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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2019

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2019

December 10, 2018

Social media has turned out to be a stalwart and a key player when it comes to digital marketing. Majority of businesses all around the world are taking fullest advantages of it and have excelled tremendously by incorporating it into their marketing strategies. If you are still not on social media, as a business, you are missing out on huge opportunities of making it large. Social media counter tools are beneficial to find out the actual success level of your social media strategy.

One important thing to consider is that social media is changing with every movement of the clock's needle. Hence, it becomes very important for the social media managers to be on top of their game and beware of all the aspects that are changing the game. In this piece of writing, we have searched some aspects that are going to enlighten you about top social media trends to play a big part in 2019.

AR or Augmented Reality

During the last few years, we have seen the incorporation of augmented reality in some small ways. According to experts, this is going to leave quite a significant impact and will reshape the future for the better. According to a careful research, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) markets are going to exceed $298 billion in the year 2023. One well-known example of it is the Snapchat facial filters.

Many of these filters do have their sponsors in the corner of the screen. Users have the option to create their own geofilters too. Social media marketing managers should be able to take the fullest advantage of these features to interact with users more purposefully. AR features like these will surely prevail on other social media platforms as well as they are useful in creating personalized interactions. 

Focus on Generation Z

Generation Z is normally referred to those who were born from the mid-90s to mid-2000s. Now that Generation Z is making its way to the workforce, means they have money to spend. They are the world leaders. Marketers should target this generation and it’s actually quite good. For instance, retail businesses offer clothes that are of high quality and with that, they offer a wide range of styles for this generation. This generation loves to read and watch informative content, so must focus on your Digital marketing strategy.

Market retailers have now started opening pop-up stores and host events that are capable of providing more personalized experiences to the customers. This trend is going to be a big go-to for businesses in the years to come. Social media marketing managers should be mindful of it. Pop-up stores are becoming famous because they are unique and can also be shared on the social media. Generation Z was born in the era of technology and while growing up they were surrounded by groundbreaking technology and innovations. This makes them and social media a perfect fit for each other.


Videos and moving animations are dominating the social media and people are actually into it a lot more as compared to previous years. Take the example of Instagram and Snapchat, the feature of adding stories is really liked by the common public. According to Entrepreneur, around 200 million Instagram users update their stories every month. This gives Instagram a special place in the future's social media marketing campaigns. Facebook and Twitter have always been famous when it comes to videos. In SEO, publishing of videos is important. Voice searches are now more based on these videos.

On the other hand, YouTube continues to dominate the online marketing strategies as it has done for so many years now. Generation Z is also fond of YouTube and the quick access they have to it is what everybody likes about this evergreen medium. Marketers can make their presence felt by focusing on videos platforms like YouTube and House party and gain a clear edge over their rivals in 2019 and years to come.

The reason why people are inclined towards videos is that they provide personalized customer experience. All leading social media marketing managers are fully aware of this aspect and are inclined to incorporate them in their strategies than ever before. The reason why videos are preferred more over images is that videos portray and offer much more than what static images do. People are visual learners and if you as a business want to make strides in the year 2019, make sure you include videos into your online marketing strategy.

Chatbots and Messenger applications

Messenger apps allow customers to reach out to businesses and businesses also have an easy access to their customers. Take the example of Facebook Messenger, which allows people to reach out to others without any complication. On the other hand, if a customer visits a business page, the marketers can have access to them through the chatbot which may result in a sale. This is what businesses want.

It is a wonderful way of creating customer engagement and also lets them know what different have you got for them and how you care for them. Social media marketing managers can reach out to customers via Facebook and many others like these that are used equally by Millennials and Generation Z. So, it’s always critical to precisely post Facebook ads of your business products and services.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has been a breakthrough in social media. Now you don’t have to make a video first and then develop it or start all over again if the video isn’t created well in the first place. Live streaming allows social media marketers many perks. They can live stream on any medium and portray to the customers about their intentions, new products and features, future plans and many more.

This keeps the customers engaged and also the expenses on making a video, editing and developing are lessened through this way. It allows the customers to be aware of what is going on or what they can expect from their favorite brand. As we have mentioned above, personalized customer experience does matter a lot and can give your business the much-needed kick. Live streaming not only makes the customers aware of what’s going on but also provides them with an organic call to action. For instance, those businesses which are planning to provide a one-time promotion may do it through a live stream and can announce on different social media platforms that the promotion is about to start. This also allows them to interact with customers who may or may not have any questions and comments.

User-Oriented Content

User-generated content is referred to as a content that is created by fans that are unpaid. Either they are subscribers, would be buyers or your product/service lovers. This content can actually be used for the promotion of the business's products or services. This user-generated content can be in the form of photos, videos, social media posts and memes etc. Image search is important. When you are adding new photos into your SEO content.

It can be a very useful method through which businesses can get their customers involved in their business strategy. This will eventually result in leads and overall great customer experience. We know that word of mouth referrals still play an important role in the currently advanced times. People may not respond to marketing tactics that don’t have the x-factor.

In the current times, just telling someone that they need a product or service may not be enough. People want an exciting story behind the product or service. People want to see products being used in real life situations. This is where user-generated content is so handy. It personalizes the items in such ways which cannot be done by businesses. Businesses in 2019 and coming years will be focusing on user-generated content and the ways to make it frequent.

Closing words

Social media marketing trends for 2019 are all focused on making the customer experience more personalized. These trends prioritize customers and put them in charge. Businesses all around the world are now acting as navigators which lead the customers to their products or services and from there on customers are in charge and decide whether the products are suitable for them or not.

Social media allows businesses to create a bond with their customers and helps them to generate more revenue by building trust and engaging them in useful things. If you as a social media marketing manager for a business are missing out on this trick of using social media's potential of expanding your business and reaching out to more and new customers than I'm afraid you will lag behind others.

Still thinking about it? Better start today.