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How to Make Your SEO Strategy 7x More Effective In 2019

Dec 21, 2018

The success or failure of a website depends a lot on how many people visit it. Websites that have a low visitor count surely fail to make an impact. In other words, if you are a business owner and you are planning to generate sales through your website, it should be visible to a high count of people. This is only possible if it has a good rank.


Why does quality SEO matter?

Would you buy something that is not popular enough? The answer to this question is no. When are using our hard earned money to buy something, we would opt for the best option that we can afford. Websites that are ranked high on search engine results make a stronger impact than the ones which do not. You can achieve quality SEO results by using various SEO tools including plagiarism remover and backlink generator.


·         People do not want to make the effort of going beyond the first page of search results. If you have a website that has been designed with exceptional skills but it is not ranked among the top results, you would not get a large number of conversions. In other words, the sales volumes would not be that high. This is where SEO comes into play. A website that has quality SEO logic behind would obviously be ranked highly. This means that more people would click the link. Eventually, the company would get more leads and earn more money.

·         if you want your website to grow and enhance your earnings, having the finest SEO practices is very important. If your website has a good rank, you would not face any obstacles in growing as a company. On the other hand, if a website is unable to get a good SEO rank, it becomes quite hard to actually get business.

·         The SEO strategy matters immensely. You need to focus on the correct areas including state of the art content, back linking and natural use of keywords. These are some of the many factors which can help you in developing a good content strategy.

Here are some ways which can get your SEO strategy 7 times more effective.

Content Quality matters seriously

Web content is not about filling pages to meet the word count needs. For instance, if you have a website designed for selling healthy food and you have stuffed it with unrelated content, it would not be ranked highly. Today, readers are very cautious about the information that a website provides. If they do not find it informative enough, they would not spend enough time and navigate. In addition to that, content quality becomes even more important if the visitor is a potential buyer. If he is not convinced that the content is informative and engaging, he would not be encouraged about making purchases. Thus, to start with, the written content has to be engaging and interesting as well.


·         The website should provide related information and this is a very important point. If you have a cloth brand, your website should not be talking about celebrity interviews only to complete the word limit. Adding more information is not the key. Instead, the focus should be quality information. If the content increases the knowledge of the reader, he would be encouraged to opt for your brand. On the other hand, if the content on your website is stuffed with keywords and product related statements without making sense, you cannot expect quality buyers to visit your website.

·         When the content on a website is not grammatically correct, it gives the impression that there are reliability problems.  If you are unable to get your website ranked high, one of the key issues may be grammatically incorrect content. To get good traffic, content has to be top notch in every way.

·         submitting copied content is a very serious offense and it can tarnish the image of your company for ever. Thus, it is important that the originality of the content is focused at all times. For instance, if you have submitted copied content, it would be rated as plagiarized and in accordance with search engine policies, the website may be black listed. Other than, to engage the reader, you need to provide unique information that is unique. If your web content is the same as what other companies are providing, the website would not get a good visitor count.

The Content Tone matters

Readers take their time to read through content. On the other hand, if the content is not interesting, he may exit the page right away. In other words, you can say that the tone of the content makes a lot of difference.

Using a conversational tone is the key. You need to engage the reader gradually instead of overloading him with piles of facts. An example would be able to provide better understanding. Consider that you are dealing in shoes and you need to get more customers through online sales. Your website would play a key role in achieving this task. Having a good SEO rank is obviously very helpful but it does not promise quality readers and potential buyers.

To market a shoe brand and get needed attention, you should start with what different your brand has to offer. Do not simply claim that are the best brand and no other company can produce the same standard of shoes as you. This is something that every other company does and considering the mindset of readers today, it turns them off instead of getting more attention. It is important to provide the users with a realistic picture so that they are encouraged to make a purchase. Companies that provide idealistic information find it hard to get customers. Hence, the content should be simple, realistic and add to the knowledge of the user as well.

Keyword Selection is Key

SEO does not work in the same way as it used to years before. Things have changed and become a lot more quality oriented. For instance, these days, websites cannot get high ranks only because the content is filled with keywords. This would obviously get traffic but most of these visitors would not be potential buyers who browse websites when they are serious about buying something. Keywords should not be used unnecessarily. For instance, consider the sentences below.


