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Paste up to 50 webpages to view their Page Authority: (one url on each line)


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Bulk website Page authority Checker:

Page Authority is one of the ranking and website rating factor that is mainly calculated for one particular page or you might say for one URL only within your website. This term was introduced by MOZ and there are two to three MOZ packages working simultaneously to evaluate Page Authority. Page Authority in fact is the prediction of the ranking capacity of a single page. This ranges from 0 to 100 points scale and higher the number of points means the page is more capable to gain better rank against any Search Engine especially for Google. So, basically by checking Page Authority for any of your pages you get the idea, how strongly this very page stands out and how much further efforts you should invest in SEO. As I have already mentioned there are several MOZ calculators involved to predict it, so how would you know exactly "Page Authority" about any URL which is really an important factor in SEO?

"Page Authority" Checker Tool by PrePostSEO:

Keeping our clients’ requirements in consideration we proudly present another error free and quick ‘Page Authority Checker’ tool. This tool enables you to check the Authority of any page you would like to. Just place a correct URL or copy paste it within the field for URL and click on ‘Check Authority’ button and there you go. "Page Authority Checker" will give you Page Authority of that Specific URL as well as Domain Authority. So, you kill two birds with one stone. Furthermore, you can check page authority for several pages up to 10 maximum with just one click. Just paste all the URLs line by line in the box and click the button again. It’s too handy. Isn’t it?

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