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Make Your Website Load Faster

Make Your Website Load Faster

August 15, 2017

Site Loading time is extremely important for SEO ranking purposes and user interface. A site with high loading time is low preferable by both user and search engines. So here are some of the tips that can be an improvement for fastening up the loading time.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is basically a term defined as a procedure which takes the source and designing of your websites such as CSS, Javascript, Site images and HTML and provides them to the servers which are closer to the user’s location or physical address. This method as it sounds will provide high connectivity to the user because of the closure to the local servers. CDN simply helps to avail favourable SEO test results. The sites will quickly and effectively. Bigger or heavier sites use CDN so that their viewers can have a good and quick experience. Using this method will reduce the loading time and will be loved by users as well as can get your ranks up on SEO. 

It also improves the downloading speeds, Streaming and uploading speeds. The content accelerates and applications online work faster.

Dedicated sources

Nothing is more frustrated than a slow web site. Usually, when we start up a web site, we go all the cheap ways and get shared hosting or basic hosting. It’s fine for the start when you are in a growing stage but as the time will pass, you will have more content, more traffic and will notice that your site is becoming slower.

Shared hosting gradually slows down and your web pages take more time to open. So switching to a premium one is always the best option. Sometimes you are doing everything to make you page go faster but nothing happens. Try switching to a more upgraded hosting plan. Moving to a dedicated source instead of shared one will bring a wide change in your page speed.

Dedicated simply means that no more sharing and it is all yours to have.

Image optimization

It’s a basic thing. The heavier the content is on your web page the slower it will get. Image sizes give your site a hard time in opening quickly. A simple way to get rid of this issue is by shrinking on converting image sizes or use less resolution images. Sometimes the area your picture is taking on a web page doesn’t require a high resolution and a normal one can do your job. It's also beneficial to evaluate the quality of an image through an online tool known as reverse image

Compressing down the image sizes is an effective method as well. It will load the data much faster, hence increasing site loading speed. Viewers will find it way better than a site which hardly loads.

Cropping helps as well in image sizing. Cropping means you are cutting down the unwanted on extra edges on an image.

If you want images for each description of your web page. Then try to make those shapes or helping visuals in CSS instead of uploading .Jpg or.Bmp. This reduces the loading time drastically.

Optimizing Javascript and CSS

This can be a useful method for optimizing your web page speed. There are two ways to optimize your static files data. One is Minification and the other one is gzipping.

Minification as by the name helps you to reduce the size and length of hex codes or removing unwanted comments which are taking too much of a space. Removing white space and unneeded semicolons.


Gzipping will find all the strings which are repeating and will replace them with pointers to the first instance of that string.

Using them together will bring a huge improvement. Learn how to configure it.

There are various plugins available on the internet.

Do not use inline CSS but instead of that use a single file for the CSS. Normally designers make such mistakes of creating multiple files for CSS. Combine them and use them separately. Avoid using CSS inside HTML.

Same goes for javascript is to avoid using multiple files.


Caching is a procedure which stores static files of a web page like CSS or HTML etc so that the site can load faster the next time and database doesn’t always have to pull such data every time the site loads. This process makes a site load much faster. However, this thing only works with the regular or returning viewers of a website and doesn’t work on the first timers. The site needs to be opened at least once for the static files to store in the cache.You can view any website HTML here

Various plugins are available that are used for the procedure if you are a Wordpress user.


This is a widely discussed thing when it comes to speeding up the load time of your website. When your websites have a lot of adverts, it will tend to take more time obviously and viewers will hate it. You already have a lot of data and content on your web page and you have done almost everything to ensure the speed, but still not much different then this can be your answer. Ads take time as they could be images, Gifs or videos. So try to optimize ads and use lesser ads to increase high-speed opening. To keep the users intact and interested, this is the most useful tip.

Remove Unwanted things

If you have a lot of plugins which is unwanted and they are just there because you once needed them, then make sure to remove them because they can make your websites go a lot slower than you think it is. Keep your static site data type in one file and don’t mix them up as I said earlier.

Use a single plugin for doing a task where multiple plugins are required. There are multiple plugins available online which can perform multiple tasks. Try those.