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15 Tips to improve user experience

15 Tips to improve user experience

March 16, 2018

There are several techniques that will grasp attention of user and engage users to use our website. The most important aspect to enhance user attention on your website is to provide attractive and easy interface. Some major factors that will help a lot to grasp user attention about particular website are discussed below:

Website Interface

Provide a beautiful and attractive interface that will grasp attention of users. By designing an interface always, keep in mind that interface should easily understandable by user that they can easily use. Use appropriate colouring scheme that will attract users. The interface of website should easily understandable and memorable for user.


Nowadays trend of online Chatbot becomes very popular. Many big marketing companies’ websites provide online Chatbot facility to its user where they can ask different queries online and get relevant answer instantly. Chatbot is a type of software, which can embedded to particular website. It is based on algorithms that were designed to provide relevant answers to user in runtime. Chatbot creates a lot of value among users of websites. Form submission and feedback submission is becoming old-fashioned.

Comment Section

If your website content is based on, blogging than always provide comment section to users where they can comment, changes their opinion with each other, and provide their feedback about particular content that were displayed in website.

Survey Forms

Survey forms were very useful to understand the requirements of users with website. Through survey form, we can track the needs of users with website. A survey form must be concise that were only based on appropriate questionnaire that user can easily answer. Getting regular feedback from is a very important aspect.

Easy Navigation

Make the navigation of website easy enough so that user will appropriate content in a short period. Keep navigation bar of website consistent in every section of website.

Responsive Website Designs.

Responsive designs are very useful to enhance number of users about particular website. Responsive design means that the content of website should also visible on smaller screen in an appropriate manner and users can easily access and use interface of website by using their smartphones. Nowadays many frameworks available on market that will helps a lot to design responsive designs.

Learn About User Needs

Always keep track of users by monitoring their activities on website and modify the content of website accordingly. Provide appropriate recommendations to users that will help them to find a particular content in website. Keep track of user that which type of users will use particular section of website and classify them accordingly.       

SEO Techniques

SEO techniques are very useful to increase the number of users in website. SEO techniques will increase website visibility in a particular web search engines like google Bing and many other search engines that were available in web. Through SEO, technique user can easily approach to website. Nowadays a large number of free SEO tools available in online market through which website performance can easily enhance. Use prepostseo seo checker tools to check onpage seo.

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Daily Posting

Post useful contents that were needed by users on a regular basis and update website contents frequently. The content of website should must be useful for user. if you have multiple websites then it is tough for you to post on all websites on regular basis. You can hire a dedicated writer and if you have low budget you can use Paraphrasing Tool to write articles quickly.

Subscription Option    

Provide subscription option in website so user can become permanent member of website. Subscription option will help a lot to establish a strong relationship with user of website. During subscription, procedure get an email of visitors and send them email notification about website content on regular basis.

Website Speed

Web page speed is one of the most common factor in engaging customers. Users usually don't like to interact with the slow websites. To engage user website should be efficient and fast. If website is slow then engagement of users will suffer a lot and it does not make any difference that how useful the content of website.


Provide appropriate Popups like download, registration subscription etc. The introduction about website content should also be displayed in popups menu.

Web Frameworks

While designing a website always make sure that, it is being developed in well-known framework that were available in market. The website build in framework is responsive and fast as compared to website simply consist of source code of web pages.    

Website Advertisement

Website advertisement is a key factor that will very useful to engage the users in website. By allowing site visitors to promote website to their social circles by using their social media platform like Facebook twitter etc. Moreover, spend appropriate amount on website advertisement purposes.

Card Based Design

Card-based design provide information about content of website in animated way. These design techniques are very useful for the users who can access website from their cell phones.