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Major Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Campaign Fails

Major Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Campaign Fails

November 19, 2018

Advertising through Facebook has now become the most beneficial way to attract potential customers all across the globe. Businesses normally advertise through Facebook because they know that by doing so they are multiplying their product reach and awareness to millions of internet users. There is no denying the fact that marketing through social media platforms has now become a norm for the multinationals to grow their business, and in return increase their overall ROI. You have to be at your very best when giving ads on Facebook to attract internet viewers. Sometimes an experienced digital marketing professional can’t be able to deliver the required results through Facebook ads campaign. The major issues you might have to face while crafting your Facebook ads strategy is to notifying the correct customers at the correct time to make them positively attracted towards the products you sell online. 

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” – Bill Bernbach

The Facebook Problem

More than 90% of the digital marketers and marketing professionals use Facebook ads campaign strategy, and still, they fail to achieve the required level of results.  It’s because of the reason that they don’t analyze market dynamics where they will focus their brand through ads. A thought process should be in place when you craft your ads strategy. Your previous marketing research data is vital to establish ground on which you can make certain decisions to get success. Facebooks ads always have a positive impact on the final SEO score of the website because the link you share normally the well-written pages including keywords, so when more and more Facebook users open the link, then you can easily increase your site’s organic traffic.

It’s Worthy to Put Ads through Facebook

When it comes to getting more extra customer attraction through ads, Facebook always tops the list. It’s the modern way of getting people involved in a product, and successfully making a sale that can bring higher profit margins to your business. Yes, it's always worthy to perform marketing of your products and services through the Facebook ad. The best thing about these ads is that these are less costly and if you use a proper way of posting these then you can effectively generate the desired results in terms of likes and more customer engagement. Here are the facts that I like to share with you. These will help you to know the importance of Facebook in the modern business world.

  • Facebook has more than 2 million active advertisers.
  • More than 700 million users use their Facebook account to get info about a product.
  • Mobile ads make up to the 70% of the Facebook total ads revenue.
  • Socially active brands on Facebook gets 3.5 times more user’s interaction
  • Around 45% of the fans like a business page who regularly update their Facebook information
  • Users bought more than $234 million of gifts and products in a quarter through Facebook ads

Less clarity in Ads Campaign Goals

At the initial stage of creating a new Facebook ads strategy, if you don’t have a clarity in your goals then you will not be able to find out the desired expected results. Your ad will depict your brand, and if you post an ad without making a perfect research of the topic, then all of your efforts will be lost. Your goal should be to increase the awareness of your brand through ads campaign and in return make more and more new potential customers. Most of the ads campaign fails because of the reason that at the initial stages of ads development, webmasters don’t precisely write down their goals. So, the whole practices go in vain.  Important tips to handle this issue are…

  • Make an estimation of your page likes
  • How Much engagement you want through posts
  • What much improvement you will get in your click-through rate
  • What should be your On-Site sales & lead generation     

Your Ad Format is wrong 

If your ad format is not up to the mark as it is defined by the Facebook ad regulators and ad format creators, then your investment will not provide you anything in terms of getting new potential customers. The ad format really matters. It’s because that the format you choose will be seen by the millions of Facebook users. Wrong format ads mean zero return on investment. Here are the tips to make a perfect ad format to gain maximum customer’s attraction.

  • Make ad clear and concise
  • Use words that attract local Facebook customers
  • Write catchy words
  • Don’t add too much sale pitch
  • Use a friendly tone
  • Use Social Analytical Tools to Make a Perfect Ad 
  • The whole image of your ad should be unique

Your Ad Campaign is Not Perfectly Segmented

It’s always critical to perfectly segment your ad campaign by dividing it into separate sections. You can perform A/B testing by crafting various ads, and evaluate the level of appreciation it got through within the new days of advertisement. Must use the following mechanism to perfectly divide your Facebook and into various separate portions. The content you write in the post must be unique and free from any kind of plagiarism. For that purpose, you can use a plagiarism checker tool to achieve desired results. An ad campaign on Facebook must include the following top factors.

  • The precise and correct ad message
  • Ad must be creative
  • Landing page copy
  • Unique images “you can use image search tool for that”
  • Audience Segments

You Don’t Have Adequate Audience Data

Any marketing plan in business is based on the adequate reliable audience data to fulfill the needs of customers in an appropriate manner. Before crafting a Facebook ad, it’s mandatory for you to make a comprehensive research of the products and services you will put on advertisement through the Facebook ad. Most of the ad campaign fails because you don’t have adequate data to make your ad a perfect one. Normally customers don’t come to your ad, you come to them. You can also get help from Facebook to get the data about your new ad.  Not searching the adequate data could make a critical impact on the growth of your brand. Here are some important tips that you have to keep in mind in order to get your preferred results.

  • Google ads and PPC ads campaign data
  • Search all online marketing channels (Comprehensive analysis)
  • Use marketing surveys and site requirements
  • You can use previous email data for making a Facebook ad

The Ad Format You Use is Similar to Other One

As I have told you in the above section that if the format of your Facebook and is not appropriate, then you should have to consider the making of a new one. In some of the cases, you can’t be able to achieve the required results if your ad is similar to an already used ad that a company publishes on Facebook to attract new customers. The similarity is the major concern that you must have to avoid in order to get succeeded in your approach of advertisement through Facebook. Must avoid this factor to achieve growth in your results.

You are Treating Facebook Users as Shoppers

Yes, it’s a major mistake that most of the marketing professionals make while crafting a new ad for their Facebook campaign. Don’t treat your potential Facebook users as shoppers. If you will do this, you can’t be able to achieve the expected level of benefits you want from your ad campaign. In your Facebook ad, don’t add too much sales pitch. Just use a friendly tone to deliver a clear message about your product and services. The friendlier you will be in your approach of ad advertisement, the better-expected results you will be able to attain.


You are Targeting the Wrong Audience

The selection of the audience is a critical factor when developing a Facebook ad for your campaign. If you haven’t make a complete research of the audience how they will react to your ad could be catastrophic for your ad campaign result. Over the years, only those businesses get the perfect result from their ad campaign those first analyze the market segment where they have to publish their new ad. Well, I will let you know the important factors that you must have to keep in mind while creating an ad for the specific segment of the market.

  • Demographics of the market you are going to post your ad
  • What’s the audience like here about the Facebook Ad?
  • Behavioral and research (how individual customers could behave)
  • The ad you craft is related with the psychological likes of the area
  • Your ad campaign is not too much generic

Ending Note

Well, if you want to get success through your Facebook ad campaign, then you have to be creative in your approach to developing an ad. The color you choose, the content you put into ad will be in accordance with the requirements of your company’s philosophy. Don’t compromise on the quality of your product. A Facebook ad will only deliver you the required level of benefit if your products are according to the required standards. So, don’t overwrite it.