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Off Page SEO Trends You Should Focus In 2018

Off Page SEO Trends You Should Focus In 2018

October 02, 2018

Search engine optimisation is so far the best and most effective technique to use to get your site to rank top in search engine result pages. The search engines involved may be Google, Bing and Yahoo to mention a few. The suggested techniques could either be ON Page or Off Page.ON Page SEO are the things that, you as a webmaster does within your website. That may include keyword stuffing, the creation of content, internal linking, description, titles and images.

The whole idea of ON Page SEO is making the website friendly to the search engine. On the other hand, Off-page SEO is a term used to refer to all the tactics that you employ to make your website popular on the internet. That is, by making your site more visible on the search engine results pages. It is important to note that Off-page SEO techniques are what will make your website’s rank on search results improve. You can evaluate the expected results of your off page strategy by using website checker tools. The following are the top 12 Off-page SEO techniques that will make your site rank better.

Create shareable content

If you want your site to rank top or to gain more visibility, creating content that is shareable is something that you should probably not ignore. Always remember that fantastic content is King. It will work for your SEO in ways that you didn’t anticipate. No one will want to devote their time to sharing content that is not compelling.It is therefore essential that you make the smart move of producing content that is highly shareable for your site to be able to generate as many and natural backlinks as possible. To keep your content fresh, you might want to do a little bit more research.

Reach out to influencer

For you to make the most out of SEO, you need to stop being a loner. It is time to go beyond your cocoon and make contact with influencers. However, you need to have something tangible for you to be able to partner with influencers. Provided you have quality and shareable content; you should be good to go. Get an influencer who is relevant to your industry and ask them to check out your blog and to give you link backs from their blogs.

Guest blogging

If you have not tried out guest writing yet, then you are running out of time. Several blogs have spaces open for guest posts from different authors. Take the opportunity to write for these blogs. While looking for a blog or website to write for, it is essential to stick to your industry. Only write for sites that are relevant to your field. Do not direct too much focus on the number of links that you will be able to generate, instead focus on having quality links. Also, you may want to be consistent with posting more on the same blog or website. Make sure that the content you post through guest blogging is unique and well crafted. Use plagiarism detector to find out any copied content.

Article Submission

Article submission entails writing articles that are relevant to your business or products and services, then submitting them to popular article submission directories. More so, you can include links to your website during the submission. The quality is king rule still applies. For article submicron to be effective, you need to have outstanding and high-quality content. Failure to produce excellent quality will only lead to the rejection of your articles. That said, you should stay away from keyword stuffing. Pick the right category and give your content a good title and watch the traffic drive right to your website.Submit your articles in a high PR article submission directory. You can also give links to your website. 

Make use of social bookmarking Sites

What happens when you have your website bookmarked on social bookmarking sites that are popular? Well, you will notice an increase in traffic of your site. What this tells you is that you should not ignore social bookmarking sites. They are the perfect platforms to use to promote your website.

Blog directory submission

What is a blog directory submission? Blog directories are massive databases that do the job of listing sites regarding categories and subcategories. Therefore, blog directory submissions can be referred to the process by which websites or blogs. URLs are submitted to various website directories in a bid to create backlinks.To make it work for you best, you will need first to select the most effective and appropriate directory. It is also vital that to pick the proper category. Well, it may take you some time before you harvest the fruits of blog directory submission, but, you can be guaranteed that the wait will be worth it.

Forum submission

Forum submission is also another great way of link building. It involves contributing to online forum discussion sites on particular topics by sensing both your feedback and URL to your website. Not only does the technique generate backlinks for your website, but it also attracts referral traffic. Provided you are interacting with a relevant forum; you will be able to connect with the particular community.

Video submission

More on the submissions, there also exists video submission sites. Search for the most popular video submission site and head right there! Provided you make sure that you give your videos a good title, description, reference links and tags, they should be able to work for you from the sites. Video submissions are the most likely to get you quality backlinks, that is, in comparison to the other content since the submission sites tend to have a much higher PR.

Engagement on social media

If you have decided to embark on social media marketing campaigns, it is also vital to understand that you should make engagement a norm. You have to be active on social media for you to reap its benefits: this is not even debatable. Social media engagement involves you being active on various relevant platforms and being able to post frequently. Out of sight, out of mind. If you are inconsistent with producing content for your audience, they might as well as forget that your brand even exists. There are various social media score evaluation sites available. Just browse them and you will know about the progress of your official social accounts pages.

Image submission

You must be aware that image content sparks the interest of an audience. Why not make use of image submission websites to drive traffic to your site? Image submission involves creating or choosing the best image. Giving it the best file format, creating a good alt text and giving it a good image description. You can make image submissions in two ways. One is by posting the images on your website, and the other way is by submitting images in the form of posts in image submission sites. Among the most popular image submission sites are Facebook and Pinterest. You will only be required to create accounts on the sites, and they will allow you to post shareable images.

Infographics submission

Of all the mentioned techniques, Infographics submission is the most recent, yet the most effective SEO tact via social media. Note that the rate at which Infographics are being used on the internet keeps increasing by the day. Infographics owe their popularity to the fact that they are visually appealing. A more significant percentage of the audience tend to give Infographics more attention than text. It automatically makes Infographics submission advantageous. Infographics are shared more than texts.

 More so, it is the best way to decode complex information that you want to relay to your audience. Also, the use of creative means to convey a message is most preferred. In 2018, Infographics has been taken in high esteem, especially in the online marketing world. There are so many ways that you can incorporate Infographics like even using them in your logo.

It is, however, important to note that some practices linked with the use of Infographics could hurt your SEO. You should at no point use them for link baiting. Also do not attempt to use them if you lack the proper skill, knowledge and research on the same. Finally, one pro tip: do not focus too much on having your content go viral, instead be more about quality. By so doing, you will avoid having over expectations, which if not met may cause frustration.

If you take some time to focus on the Off-page SEO techniques, you will with no doubt see the result of your labour on