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SEO Ranking Factors To Rank Your Site In 2018

SEO Ranking Factors To Rank Your Site In 2018

June 22, 2018

Are you one of those millions of people who are scratching their heads and feeling nervous when the thought of ranking their sites in 2018 comes to their mind? If you are worried about it then you don’t need to bother anymore as we have compiled a number of SEO tips that will surely enable you to rank your site on the first page of SERPS.

These tips are from the leading SEO experts in the industry who have ground year after year in the industry and are fully aware of the all the fundamental of the industry. By following the tips listed below, your site is guaranteed a top place in SERPs and especially Google.

In this article, we are going to put your attention on the top 10 most effective SEO tips. Although there are hundreds and thousands of SEO ranking factors that can be applied but by heeding to the following tips your site will definitely soar above your competitors.

Top 10 Ranking Factors of 2018

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Don’t only focus on a mobile responsive site only. Yes, it’s good to have a mobile responsive site but now is the time for AMP or accelerated mobile pages. These are specially optimized pages intended for mobile users and they are known to provide greater performance when they are accessed from mobile devices.

2. Secured Server Hosting

Nothing is more important than providing your visitors and subscribers with the security they can trust. Make sure to use https:// (secured server hosting) rather than using HTTP://. The ‘s’ in the end of the term means that you are secure because it is a clear give away to the customers that the site is safe to be used. So always go for secure server hosting as it will make sure that a large majority of people will visit your site.

More details here: HTTP Vs. HTTPS: which one best for website SEO

3. Internal Linking

No one can argue the importance of backlinks in the SEO. However, in 2018 you cannot underestimate the value of internal linking. Link all your pages of the website to each other so that the visitor is fed with a substantial amount of information for which he/she has visited your site. This also allows the visitor to spend more time on your site.

One of the best examples of internal linking is Wikipedia, which internally links all its web pages. This shows the value and power of internal linking.

4. Sitemap

Make sure that you create XML sitemap that is well-structured and organized. Also, the navigation of the site is free of any fuss and the visitor doesn’t get lost or find themselves on another page when they want to go to a page of their own choice.

This can be done with the help of XML sitemap generator, which makes the job easier for developers and also makes sure that the site is well structured and well planned.

5. Backlinking

Backlinking is and always has been an important SEO ranking factor over the past decade or so. There is no arguing on the significance of backlinking and they guarantee upsurge in the rankings. But now the times have changed and quality is more valued as compared to quality when it comes to backlinks.

Current time demand variety in backlinks. It means that you need to get backlinks from different sites instead of getting them from sites that are alike. Another factor that needs to be put in the spotlight is that you need to get backlinks with different type of anchor text.

No to low-quality sites: remember that getting backlinks from low-quality websites may not benefit you as much as getting from high-quality sites. So, one or couple of backlinks from high-quality sites gives you the surety of ranking higher as compared to a number of backlinks from low-quality sites.

6. Bounce rate

Bounce rate means whether the visitor has stayed on your site or not, whether they are interested in your website or not, whether they have found their desired results or not. If the answer to all the questions is yes then the visitors are bound to stay on your site resulting in less bounce rate which is good. If the answer is no that means there are certain weaknesses in your site and you need to resurrect them.

Make sure that the content on your site is of high quality and provides necessary information to the visitor. Check its quality from a reliable plagiarism-detector. There a number of other things on which the bounce rate depends like the loading speed, how well the site is designed, quality and informative content and navigation etc. Every webmaster wants that people stay on his site and the bounce rate is low.

7. On-Page score

On-page SEO is one of the two factors that you do to your site other than off-page SEO. A well balanced and well managed on-page optimization of the site assures your higher results in the SERPS. On-page optimized sites are likely to rank higher than non-optimized sites. Your on-page SEO score is quite important and you need to be aware of it constantly.

You can check the on-page SEO score of any site from

8. The faster the better

People will also prefer a site which loads faster and saves their time. No person on earth will wait for your slow pages to load and waste their precious time. People are going to run away from your site as soon as they find out that the pages load slower even if the content on your site is good.

Faster loading pages and websites are ranked better as compared to slow loading ones. Thus from this conclusion, you can make out that loading speed of the site is also a key SEO ranking factor of 2018.

9. Content quality

As we have mentioned above that the content should be of supreme quality and intended towards the reader. It should be informative, engaging and understandable. The size and the quality of the content should always be considered important. The content must be formatted properly like in the form of headings, bullets and numberings.

A proper thought out and well-researched content is likely to catch the eye of visitors and they are bound to stay for longer periods of time on your site. Google also prioritizes natural and unique content. Also, make sure that the content is checked from a quality anti-plagiarism software so that there aren’t any doubts about its quality.

10. Local searches

When it comes to searches, local searches can never be ignored and nowadays they are more result oriented as compared to worldwide searches. For this, you need to use Google maps and also get the help from the local business listing if your website is intended for local business.

Never ignore your local audience as they can be the turning factor for you when it comes to SEO.

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These were the top 10 SEO ranking factors that are going to make your site lead the way for others and top the search engine rankings. If you got any other tip or think that we have left a certain tip, we would love to hear it from you.