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Keyword Density Role in 2020 SEO

Feb 15, 2018

Keyword density is the number of times a keyword appears in a page or in given content as a ratio or percentage of a total number of words. It is also referred to keyword frequency, the frequency of search term that appears on webpage or piece of content.

For Example, if a word appears five times in 100 words text, then its density will be 5%.

If it appears too many times in a webpage, search engines consider it as spam and it will downgrade your page ranking.

How to calculate Keyword Density


Here is Formula to calculate it.

KD = ( Nkr / Tkn ) * 100

Here is another formula to calculate density.

KD = ( Nkr / ( Tkn -( Nkr x ( Nwp-1 ) ) ) ) x 100

KD = Keyword Density

Nkr = Number of Keywords

Tkn = Total words in given content

Nwp = Number of words in key-phrase

You can also use Online Tools to Check Density for keywords.


What is the right keyword density?

There is no ideal keyword density or no clearly defined rules about it. And there are no proper guidelines available for it. It depends on the nature of the content. Search Engines suggest writing natural content and placing your search terms in right place. Mostly SEO Experts Recommend, It should be between 1% to 3%.

Keyword Stuffing:

It refers to the practice of inserting large number of keywords in a webpage. It is a black hat search engine optimization strategy and considered as unethical SEO, which is bad for your website ranking. When a word abnormally distributed in the text. Search engines consider it as keyword stuffing.

How to avoid from keyword stuffing

Such language is not useful to your users, So this is the main reason to avoid it. Nobody wants to read a text using the same words over and over unnaturally. So here are some important factors, following these can help you to avoid it.

Effective Research

The most important thing is to do a effective research and find relevant words accordingly to your content. Use synonymous search terms if word comes multiple times. Long tail keywords can help from avoiding it.

Increase total words

The best way to avoid keyword stuffing naturally is to increase word counts in your content. The article consists of 500 words is more effective to avoid stuffing rather than 300 words article. Explain your ideas and provide value to the reader.

Create rich content


The easiest way to avoid keyword stuffing, create quality content which will be informative and useful for users. Keywords should not be out of context for readers. Keep in mind Quality is king. Do not compromise on quality, because the quality is a most important factor in SEO. Use concise language and come to the point quickly.

Use Keyword Density Checker

After giving the final touch to your content. Calculate density or use an online tool to check the density of keywords. It will identify your mistakes, so you can make the appropriate correction. In seconds you will get results on your screen. Using this tool you can see a total number of words and density of all keywords.

Prepostseo Tool: Keyword Density Checker

Article Rewriter


If you are running out of time or have a lot of stuff to rewrite, Use Article Rewriter, this is the best way to avoid keyword stuffing as well as copyrights issues. If you know the importance of time it is recommended to use this tool to get rid of sentence mistakes. It will allow you to rewrite the article with flexibility and make your content attractive. Make your content in seconds and improve SEO faster than ever.

Grammar Checker helps you write better English and efficiently corrects errors, it will eliminate grammar mistakes. Check your article without making stupid grammatically mistakes, and English syntax mistakes. Correct your mistake with a high degree of accuracy and quickly.