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Tips On How To Create A Professional Email For Better Click Throughs and Responses

Tips On How To Create A Professional Email For Better Click Throughs and Responses

March 08, 2018

Does it seem like your email marketing strategies are not working? If you notice that your click-through rate or CTR statistics are not what you were expecting, you might be right. When your subscribers are not visiting your links, it results in fewer potential leads and possible sales. This might affect your business’ income. Therefore, it is crucial to entice more subscribers to click your links. After this article, you will know several strategies and tips that will aid you in creating email marketing advertisements that are more effective. This will help increase your CTRs so you can acquire more leads and translate them into more business.

Why Is Making A Professional Email Important?

A professional email is crucial to helping your brand and brand awareness grow. Oftentimes, people think that email marketing is no longer useful. However, it is quite the opposite. Your professional email matters because email marketing is still relevant, and here’s why:

  • More effective compared to social media. Don’t take this the wrong way. Social media is very crucial to a business’ marketing strategy. Social media is a beneficial channel that allows interaction between businesses and their audience. It also helps strengthen the business’ personal relationship with their online audience. Because of this, using social media websites is an essential first step to achieving your primary goal, which is the conversion of your audience.
    • However, when it comes to translating your audience into customers, members, or supporters of your business, email marketing is the ideal strategy. Based on Custora’s study in 2013, customer acquisition using email marketing strategies has quadrupled from 2008 up to 2012. The use of email marketing translates to around 7% of the entire customer acquisitions done online.
  • Cost-Effective and Economic. Email marketing is inexpensive, easy to set up, and efficient. It allows businesses to reach out to a vast number of potential clients quickly. If you are an owner of a start-up business that has a tight budget, this type of online marketing is a more suitable choice than conventional marketing platforms such as the radio, direct mail, or television. In fact, 85% of the retailers in the United States consider email marketing as a beneficial and efficient consumer acquisition strategy.
    • Traditional marketing campaigns take too much of your efforts such as printing, postage, and mailing. When you use emails to market your brand, you can still create the same effect with the additional benefit of acquiring follow-up information efficiently. You just need to exert little effort – a click of a button.
  • Customizable and Personalized. Segmenting your target audience is essential when it comes to using email marketing. You can group your audience into lists. You can send a personalized email message for each different directory. This method helps your email resonate with your target audience. Also, it can give them something that has personal value.
    • Using an email marketing program, you can address your recipients personally instead of using the standard greeting, “To all of our valued clients,”. You can now address them on a first-name basis to make it extra personal. When recipients are addressed using their first names, they feel more at ease and have a higher rate of clicking on your email.
  • Actionable and Measurable. You cannot guess when it comes to email marketing. It is very transparent because you can see the results right away. This is helpful because you can apply necessary adjustments immediately.

Tips for Making Your Email Look Professional to Get Better Click-Through Rates and Responses

Here are some useful suggestions for improving your email marketing:

  1. Call to Action. It is important to allot extra efforts in creating your call to action. It helps convince your audience to click on your links. Think of better ways to entice your readers to click the link. One way of doing so is creating a curiosity gap where your audience is on a cliffhanger. This forces them to click on the link to fill that gap. Make sure that when your readers click on the link, they will surely get what they are looking for. Otherwise, you will just disappoint them.
  2. Segment your target list. This is one of the most effective and efficient steps you could do to make your email marketing work. It not only helps with increasing click-through rates but also improves your strategy’s overall results. This step works because it allows you to send your subscribers more personalized and relevant emails.
  3. Customize email messages. When you address a person by his or her first name, it becomes more personal. This also applies to email marketing. Ensure that your messages are customized. You can include dynamic content and tailored texts.
  4. Include social media website icons. When GetResponse saw the results of their study on how click-through rates are affected by social media icons, the figures were astounding. The emails that contain social media sharing icons received 158% more clicks compared to emails without said images. The Average CTRs include:
    1. LinkedIn – 7.9%
    2. Facebook – 6.2%
    3. Twitter – 6.2%
    4. Google – 5.3%
    5. Pinterest – 5.0%
  5. Create mobile-friendly emails. More emails are viewed using mobile devices instead of laptops because most online users now prefer mobility and accessibility. It is essential to create emails that are compatible with mobile devices so users can gain access to them quickly. This helps increase click rates and customer conversion. Avoid building links that may be too small for those with “fat fingers,” which is a way of describing the difficulty of clicking links that are too small when delivered to mobile devices. Your icons should at least be 44x44 or 45x60 pixels in width and height.
  6. Apply triggered email campaigns. Triggered emails use autoresponders, welcome emails, confirmation emails, and transactional email. These types of email messages tend to attract a high engagement rate. They also achieve high CTRs. Triggered emails are useful because they strike while the iron is still hot. This type of email is sent when the target audience shows signs that they are interested in your brand or business. These emails are usually timed and targeted.
  7. Schedule your emails. Avoid bombarding your mailing list with emails. As much as possible, mail less often. Too many emails may cause your subscribers to feel pressured or annoyed. Instead of attracting clicks from your subscribers, it may cause them to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Email marketing is usually underrated because some might think that people do not view email messages anymore. However, it is the exact opposite because email marketing is still helping businesses attract a wide range of target audience. The effectiveness of your email marketing campaign is dependent on your study of your target online users and your dedication to making the campaign successful. If you’re looking for a company that can provide efficient business solutions online, a digital marketing agency like Digital Fuel Marketing can help. Also, you can check various email marketing services that give you the best opportunity to grow your business.


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