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Blog Name Categories DA PA Indexed Pages in Google Blog URL Submission URL
Westgate Reservations Travel 43 47 View pages Submit Post
Western Mothers Mommy Blogs 40 35 View pages Submit Post
Western Journalism News 66 56 View pages Submit Post
West Boca News News 40 37 View pages Submit Post
Weshare Blog Marketing 35 24 View pages Submit Post
Well Being Travel, Fitness, Self Improvement 51 50 View pages Submit Post
Weight Article Entertainment 35 35 View pages Submit Post
Wedding Website Group Wedding 21 23 View pages Submit Post
Wedding Things Wedding 45 37 View pages Submit Post
Wedding Planners Wedding 14 17 View pages Submit Post
Wedding News Wedding 44 35 View pages Submit Post
Wedding Lovely Wedding 55 48 View pages Submit Post
Wedding Bee Wedding 75 61 View pages Submit Post
Webpage Giveaway General 54 51 View pages Submit Post
WEBI Technology 37 42 View pages Submit Post
Webcarpenter Marketing, Technology, Web Design 31 37 View pages Submit Post
Web Tips Business, Marketing, Web Design 38 45 View pages Submit Post
Web Designer Pad Web Design 25 30 View pages Submit Post
Web Designer Depot Web Design 77 63 View pages Submit Post
Web Design Stand Web Design 50 50 View pages Submit Post
Web Design Ledger Web Design 70 59 View pages Submit Post
Web Design Booth Web Design 50 50 View pages Submit Post
Web Design Web Design 66 59 View pages Submit Post
Web Biz Ideas Business, Marketing 48 49 View pages Submit Post
Web and Designers Web Design 47 48 View pages Submit Post
Wealthy Mommy Mommy Blogs 36 39 View pages Submit Post
Wealthy Ape Self Improvement, Business 53 49 View pages Submit Post
We Rock Web Technology, Business, Marketing 48 48 View pages Submit Post
We Build Design Web Design 48 42 View pages Submit Post
Ways 2 Go Green Health, Environment 50 40 View pages Submit Post
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ..... 49 50
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Guest Blogging Sites

Guest blogging sites are those websites that accept articles from their users and publishes on their blog. Some people do guest blogging to upload their high-quality work so that they can use those blog posts as a reference to their clients. SEO experts use it to get backlinks for their web pages.

Guest posting is one of the best white hat SEO process to rank your website in the TOP 10 results. It’s considered as 100% white hat if we use this method in a proper way. Any post you publish to another blog must look natural and not looks like a promotional content.

If you have no idea how to publish a guest post in 100% natural wat, you can hire a company to buy guest posts for you.

Why Guest Posting is Essential?

Guest posting is essential because it really can create a great positive impact on your Website’s SEO results. Guest posting can help you to get more valuable do follow backlinks for your site. It’s the only recommended process to get links from other authority sites related to your niche. Search engines always give more authority and recognition to the site, who gets backlinks through guest posting method. Must consider guest posting strategy in your SEO plan because,

  1. It widens your brand awareness across through various authority sites
  2. Act as a ripple effect, and increase SEO score in no time
  3. Your products and services become popular on the internet
  4. It helps to get more value towards your brand with authority

How to Get Success in Guest Posting

When you decide to submit a guest post for your site, then you should have to adopt the process that will help you to get succeed in your approach. Communication with the blogger or editor should be done in a professional manner. Try to use the medium of email to connect with third-party bloggers for guest posting. Your message should be concise and to the point. It’s better to use "You" approach while asking for the blog post approvals. Must follow out the below-mentioned process to successfully post your articles.

  • Analyze the niche of the website you choose for the guest post
  • Write a clear message, when asking for a guest post
  • Wait for the response from the recipient
  • Keep your patience during the conversation
  • Before approval fix the amount you have to paid (Only in case of paid guest posts)

Offer Unique and Quality Content

Your guest post will only get published if it is unique and you fulfill all the requirements that are asked by the editor of the website on which you will publish your post. Try to write an evergreen topic for your guest post. It can provide you the backlinks for a longer time duration. It’s better to write content with more than 500 words, and also try to include subheadings in your written work. Here are the important tips that you must have to keep in mind while writing guest posts.

  • Use tools like grammar checker for quality writing
  • Write on the topic that is related to your niche
  • Elaborate your topic as much as you can
  • Make it to more than 500 words
  • Properly include Do follow links
  • If necessary include your Bio

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