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How Much Old Registered Domains Effect SEO

How Much Old Registered Domains Effect SEO

January 28, 2016

If you have been observing the changing trends in SEO field, you might have observed many factors which were considered the most important factors in SEO have zero importance now. I was read various blog posts and articles regarding such myths which have become odd now. But few things here are still controversial about which a bigger group believes that SEO is dead and the factors Google declared unimportant don’t have any importance now. Despite Google’s official announcements, there’s a group which still believes that some of these are factors still have life and those are taken into consideration but secretly or hiddenly.

Domain Age Effect on SEO - A Mystery

One of the myths and mysteries of SEO is Domain age. There are lots of controversial thoughts about old registered domains. Most of the webmasters believe that old registered domains doesn’t effect the SEO anymore while others still believe that old aged domains matters a lot. There are facts which support both sides and that’s why age of domain is still a mystery and the question how much old registered domains effect SEO is not yet answered perfectly.

Other SEO Factors are More Important than Domain Age

A strong opinion is that old registered domains doesn’t effect SEO anymore. There are several reasons to believe in this idea. As Google took various steps to counter spamming and other issues so it would have taken a definite step to counter the betrayers who were spamming using old registered domains. When old age domain had some good impact, people used to own hundreds of old registered domains. They used to leave it alone with one page only and used to get High Page Rank and then backlinks were provided to their main domain to get the juice. When Google started giving importance to content, the domain age becomes a less important factor. Now if you have a newly registered domain and you have fresh content which is complete and good in all aspects then you will definitely get a better rank than the domain which has nothing but an index page.

The domain age is or it was just a single factor while you had to consider lots of other things as well while buying or using any old or expired domains. An old registered domain may have some good age but it might have been penalized by the Google for spamming etc so in that case age really doesn’t matter. Keeping in view spamming and undue benefits of old registered domains, Google stopped paying any attention to domain age.

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Old Registered Domain Does Get Some Advantage

Now we will discuss the other very valid point about the idea that old registered domains effect SEO. Google still prefers authority websites and shows their links higher in search results. While giving any domain some authority, Google still considers age of that domain. More the age means more the trust and credibility and hence more the authority. But we should keep in mind that it sees other factors too. Golden were the days when a single page website used to get authority but only content matters. But if the content is good and the domain has good track record then definitely domain age does matter and it really matters a lot in SEO in such scenario.

The other advantage annexed to an old registered domain may be the strong back links base. An expired domain or an old age domain might have some good track record and it might have some good back links as well. Such domain can give you some good benefit of its age.

Ending Words

So keeping in view we can conclude that Old registered domains doesn’t effect alone on SEO rather content and other modern SEO score factors like social media base, relevance etc also matters.