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10 Tips to Increase Website Ranking

10 Tips to Increase Website Ranking

January 30, 2018

1. Do Better Keyword Research

A keyword phrase is a word that someone is most likely to put into a search engine to find relevant content. Find the right keywords which you want to rank high. Before optimizing a site, choose great keywords. Pick the most relevant keywords they will helpful for vast improvement in organic search rankings. While doing keyword research, do not ignore long tail keywords. There are various tools to do better keyword research, e.g. Google keyword planner, Semrush etc.

2. Check Density

The most important thing that the search engine looks when it rank pages, is the density of keyword usage. In simple words, how often a search term occurs in given text. Write your content in a natural way. Like you are writing an email to someone. Avoid to adding irrelevant content, place your keywords in right place and do not repeat them. Otherwise, Google will pick penalize you for it. Just Remember you are writing for humans.

Keyword phrases should obviously appear somewhere in Page URLs, Titles and web content, preferably in the first paragraph or so.

TOOl: Keywords Density Checker

3. Publish Relevant Content and Update Regularly

The most important step is to create a quality content for your site. Quality always wins. Unique content is the number one driver for search engine ranking. Specially, Google loves the quality and unique content. It will improve your site authority and relevance, for sure. 

After the creating quality content, do not forget to update it on a regular basis. The search engines crawl the updated pages very often. The fresh content of a website can create an attraction for readers as well as search engines.

4. Metadata

The title, description, and keywords that tell to search engines, what is this website providing or sharing called metadata. Here are some further catalogs of metadata

  • Title Metadata

It is responsible for page title in search engine results and at the top of the browser window. It is the most important part of metadata.

  • Description Metadata

It is a brief explanation of the web pages and shown in textual forms in search engine results. It tells to visitors about what a website is offering.

  • Keyword Metadata

Keyword metadata are keywords that people type when they want to collect information related to this topic.

Use correct and right keywords in title metadata and give a brief description about the web pages. It is the first impression of a website in search engine result pages.

5. Create understandable URLs

Create understandable permalinks, instead of just numbers or random text. Put the most important keyword in permalinks. This is best SEO technique to rank high in search engine. Most search engines like Google give importance to those pages that use the relevant keyword in URLs.

6. Create Sitemap

A sitemap is XML file that contains URLs inside a website. Building a sitemap helps, search engines to discover every page on a website. Search spiders and bots can locate and index these web pages quickly.

You can use our online sitemap generator tool to create your website sitemap. Just Enter the URL and select frequency, if your website updates quickly select it daily or so on. You can also set priorities for web pages. It will generate a great sitemap for the website. copy this sitemap and link it to your website. It is a good strategy to link your sitemap in the footer area of the website.

7. Pay attention to internal links

Internal links are that which point to other pages of the website. Internal links are not just to boost the website ranking, they also help to improve the user experience.

  • Internal link Strategy

Develop a strong internal linking strategy, Internal links build a very strong structure on the website. When we talk about internal linking, it means link relevant pages with each other.

  • Fix Broken links

Make your website more search engine and user-friendly. Broken links are a headache for both and harmful for website ranking. Fix all the broken links. Use our online tool to check broken links. Just enter URL and this tool will identify all broken links. Fix these links or remove them.

8. Make your graphics search friendly

Search spiders cannot read images. Use alt tags wisely in your images. Alt tags are alternative text descriptions of graphics like images and videos. These tags are a great place to use keywords. Professional images give a life to your website or product and, the website gets a great return.

9. Good Web Design

Good web design and proper layout of a website help to improve the user experience. Proper layout and formatting will dramatically improve website usability to increase website readability. Use recommended font size. Break content into sections and write text in small paragraphs to make it easy to readable. Add relevant and informative images in the text, because there is a saying a picture is worth 1000 words.

10. Mobile Friendly

More searches performed on mobile devices than laptops and desktops. So Google decides to give a bonus point to mobile optimized.

Increase load Speed

Visitors may leave your website if they have to wait few extra seconds to load each page. That would increase bounce rate, decrease page views and hurts to website ranking. There are several online tools to check your page speed. Optimize images, reduce https requests, use the good server for better response, enable browser cache, and minify resources are some techniques to improve your load speed.

11. External links

The most important factor to rank website high in SERPs is inbound links for a website. Here we will discuss how to earn quality backlinks for a website.

  • Article Submission

Article sharing is about to post an article on different article submission forums which are relevant to our niche. The article should be related to the website. Forbes, Yourstory, and Entrepreneur are top rated forums that accept articles.

  • Submit blog to web directories

A Simple way to improve Pagerank of the website is to submit your blog to other high rank web directories. Submitting to more blogs will give you more backlinks.

  • Guest posting

Guest posting is a great way to get quality backlinks for your website. Guest posting means publishing your post or article on someone else blog or website. it also builds domain and search engine authority.


  • Commenting on other Sites

Commenting is a very effective way to earn a high rank in search engine result pages. There are different ways to comment and promote your website or product. Commenting on Question Answer forums like StackOverflow, and Quora can earn very powerful backlinks.

12. Social Networking

Social networking is a good way to promote the website. Obviously, it will make backlinks and backlinks are more important to make position in search results. Sharing on social sites can give brand awareness to other people and increase website popularity. Make sure your content is shareable. Add images and engaging titles to web pages.