“The best shoe brand is ABC. It is the best shoe brand with affordable prices. You can buy the best shoe brand from ABC stores.” The above statement clearly shows that the keyword “best shoe brand” is being used unnecessarily without a reason. This may increase the rank of the website for a short time span by attracting readers is a different ball game. When a serious buyer reads through this information, he would obviously be turned off and exit the page right away.

There is nothing bad about using keywords as they improve the number of quality hits but keyword stuffing is something very different and can reduce the rank of a website instead of improving it. Keyword stuffing refers to the use of keywords even when they are not needed. Earlier this was a method to get more visitors but this methodology is not used these days. Today, readers are conscious about the content written on a website. In addition to that, they do base their buying decision on how informative the website content is.

Dealing with 404 error

The error 404 (not found error) is devastating for the rank of a website. This does happen when a particular page of a website is under construction and certain maintenance is being done. In such cases, when a visitor clicks the link, he would be directed to a page highlighting the 404 error.

It is obvious that 404 errors are not forever and the page is accessed normally when it is resolved but for a user, the experience is not pleasant. Most users do not return to a website if it has pages highlighting the 404 error and they are directed to a non-responsive page.


When you browse a website and click a link that is not responding, you would not want to visit the website again. This does happen because most online visitors want to buy a product / service in the shortest possible time span. If they see that a website has technical issues and there are non- responsive pages, they would not return and look for an alternative website. With so many websites offering similar services, it becomes hard to get the attention of a customer when he has visited the website once and the required link is not working. In a nutshell, make sure that users are redirected to another page when one of your links is not working properly.

User Experience and Usability

User experience is very important for getting a high SEO rank. Most people visiting websites to buy things or search for information are not tech savvy. They do not have enough knowledge to go through different options and find out what they are looking for. Users do not like to browse through a lot of options and click multiple links to get what they want. They like things to be simple.

A simple interface is important if you are looking for regular visitors who would visit your website on frequent basis. Keep the interface simple so that users can get what they are looking for in quick time.  Avoid using too many buttons, links and complicated user options. You need to keep in mind that most users do not even have basic technical information so things should be simple for them.


Most users do not have patience and when it comes to paying money and purchasing things, they prefer websites that are very helpful. If a user does not have a quality experience, he would not want to spend time on your website again.

Is your website providing the information that users are looking for. Usability is another key factor apart from user experience which requires focus. Your website should provide users with the information that they are looking for. For instance, if a user is looking for high quality leather shoes and your website offers quality information according to his needs, he would return to your website as it offers a high usability level.

The Page loading speed is an important factor

Some websites have the most attractive designs but they fail to get good SEO ranks. One of the key reasons for this is that the pages take too long to load. People do not like waiting and they prefer websites that have a low time for page loading.

·         Most users have the opinion that if a page takes too much time to load, the website may be infected or there may be some other legitimacy problems. Hence, when users come across such websites, they do not browse it once they feel that the page loading time is too much. Hence, if you want your website to have a good page rank, make sure that the page loading time is less and the user does not have to wait for a long time.


·         Do you know that page loading speed is one of the many factors on the basis of which a website is ranked? Websites that have heavy pages which take time to load fail to appear among the top searched results due to the algorithm that search engines have. Google and other search engines rank websites with lesser loading time among higher search engine results. As a result, these websites get more user exposure and more successful conversions.

Dependable outbound links

At times, even new brands prove to be highly successful in a short span of time. This does happen when the brand is backed by a prestigious group of companies. As the group already has a positive reputation, it becomes easy for the new brand to gather audience. If your website has outbound links to some of the reputed websites, it would also have similar benefits.

·         Websites that have outbound links to dependable websites are counted as highly reliable. As they are linked to reputed already established websites, users do not have problems in trusting them. On the other hand, if a website does not have outbound links to professional well acclaimed websites, it takes a lot of time to build a good visitor count.  To enhance the popularity of your website in quick time, make sure that you have outbound links to highly reputed brands. Backlinks generation is essential process to carry out.

·         However, outbound links should only be used as and when they are required. Too much use of outbound links obviously spoils the overall flow and can irritate the user.

Sufficient contact information

If you want your website to grow and generate more sales, you need to have sufficient information on the “Contact Us” page. This is actually a measure of reliability as well. For instance, consider that you have a t-shirt brand and after viewing your website, a customer wants to have an email conversation to gather some more information.


