October 18, 2018

The other modes of communication are relatively stable as compared to websites. This is may be due to the fact that in the case of e-books or hard copy books the consumer has his own copy of the material. In the case of the website, there is just one copy that is present on the World Wide Web. Certainly, an author cannot make changes to the copy which the user has with him in the case of e-books or printed material but whatever is present on the internet can be quickly updated to fit the changing requirements. Content checking tools like Grammar checker plays a vital role while establishing the quality of content.

One of the major mistakes made by websites owner is to forget about a piece of content once it has been published on their website. This habit can prove to be very costly. It is due such lazy practices of companies that most of the material on the internet is outdated. It contains knowledge that has become obsolete. You should not commit this mistake if you want your website to be successful. Sometimes the owners even forget to submit site to google, and can’t be able to get expected results.

Not only that content that is not updated with time to reflect the changes in the information contained in such content is responsible for providing inaccurate information to its reader but it also has an opportunity cost. If the same content was updated and reinvigorated that you could have used the same content again. This way it can save a lot of valuable resources which would be spent if you just focus on creating new content without looking for ways to recycle your old content.

Most people start to feel uneasy when they hear the word audit. This does not have to be this way. Yes, it is true that the audit generally implies a lot of work to be done and to expect changes in the ways you have to get accustomed to working. If the audit is planned properly and carried out without delays it can prove to be a relatively easier activity. You should never forget that audit always offers opportunities to make an improvement to what you have been doing. Performing an SEO test could be a valuable thing to figure out the actual growth of a site.

You can greatly improve your online presence by carrying out an audit of your online content. It will allow you to measure your performance and see what steps positively affected your ranking and what practices do not prove to be very beneficial to your company.

What Is Content Audit?

A content audit is an important part of content strategy. After the initial implementation of the content strategy, all subsequent efforts are guided by this process. Any digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a periodical audit of content. Content is the most important ranking factor that search engine consider while ranking webpages. This is the reason why it is given the most importance at the time of formulation of the digital marketing strategy. If a website publishes high-quality content on regular basis it will better satisfy the needs of its users. This will positively affect the user experience. Quality can be improved by making content audit a part of the content strategy.

The scope of the content audit is not limited just to the evaluation of webpages individually. Not only individual web pages are analyzed but the content as a whole is also analyzed. Analyzing each piece of content individually without studying the combined effect created by all the content taken together will not be very helpful in forming a new content strategy. Through this exercise, you want to know the weaknesses in your content that can be eradicated. 

What part of content failed to get the attention of your reader and what are the reasons behind their unpopularity. Not only weaknesses but also the strength of your content will be highlighted. These are things that you have been doing right with your content and you want to keep doing these things.

When you are performing an audit you analyze all your published content and see which pieces have performed well and achieved popularity among your audience. There will be reasons behind their popularity and those should be noted. You also look for those guest articles that have underperformed. These might not have performed well due to some mistakes. By taking into account both these things you can develop a recipe for success. This recipe will guide all your future efforts. But not only the future articles will be of better quality by going through this process but even your old work can be improved. The audit will necessarily highlight certain changes you can make to your old content and recycle it. Therefore it also provides an opportunity to use your existing resources.

Why Content Audit In Important?

Nobody can deny the importance of audit in order to improve performance. If it is not performed there cannot be any improvement in working methods. It is absolutely necessary if you want to make progress. Better utilization of resources can be made possible through this. Running a website is not easy and a lot of time and effort need to put into it. Over time a website owner will have lot of people working for the website not just for performing technical task but also for writing and publishing content. In order to best utilize these people and time they spent working for you audit is essential. It will identify areas where resources are being wasted so that you can take preventive actions.

One obvious benefit is that performance will be improved. Every article that has been published on your website has a purpose. It will be evaluated whether that purpose is being fulfilled by each article. If some of the articles have failed to achieve their purpose those should be removed from the website. You will be able to measure performance using various performance metrics.

A Ranking Factor

Another thing that an audit can do for you is help you organize you it to help you organize your content. If your website is well structured and it is easier to navigate this will result in good user experience. Further search engine bots also like well-organized websites as these are easier to crawl. Both user experience and crawlability are very important ranking factors.

In short content audit is analysis of whole content of a website in order to improve performance.  It advantages are immense like recycling of old content, better utilization of resources and informed decision making.