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Tips to Make Your Website Loading Speed Fast

Tips to Make Your Website Loading Speed Fast

May 05, 2016

There are so many people who are so much curious to learn that how they can make their website to work in fastest way. As you plan up to build your website you make sure one thing that it load quickly. As you start off to optimize your website you should well aware from the fact that it should be functioning up at the best level. There are so many tools which you can use freely to make your website grow fastest in terms of speed. In all such tools we have the prominent name of Make the Web Faster tools that is offered by Google. Plus you can even think about using with the Pingdom and YSlow.  

Helpful and Important Tips to Make Your Website Speed Fast:

Reduce HTML, CSS and JavaScript:

Well in that case you should remove away all the unwanted items and comments alongside with white space and code. This will going to bring some improvement in the performance of the website. As you will going to remove it the size of the file will be reduced that will directly show its impact on the performance. In order to reduce HTML you can check out HTML Compress. For JavaScript you can make the best use of the YUI Compressor, and for CSS you can think to test out CSS Compressor. 

Get CSS and JavaScript External:

All the way through the use of the external files you can let the pages to be load faster. This is because of the fact that JavaScript and CSS files are cached by the browser. In the same way if you are using with the CSS straight away on your webpage then in that case you can place upon the CSS in the HEAD element. Mentioning about the JavaScript you can make the choice to move the scripts to the bottom of the page.

Remove Copied Scripts in a Web Page:

This is one of the common issues faced by the website owners. Sometimes copied version of the JavaScript and CSS files can even degrade performance just through creating unnecessary HTTP requests. If you want to avoid with this problem then the best solution would be using the script management module with your templates.

Optimize All Images:

On the next we will mention about reducing the size of the images. You can easily reduce the size of images by using the GIF, PNG-8. or JPEG. All these are the file formats.  Make sure that you don't make the use of the scaling when it comes to the larger to smaller images. It would be equal important if you should test out with the compression in support with all of these file formats.

Make Use Of GZIP Compression:

If your website is using the GZIP compression and deflation then it can come across alot helpful for you and can speed up your website. For that purpose you should reduce the size of the files to the 70%. But be careful because in this step you can lose the image quality as well as video size.

So all the website makers out there if you want your website to get fastest in the speed functioning then make sure that you avoid and follow all the above mentioned helpful tips in mind!