·         If you want more customers to view your website, there should be sufficient information on the contact us page. For instance, there should be a contact form linked to an email designed for customer support. In addition to that, a live chat option and a company telephone number would surely encourage more customers to visit your website. The content you write must be free from any kind of grammatical mistakes.

·         Websites that do not have proper contact information have a doubtful image. For instance, if a customer visits a website and finds out that there is insufficient information to contact, a doubt would be raised in his mind about the legitimacy of the website. This would obviously have a negative effect on the visitor count.

The content has to be structured

The information provided on the website needs to be well organized so that the reader can understand the points that are covered in the content. On the other hand, when the content is broken into headings, it improves the overall readability and the user does not lose interest.


·        Some websites provide a lot of information but it is not structured properly. As a result, the reader does not lose interest when he is going through the content. The use of headings makes the content very useful. For instance, if your website is related to food recipes, divide the content into small sections and connect one with the other. In this way, a flow would be created and the reader would not navigate away from the website. To improve the traffic on your website and increase organic traffic, it is important that the content is written in an interesting and organized manner.

·        Apart from headings, you can also use bullet points so that the written information is more readable. The goal is that the content should be arranged in easy to read manner. When the content does not have headings, there is every chance that the reader may lose interest and navigate away from the page. In addition to that, readers may want to jump to a specific section of the content. When the content is divided into headings, he does not have to read through everything. Instead, he can save time and directly jump to the desired section without any problem. You need to understand that most readers do not have the time to go through several lines of written content. If the content is organized, it would be much easier for the reader to read a specific piece of content.

Is your website responsive?

Users use several devices to access websites. These days, users are more comfortable with smartphones and tablets than computers due to the increases compatibility. This is where responsive websites take an edge over the ones that are not responsive. Non responsive websites cannot be viewed properly on different machines. In other words, the view does not adjust according to the screen size. As a result, the user has to use the scrolling feature to move across the page. This can obviously prove to be very irritating for the user.


·        When a user accesses a website, he does not have to change his device to match the website view.  As it is mentioned above, websites that are not responsive cannot be viewed equally well on multiple devices.

Why do responsive websites get high SEO ranks?

Users seek the maximum possible convenience when they are browsing different websites. If a website is not responsive, the user has to face issues related to page sizing. To start with, non-responsive websites cannot be viewed easily. For instance, a responsive mobile website would not have the same view on a computer screen and a smartphone screen. To get your website ranked highly, you should make sure that it is responsive so that users get the required ease of use.

Reasons to refresh the content

In the earlier days, a good SEO rank depended mainly on the use of keywords. Websites that had the correct use of keywords were ranked highly but things have changed a lot and more focus is on quality these days. If a website has quality content, it attracts more visitors and it gets ranked highly without a problem.


Quality content is what readers look for particularly if they are interested in buying something. If someone is spending money to buy something, he would obviously get into the details and see whether what he is buying is up to the mark or not. To engage the reader, the content should be presented in an interesting manner. Other than that, use short phrases and sentences so that the reader does not get bored. He should develop the interest to read the content properly without skipping. This would obviously increase the chances of getting more sales.

How does the use of punch lines help?

A boring title can turn off the reader and discourage him from going through the remaining part of the content. On the other hand, if an interesting punch line has been used, the reader would be convinced about reading the remaining part of the content.

Using unconventional text for headlines makes the difference. Do not use standard terminologies or information that is too technical. In addition to that, keep the length short so that the overall impact is crisp. Let’s take an example to gain more understanding.

Consider that you are running a food brand offering edible options for a particular niche. When it comes to online ordering, you would have to beef up your website with catchy content, blogs and other constituents so that readers can become aware of what you are selling. In case of content, the starting line or punch line makes a lot of difference. For instance, you can use “Delicious and Scrumptious” as a suitable tagline so that the audience develops the interest to read the content.  However, there is a common mistake which most content developers make when they are creating punch lines. They use text that is unique but not connected to the actual content domain. For example, if the content is about food options, the title should not talk about health tips in any manner. Using crisp punch lines and using unrelated text are two very different things. You need to be sure that the punch line is related to subject you are talking about.

