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Want to write with impact? Follow these rules and be successful

Want to write with impact? Follow these rules and be successful

August 26, 2018

Experience is a thing that can never be neglected in any field. Be it any field of life or any art you want to master, you need to keep going forward and accept failure, face rejections and other unwanted results. You shouldn’t feel dejected if nobody gives importance to you efforts but, you need to keep on going and one day you will succeed.

Remember there is no substitute to experience and failure is a pillar when it comes to getting experienced and being successful. Today we are going to discuss about the how you can excel in the field of writing and what you need to do to get better at this art.

Art of writing

Writing is an art and it needs to be perfected with practice and once you do that you open various doors of success for yourself. So, let’s get started and tell you how you can perfect this art and what needs to be done to climb the steep hill of being successful and making a name for yourself.

My experiences of writing

When I first started writing, nobody read it; even I disliked it as well. I won a bid to write an EBook and published it after much research and hard work. Yet hardly anyone read it. Then I started writing for different magazines which were rejected straightaway. I posted and shared those articles on social media platforms but this also didn’t work.

At one moment it seemed as if nothing is working and it discouraged me. Somehow I mustered up some courage and started writing short articles and books which to my surprise got little readership. This fact that my followers on LinkedIn started growing gave the much needed kick that I wanted.

Don’t get rejected

Slowly and gradually I started writing on different things, my experiences, things happening around me, our political scenario and I also gave a try to web content writing. While writing web content I never forgot to use a reliable plagiarism checker because duplication is considered as a crime in writing.

With the passage of time, I went to different things and I started expressing myself more freely and the way I wanted. Remember every writer has a peculiar style of his own so I never tried to copy someone else’s style. Yes you are bound to follow expert’s tips but their style of presenting something should never be copied.

Now, thousands of people follow me on my insta, LinkedIn and twitter, by books have started to sell and my web content is attracting traffic for people and enhancing their business. I have come a long way from where I was and now I have come to know that people compare text written by me and other writers to give them an idea of what they need to do.

Rules to follow

Here I would like to tell you what I did to improve my writing. Below are the few rules of writing with impact that I followed.

Chose one genre and focus on it

Being a successful writer is like climbing a mountain. You move slowly but make sure that you don’t stop. When tired, take deep breaths but don’t stop. You do research on different things, read diverse styled writers, write on a topic that you haven’t before, making a press release and things like these all these things add up on your experience and your level.

The process can be slow just climbing a steep mountain can be a daunting task.

Choose one genre in the beginning and don’t let go f unless you are able to solve people’s problem related to it. You need to answer a valuable question or topic and it must be of value to your life and career. It should also assist people in certain aspect like

  • How to setup business in Dubai?
  • How to create XML sitemap?
  • What kind of technology is going to serve us in the near future?
  • How to have better concentration and better health?
  • How cloud computing can benefit us?

You need to be specific in the start and for every aspect or question you choose; there is huge quantity of information available on the internet. Make sure you specialize in one thing so that you are considered as an authority on a given subject matter.

Publish frequently but write slowly

This is one point that could really help you climb up the ladder. Use it and you will out only have a broad spectrum but also you will find more and more people following you. 

Write a well researched blog or article on whatever happened on a certain day or the past day. Any current affair topic, a technology trend or any sport event etc. This will enable you to stay current and updated with what’s happening around you.

A unique take on the events happening will give you lots of followers. But this also has a downside to it and can result in you making slightly wrong perception on events that are happening and what they lead to.

Everybody has his own thinking and curating a news event or anything in a short time can be fast and full of misconceptions especially when a number of other people are also writing on trending topics.

What you need to do?

If you are feeling agitated with the approach mentioned above then the solution to it is to write slowly but publish frequently. Slow down your writing process and start compiling long pieces of writing like 2500-3500 words. This will help you build strong research and development skills and doing analysis of a lot of things.

Whatever you write and whichever style you follow, make sure that there is a reliable and quality anti-plagiarism software in your artillery. This way you will make sure that your quality is immaculate.

I publish one article every week, but it doesn’t matter that I started researching about it one week before. It may have in the development phase for long. Make sure that you use a text comparison tool when coming up a well researched content as one bit of duplication can ruin all the hard work and effort from you.

Although this way you may not have as many views compared to the trending news of everyday but it means that you are spending time on the job and in result the content is way better than it used to be. Here I would say that for me views dot matter. What matters for me is the relationship and influence that you have over your audience.

It is better to have a small community of followers who love your content compared to thousands of those who just give blink of an eye to any content. This will benefit you in the long term as you are providing people with quality and depth.

Focus on the headline and title

The importance of the title is what you need to focus on. According to experts and researches, the title of any content is like an entrance to a house. If the entrance is attractive and luring, then people would definitely want to enter the house and see the inside of it.

More than 90% of the people decide to read the whole content based on the catchiness of the title. Make a great start to your writing and people will pour on it. This tip was told to me when I stepped into this field.

All you need to do is to come up with a title that is simple, concise, clear and that communicates the value of the article to the readers. Don’t try to be tricky and cunning when it comes to making title and headlines for the content as it can ruin the entirety of the content.

The value of the article must be stated directly and clearly, like “how to check domain authority of a website.”

The headline should be representative of the whole content written in explanation of it. Never compromise on the quality of a headline or title. Make the headline clear and the audience will be pulled towards the paragraph automatically.

A fuzzy headline can ruin the content no matter how quality oriented it is.


You must be fully aware that there are tons of articles and content on the web and in the hardcopies. To be successful, you need to engage the readers and convey hat is better for them. In short you need to convey exactly what interests them and what they are looking for.

If you are looking to be a writer and to see yourself in the top lot in the times to come then you need to pull up your socks and be persistent and determined. Keep writing and keep struggling and don’t give up as those who quit can never taste the success. Keep doing it and one you will be there.

Don’t be afraid of failures. When it comes to writing, nobody has failed at it more than me.