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Add Plagiarism Checker tool to your website and allow your users to detect plagiarism directly from your website. To use, simply copy the code given below and paste it to your webpage where you want to display it.



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Our Plagiarism detector widget allows you to check plagiarism directly from your website. You can embed this code in your college or university website. Please use this widget on those pages which are publically accessible, so that if you have any problem in future than it will be easy for us to assist you.

How This Plagiarism Widget Works?

Working of this tool will be the same as our online plagiarism checker works. It will parse your full text into sentences and after that it will start scanning your content. You can check the progress of checking plagiarism in real-time. After the end of the scanning you will be able to check overall plagiarized percentage in your content.

100% Safe & Secure

Our widget is 100% safe to use and we do not compromise on the security of our tools. Any text that will be checked via plagiarism widget will be automatically deleted. Feel free to add this widget in your website.