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Powerful SEO Tips For Your Website That Can Change The SEO Game

Powerful SEO Tips For Your Website That Can Change The SEO Game

June 27, 2018

Brand awareness comes in different ways, and if you have a website sporting a blog for your company, you’re likely going to bank on it for traffic and returns. However, with more than two billion (!) websites out there, you’re going to need some way to stand out - and search engine optimization (SEO) can help you gain traction against competitors for the top search engine page results. This process won’t be easy, however, and it certainly won’t be a walk in the park. Thankfully, in this article are powerful SEO tips for your website that can change the SEO game.

Starting With Numbers


First, however, a few statistics. If you’re going for the push towards better SEO, you’re not alone, as 61-percent of marketers do believe that organic presence online or SEO is still a marketing priority. If you want to make the push for SEO, you have to go all-out, as it appears only around 50-percent of small-medium businesses even have basic understanding of how search engine optimization works.


If you do push the extra mile, the extra effort may actually pay off. For instance, it’s seen that 75-percent of readers who see helpful information have high chances of going to actual physical stores and make sales decisions. If you want to learn about powerful SEO tips for your website that can change the SEO game, here are some tips and tricks for you:


  • Start web analytics on the get-go to track your progress: In speaking of improving SEO, make sure that when you do decide to make a website - or when you do decide to focus on SEO - that you do have your web analytics in place. This gives you a much better look on how certain aspects of your website are working or not. Even if you hire SEO services Sydney or other professional marketing services, they use private analytics tools and things such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics to track your progress. This ensures you’re always in a position of improvement.
  • Slow is deadly, especially for websites: In today’s society where everything needs to be “fast,” it’s important to understand that this kind of expectation also extends to your website. In fact, a slow website can be quite deadly for businesses, as a lot of potential buyers can see a slow website as an unreliable website. In fact, even a second of delay in page time can result to as much as a 7-percent loss in overall conversions, and even as much as 40-percent of viewers abandon websites that take more than three (3) seconds to load. Even Google has included site loading speed as one of its most important metrics - which means regardless of content quality or website aesthetics, if your website is slow, then you’re losing out on top organic listings.
  • Focus on linking to relevant content: Linking is perhaps one of the trickiest aspects of SEO to familiarize oneself with, primarily because it involves a lot of factors. However, it’s perhaps important to remember that being able to link your viewers into related, reliable, and relevant content within and outside your website makes you appear more valuable and scalable. Being able to link out also makes it easier for search engines to track traffic flowing inside and outside your website, which makes it seem as though it’s an added incentive to your status as a site. Remember, however, that you should only link out to content pages that have a lot of value - so be sure to be on the lookout for industry icons and authority pages.
  • Write for viewers first before search engines: Unfortunately, a lot of marketers tend to focus more on writing for search engine statistics instead of writing for readers, the latter of which is the point of why writing is being done in the first place. Classic SEO involves just using keywords to generate results, but this is often a shortcut with benefits that don’t exactly last long. Engaging and valuable content lead to loyal readers and customers, which is what you should be aiming for. You should start to focus more on how people engage with brands, and should be focused on your returns and not your rankings. This doesn’t mean you should ignore rankings entirely, but write efficient and relevant content that can drive traffic for you.
  • Focus on improving your website aesthetics: Perhaps another important factor in improving the overall impression of your website in terms of SEO is to make sure it’s appealing to audiences. Aside from writing efficient, effective, and relevant content, a good way of doing this is to make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Good design can attract more viewers to your site, so make sure you use white pages efficiently, stick to a consistent color scheme, and make sure your graphics are fit and appropriate for your website. Try your best not to stick with stock images for your articles and hire a professional photographer to get good photos. If this isn’t part of the equation yet because of other constraints, perhaps it can help to make sure images you pick are at least appropriate to your pieces. As per the previous tips, however, do make sure your pictures and graphics remain easy and quick to load, and that it doesn’t compromise the overall quality of the site.
  • Make sure your site is compatible across various devices: It’s also important to remember to make sure your website isn’t just compatible with a computer or a laptop, but also across various gadgets as well. Make sure your website is something that could be used across multiple platforms such as tablets and smartphones in order to get the most engagement from your customers.  

The Bottomline: Changing the Game With Kickass SEO


On the off-chance that you want your website to up the ante on the search engine optimization (SEO) game, you’re likely going to need to switch up your tactics - of which the above tips could help you with. Interestingly, if there’s anything the above has provided, it’s that getting creative with your SEO strategy will likely bring you good results. Of course, this is provided you move with the right kind of planning, timing, and evaluation. It’s important to understand that the most kickass and powerful SEO tips for your website that can change the SEO game are still always the ones with the most thorough research and assessment.

Justin Michaelson

Justin Michaelson believes that the secret to efficient content marketing is an eye for effective, efficient, engaging, and informative writing. As such, as a contributor for sites such as KickMedia, Justin makes it to a point to ensure his pieces are nothing short of relevant for his audiences. As someone who’s been writing for the past 15 years, he understands the need to ensure readers are both entertained and informed through his work. He spends his free time reading novels.