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SEO Power Tips on How to Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy

SEO Power Tips on How to Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy

September 27, 2018

Creating a powerful marketing strategy isn't just about getting the "right" keywords or getting the "right" statistics. Sometimes, the most powerful marketing strategies are the ones that captivate the attention of your audiences - precisely because the campaign is something important to them. When you want to tap into search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your potential appeal in search engines, the principles stay almost exactly the same. The more your SEO Score will be the more onilne users you can drive towards your business.  However, you do need to pay particular attention to how you want to present your branding and your overall objectives to achieve the goals you want. Just how exactly do you go along with this?

It might help to look into a few statistics first, before pushing forward with a full-blown SEO strategy. Did you know that Google gets 63,000 searches every second of every given day? Translated on a large scale, this actually means Google receives 78 percent of all global search engine traffic for desktops. In fact its competition, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing only make up 19 percent of the remaining traffic - combined! If you consider that 72 percent of clients who discovered local stores five miles from them to be likely visit these locations, imagine the kind of power you have if you can tap into any of these demographics. The potential you might hold is astounding, especially if you check just how you can improve your SEO to attract your perceived customer base.

SEO For Your Marketing Needs: Using It For A Powerful Strategy

If you're aiming to have a much stronger thrust towards your marketing strategy, you're likely going to look for reliable advice on various campaign matters. When a digital company like ONE400 shares their SEO tips on how to create a marketing strategy that can work for your business, it's important to remember to consider everything with your business goals in mind.Here are some other tips you should consider when you want to focus on SEO for your digital marketing:


Be consistent with your branding and your message

Your website is your company's reflection of its branding on a digital level. This means from your appearance - the logo, the color scheme, the typeface, the voice, and the personality - should be consistent all throughout, even the most intricate details. Remember, this is the image of your site that people will remember and recognize. You should also remember this is the same kind of image Google and other search engines will use to make an "overall" impression of your website. Do be sure to dabble into this carefully, especially when going back to your code.

Assess and study your keywords, and use them properly

Your keywords serve as the things that guide people to your website. This is important, as your keywords essentially help users find exactly what makes you unique to other providers in your niche. When you build SEO using this principle, find long tail and short tail keywords that are ranking in Google and search engines, but don't have as much competition. Remember to avoid competing with icons in your niche, and rather look towards becoming a trail blazer on your own niche's subcategory.

Maintain your website speed and mobile compatibility

One of the most important things you shouldn't forget when you want to gear your site for SEO is speed and mobile compatibility. When you design your website, make sure it's compatible with different mobile devices. Not only that, but companies such as TSMC would advise that you make sure elements and codes you have are compressed enough to accommodate your website speed. This at least makes your website much more attractive to users, and can greatly benefit your SEO cause.

Link to relevant Content when you write your own

When you write content, try to make sure you remember to link to relevant content from relevant websites. This establishes you as a site that admits they can rely on others in order to provide proper information to their readers. This kind of honesty is something that attracts search engines, as this helps establish that you acknowledge the presence of other websites in your niche. Don't use this all the time, though, as it might make you feel as though you're not providing any new information. Article rewriter tool can help you to write more and more content for your work.

Never to forget to update your website

One of the biggest mistakes website owners do when setting their website for SEO success - with or without the help of an agency - is just finish the setup process and never follow through. This essentially means not updating their website anymore. When you have dynamic content and when you publish content often, you'll likely be ranked higher compared to those with stale content. If you publish often, such as directories and blogs, you'll likely rank higher as Google and search engines will likely see that you're willing to produce regular content.

Make sure you retain writing as a person, not for the SEO

This might be weird advice, but one of the best things the icons of industries do to keep on top of their game is to always relate to people and what matters to them the most. If you see the way they do and write things, you'd wonder why it's as if they're not always following "SEO rules." That's because they prioritize providing good information to people more, and it's something you should prioritize as well. Google and other search engines started this endeavor in the first place because the point is to make sure you provide quality content people will want to read - not because you want to dupe them into going to your site.

The Takeaway: Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy with SEO

If you're pushing for a more powerful marketing strategy with your SEO, you're likely going to achieve this if you try to integrate the above tips with your existing branding. Remember, just because there are new tips for you to read doesn't mean you should immediately reconsider overhauling your system. Sometimes it's really just a matter of identifying key elements of your branding and your strategy you think can be suitable for adjustments.