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Call Tracking and Overall Customer Insight: How It Can Help To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Call Tracking and Overall Customer Insight: How It Can Help To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

February 26, 2018

Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Google Adwords, and other metrics are factors that you must consider in your online marketing campaigns since it contributes to the success of your business. However, even if you are hands-on in your online activities, sometimes you might not have a full grasp of conversion unless you also exert effort in tracking phone calls.

Call tracking is one of the strategies that allow marketers to better understand the blind spots and the coverage of the business.

It analyzes which of your marketing methodologies makes the customers reach out and call you. Also, as you install the call tracking system, you can have an idea of the customer behavior and have a better understanding of how can you effectively reach your target audience.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss how call tracking can help to improve your marketing efforts and make your business running smoothly.

1. Analyze Call History Data

The call tracking system allows you to gather complete call history and use it to retry marketing the products and services to old prospects.

One advantage is they already know about your company, and the experience will be a lot easier than a cold call plus conversion is easy.

2. Enable Call Recording and Get to Know Customers Better

One feature of call tracking is call recording, and with this you can have an idea who your customers are and better understand their needs today. Here are some insights on how call recording can help your business:

  • Ability to listen to your customers and identify spots for improvement to boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Qualify leads to knowing which among the customers needs immediate action to make them loyal to the company.
  • Listen to your workers and check how they interact with the customers. Check on what aspects of call handling your workers need improvement to increase conversion rates among customers.

For small businesses that are just starting their company, they might have difficulties installing call recording for now. Also, for digital stores, they might not see a significant benefit on call tracking. Thus, utilize AdWords and Google Analytics first before diving into the features of call tracking system.

Indeed, call tracking through call recording will allow you to get an idea of where to spend the majority of your efforts to make business productive, whether on the workers or the service or product development. Indeed, call tracking can help you achieve success and exceed customers’ expectations.

3. Examine the Impact of the Content

Analyze the impact of your products and services as you track the activities of your caller on your site. With this, you can have an idea of the types of pages your clients visit first before landing on your website.

Also, you can be able to determine the pages with the most number of leads and conversions. Finally, you can have an idea of how much time does a client allots on each of your pages.

4. Give A Clearer Picture of the Success of Marketing Campaigns

Call tracking can give you a clear picture of the success of your marketing campaigns. These are some of it:

  • Monitoring of keyword level-Determine which of the keywords drives the most number of phone calls and conversion to your business.
  • Campaign level-Get to know which marketing campaigns, both offline and online, delivers quality results.
  • Multi-channel attribution- Track online activities that lead to conversion. 

With these features, you can analyze and examine campaigns and see the relation between your strategies and its results. You can look at your marketing and get to know which among these are the most successful for your business.

5. Integrate with Other Software Applications

You can also gain more benefits with the use of call tracking since you can integrate it with other software apps you have been using for years just like the Kissmetrics.

Kissmetrics has now partnered with CallRail, which aims to deliver call analytics. With this, you can see blind spots in your business and have a clearer picture of how customers interact with your business, not just on the website but also through phone calls.

6. Go Beyond Last Click Diagnostics

Call tracking will help you go beyond the diagnostics of the client’s last click and help you measure their activity which leads them to conversion. With this, you can have an idea of how effective your campaign and see if there are still a need for improvement.

7. Receive and Analyze Data from Calls

You can receive detailed reports regularly from the calls your customers made. With this, you can have an idea of the trends and patterns using the following information:

  • Location and Call Time of Clients- With the data, you can have an idea of what time and where are their places and what are their probability of converting. It is crucial if you wanted to know your budget for PPC (pay per click) and other online campaigns would be.
  • Opinions of Customers- The data can give you an idea of the feedbacks of the clients and partners. With this, you can determine their issues and requests that need action immediately.
  • Conversions- This one is about the translations of customers from every marketing campaign your company has. It also pertains to the budget spending you must take for better results.
  • Performance of the Page-Call tracking can enable one to track the performance of the page and determine which results to more leads, conversions, calls, and profits.

8. Improve the Company’s Return of Investment (ROI)

Call tracking is essential in proving the company’s return on investment (ROI). It can give satisfaction to what customers paid for which are efficient results.

Regardless if you use call tracking services of your own, or through services such as Fone Dynamics, can help you make smarter steps for your company, which can lead to the reduction of too much spending on ads, drive better ROI, make clients happy, and let them stay longer in the company.

9. White Label Solutions

The call tracking system features a seamless experience which allows you to handle various companies by having a single log-in details. With this, you can have a customized experience in client reporting, access to the analytics dashboard, and see results immediately.


In a nutshell, call tracking can give you a better idea of your client’s opinion, which can improve your marketing efforts and profitability of your business.

You can combine call tracking with other strategies you know and you are comfortable using. Just be creative, ask help from experts, and learn to get out of your comfort zone to reach your end goal.


John Taylor

John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.