simply read the content online and sit there and think about it. Think about the ideas which were missed in the content and think of better synonyms or search for mistakes. Use sentences which express same content but are clearer. Paraphrasing ends up changing the whole paragraph while keeping the same context. This thing will wake up ideas in your mind and sooner in no time you will be writing stuff on your own.

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