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Who doesn’t know about MOZ? I don’t think so there is one. Today we have numerous websites online that serve in different and versatile areas of SEO. Every passing day brings in more and more similar websites online. Such kind of websites are extremely useful to have detailed stats of every effort we make towards SEO. We don’t only analyze our own efforts but these website provide us with special tools to know our standings vs our competitors’ as well and spy on them in different ways, like looking for their backlinks, SEO strategies up to some extent, their rankings and some other. Among this pack of websites MOZ is at top. MOZ is not only a pioneer in this industry but have an extraordinary and sound record of service. Comparatively MOZ is the number one in SEO analytical and strategy partner services provider. This site works really close to Google and always quickest to respond to Google’s updates. Coming to the point of MOZ rank is the most reliable rank for any web-property from where webmasters should seek opportunities.

What we have to offer in this regard?

Keeping the unbeaten value of MOZ rank in consideration, we bring a tool at to check MOZ rank quite conveniently. MOZ rank ranges from 1 to 10 same like Google’s. The greater the numbers are the better is the rank. So, our tool queries MOZ and grabs the most recent and fresh results. Just paste any URL within the box and quite comprehensive you can paste up to 10 URLs to check their ranks simultaneously. Keep each link on a separate line. Now click on “Check Rank”. You will get results in no time. You will find columns there, left most is the link, in the middle Domain Authority for your convenience and the right most column will contain MOZ rank. Let’s try this tool now!  

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