When it comes to crafting headlines, the text length matters a lot. Do not use text that is too long or comprises of lengthy phrases. Lengthy phrases do not attract a lot of readers. It is important to craft content according to the requirements of the reader. In other words, you should have the target audience in mind to get more attention from the visitors. For instance, if you are targeting college and university students, try to use punch lines that are dynamic and catchy.

Effective SEO audit means better ranks

Auditing is a key process by which you can check where you are going wrong. If you feel that you are investing a lot of hard work but your website is not performing according to expectations, you need to go for SEO content audit so that the necessary flaws can be identified. Here are some aspects examined during the audit process.



In a lot of cases, the written content has issues and it may not be good enough to retain visitors. For instance, you have original content on your website but it may not be related to your services. Unrelated content creates confusion for the reader as a result of which he exits the page and looks for other alternatives. Hence, if you feel that the traffic is not as per expectations and you are not getting enough conversions, this may be a key problem.


Are you using the correct keywords with the right density? This is one problem that brings down the rank of a website. If the correct keywords have not been used, the website would not appear among the search results. Along with that, if there is keyword stuffing, the user would obviously lose interest and navigate away. Hence, if you are losing online visitors, the first thing you need to do if check through the content quality. The information on your website should be updated and refreshed at regular intervals. In this way, the reader would have new content to read every time he browses your website.


 Copied content can be extremely damaging. It not only causes your website reputation to suffer but visitors stop trusting your website. This can cause a permanent damage to the SEO rank. Having outbound links is a good practice as you are connected to reputed websites but if you are connected to malicious domains, this can be a negative factor and would hamper the SEO rank. If you have outbound links, make sure that they are connected to the most reputed websites so that you can get more visitors.

Through the SEO audit process, you need to examine your website in a comprehensive manner so that the factors causing an SEO rank decline can be identified. This process should be executed from time to time so that your website can improve on continuous basis.

Why do you need to focus on paragraph length?

Do you know that a lot of websites lose traffic because the content is not formatted properly? For instance, if you have written one page content without a paragraph break, it would be hard for the reader to retain his interest while he is going through the information. Here are some points that can surely help.

Paragraphs with appropriate sentence count and word limit make a lot of difference. Your content should be divided into small paragraphs and one paragraph should be connected to the other. The reader loses interest immediately if there is no linkage between paragraphs. Thus, a flow is important. You have to improve your paraphrasing method to get expected results. Do not use very lengthy sentences. Ideally, a sentence should be 1 to 1.5 lines long. Important keywords and phrases would be written with bold font so that they do not merge with the remaining text. In other words, when written with bold text, these keywords / phrases would be noticed immediately. If required, you can even use italics to make the text look more appealing.

Crawling and Indexing are highly important

Do you know that when you search for something on Google, the displayed results are not extracted from the web? Google displays the results that are stored in its repository and this is where indexing and crawling come into play.


Web pages that are not indexed on Google do not get displayed among the search results. This is something that a lot of website owners do not know. You may not be getting a good SEO rank if your website is not indexed. Once your website is indexed, it detailed would be extracted through a process called crawling. This is done by Google bots when they crawl and gather information about a certain website. The SEO rank is offered to a website on the basis of information collected through crawling.

The use of analytics to measure website performance

A lot of people have the opinion that having a high traffic count means the website is running successfully. Through keyword stuffing, you may be able to get a good SEO rank but you cannot expect quality readers to come your way. To get quality reader, you need to beef your website with top notch content.

Google Analytics is a fantastic option to determine the traffic details. For instance, if you have a high bounce rate, it means that your website is lacking something. The bounce rate is high when people do visit your website but do not return. This increases the bounce rate. Other than that, if your website has deficiencies, users would not spend a lot of time on it. This is where you need to check the content quality, back linking and other factors. The eventual goal of having a website is generating business which is possible mostly if you have a good SEO rank. However, you would not earn money until you have mature leads converting into sales. If visitors are spending long hours on your website and taking interest in what you are offering, you can expect good revenue generation.


Running a website is not simple by any means. The most important constituent to run a website successfully is having a powerful SEO strategy. If you have an exceptional website but it does not have a good rank, you would not be able to get good regular visitors. In most cases, only regular visitors show interest in making purchases.

It is very important for a website to display quality information that can attract the reader. Ideally the website would have links to reputed web pages. This increases the level of reliability and trust. Keywords should be used only on need basis and not to complete the word count.