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Want To Rank Your Site Higher? Here Is What You Need To Do

Want To Rank Your Site Higher? Here Is What You Need To Do

July 26, 2018

Use quality content

Always go for quality oriented and relevant content that is rich in information and can easily be understandable for the readers. Google seems to prioritize lengthy contents that have been thoroughly researched.

If you are doing off-page content, make sure you have a text comparison tool, the length is enough and the reader feels contentment after going through it. Written content that ranges between 2000 to 2500 words is more likely to rank high in the search engines.

Loading speed

Those websites that will take long to load will not have the liking of the visitors. Large search engines like Google and Bing keenly consider the page loading factor in the website ranking algorithm.

One simple thing that you need to remember is that people want quick information in front of them in no time. So, if the website takes more time than normal to load then there is no question of them staying and sticking to your site.

Image optimization

When it comes to media rich content on the site, it is more likely to be ranked because it attracts the reader and gives them quick information. When it comes to the file format of the image, sizing, and conveying of message, there are other things that need to be carried out for ensuring the media and images support your SEO.

You can your content relevant and convey it to the search engines by the usage of keyword queries when going for the image file name, title, alt tag, captions and description etc.

Proper formatting

When it comes to content, the way it is presented to the visitors is also important. You need to do proper formatting of the content as it is going to help you in the domain of improved user experience of the website.

Proper formatted content lets user to grasp knowledge and they are willing to spend more time on your site. You also need to check keyword density as it is important from SEO point of view. It also enables readers to return to your site for to read content more.

This is a factor that makes sure that your site gets ranked higher in SERPS. You need to use header tags, sub headings as they break up the entire content into sections that look presentable and the reader finds it easy to read it.


If you want to have a better ranking in the SERPS and want to ensure that your content is more relevant then you need to consider of back linking. Linking your site to other authority sites can enhance the value of the website in search engines view.

It also caters your viewers in a way that they can have access to more informative and in-depth content. Make sure that you make linking in and out an integral part of your SEO strategy. Linking to other sites of high authority not only enhances the relevancy of the content on your site but it will allow people to spend more time on your site and hence the bounce rate is lowered.

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Usage of Multimedia

Never be afraid to use the multimedia content like images, videos, gifs, slideshows etc. They perform the function of providing quick information that suits people who are on the move and want some information. It also saves the user’s time in grasping knowledge.

One factor that has gained immense value in the last 3 4 years is the video marketing. It is responsible for driving user engagement and converts the visitors into buyers.

According to a research websites that have video rich content have 5% more conversion rate as compared to sites that don't prefer video content.

404 or broken links

One of the most disgusting things that users experience on a site are broken links or 404. If you want to make sure that you achieve more on the SEO front then you need to rid of these dead ends or broken links.

Search engines like Google are quite strict when it comes to broken links. Broken links are considered as the signs of an un-updated and neglected site. These links have a negative impact when seen from the SEO point of view.


Your content should be easy to read and understand for the readers. If there isn't the readability factor then visitors won't take any interest in your content and this will have a negative impact on your site's SEO.

Google is quite keen to notice the quality and readability of content whether it is on-page or off-page content and never ranks those sites that don’t heed to this factor. Also it is quite strict when it comes to duplicating of content, so by having a anti-plagiarism software you can abnegate any sort f duplication.


You need to work on the layout of the site as without the layout factor, you cannot enhance the user experience. Layout of the website that properly planned means that the content on the site is easy to find and digest for the readers.

A good layout means that you are enabling users to stay on your site for longer periods of time and consume as much information as they can.

Contact us page

Those websites that provide complete contact information to the visitors are taken as reliable and trustworthy. This enables the visitors to feel at home as they can contact the authorities or the website owners anytime without any problem.

Also the contact us page should contain all the social media links and pages so the visitors may contact them via any social media platform, if they need to.

Navigation and architecture

When it comes to the architecture of the site, flat site architecture is preferred more as it enables an easy way to find content. It is also beneficial from SEO point of view as the visitor is able to see all the links to important pages. This function makes the search engine bots to easily crawl the whole site.

You also need to update and create XML sitemap with full information about all the pages of the site.

Mobile optimization

Now is the world of mobile and smart phones. If any site isn’t mobile optimized then it is not going to get enough mileage in SEO. Also from 2015, Google has started taking strict actions against those sites that aren't mobile optimized.

We know that mobile users have surpassed the desktop and laptop users so this also has been a factor foe webmasters to mobile optimize their sites. Search engines lower those sites in the search that don't cater to the large majority of mobile users.

Social media sharing

Social media has become so powerful in the current times that you cannot neglect it. Social media sharing has become an important factor for gaining traffic and popularity. The more the shares on social media the more popular your site and product/ service are going to be.

According to SEO experts all around the world, the shares of Facebook, tweets on twitter, pins on Pinterest and other social media shares are significant as they not only engage people but also enlighten them with knowledge and information.