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Factors Affecting Websites to Rank In 2019

Dec 22, 2018

Being at the top of search rankings is a dream come true for any business. It amplifies your business, enhances the brand, let’s you establish as an authority in the given industry and lets you increase organic traffic. With so many benefits of being at the top, why are you still lagging behind? This is a simple question that every company or business needs to ask itself. The answer to this question isn't that simple and there may be a number of reasons describing why your site is still behind. At this moment, if you feel you have been hard done and your efforts have not been rewarded, put your attention to these following points.

You haven’t been patient enough

Experts suggest that patience is the key when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. There is no shortcut in it and if you are in it for the Long haul, success will be yours. In SEO, there are particular things that are to be done and in a sequential order. For instance, you are making links and have complete focus on it, this won’t do you any good if these links go to a site that doesn’t convert the traffic.

For a proper SEO strategy to be in place, you will need to do research, then create and implement a strategy based on current trends. This is followed by the creation of content. After which the major search engine, Google, takes time to make sure that substantial progress is going on. You wait until the search engine determines whether your new strategy is providing any value or not.

Experts are of the view that normally it takes four to ten months in the implementation of improvements and then you start seeing fruitful results. Simply put, no shortcuts involved. You cannot avoid the time grinding. For some, the whole process may be long and time-consuming, but this is how the SEO process goes.

Your keyword doesn’t mean what you think it should

The more you dive into SEO, the more you are able to explore horizons. Keyword phrases are important and if worked well can increase in 200 percent more traffic. Now let’s suppose, you are unable to find your homepage for the specific term of yours (keyword). You didn’t do anything foolish to the page but still, it lowered in the rankings and to your surprise, one day it was nowhere to be found.

What do you need to do here? Don’t panic! Just start looking for the environment of the search results page for your keyword phrase. For instance, we, prepostseo.com stayed on the second page of rankings for quite a while and were able to make it to the first page after a long time. Suddenly, our site disappeared from the scene. Simply put, noticing the first page of Google, it doesn’t display the results of a company that can do SEO for people in return of the term “SEO”.

Rather, Google presents them with results through which they can get information about SEO, it’s trends, how it is done and things like these. This is the reason why almost all results(excluding the paid results) on the first page of Google are Search Engine Optimization Guides. Also, you will notice that Google itself normally takes two spots on the first page.

For a brief period of time, we thought that we won't be able to rank the homepage of prespostseo.com on the front page. Maybe because Google doesn’t consider an SEO services provider like us to be displayed in return of “SEO” query. That’s not all, there is a twist in the tale. Thankfully, Google proved us wrong and our homepage was able to enjoy the heights of its first page.

Your Website Seems Great, but Its Beauty is Skin Deep

You must have hired a leading website designing company for your website paying a lot for it. You must have also incorporated the latest design trends to make it striking. And check it every now and then to appreciate it’s graphics, combinations of colors and typography etc. However, Google may not praise the site just as you do.


The possibility is that your design is wonderful but the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization are not there. It isn’t designed by keeping the SEO score factors in mind. A lot of things related to Search Engine Optimization could be going against you like:

Content duplication Insufficient amount of content Old, low quality or untouched content Complicated navigation Your SEO basics are not done right. These include Meta tags, alt tags, Meta descriptions and schema markup etc. Split keyword focus, so there are multiple pages that could rank for a given word You haven’t heeded to a blog. The blog is the main source of continuous and fresh content.


You Have Gone Unnoticed by the Web at Large

If you want to be noticed on the web make sure your link juice is flowing. Links have always been important in Search Engine Optimization and will always be. We know that there are hundreds of ways of getting links, however, not all are beneficial. To be successful, you should be able to create a sound portfolio of links from a number of sources. These links should be from sites of high value, some from those who aren’t of such high authority and some should be no-follow links.

Don’t buy links. Instead, go for more natural ways of getting backlinks that could increase your value and avoid those ways that could alarm Google about any suspicious activity. Links can turn out to be a problem as well. For instance:

You are getting noticed by the wrong part of the web

Some of your competitors may be doing some unethical tactics on your site. There may not be any solid reason behind it. They may have chosen your site for injecting malicious code. It is also possible that they have initiated scraping your blog and are republishing your entire blog content. The worst part is that they can also get innumerable links to your site from sites of low authority and bad quality content.

Although Google is active enough at spotting who is doing negative SEO against others, but you don’t want to be in this situation. Stay on guard as the penalty from Google can become a serious headache. Now moving on to the next point:

Google may penalize you

One of the things that you don’t want in the virtual world is a Manual Action Penalty. In case you face this penalty, your site will completely be removed from Google’s search results. In case, your site was ranking well and suddenly its ranking has lowered, (if not completely out of the rankings) then probably you are on the wrong side of the penalty.

One thing that you must do is to go through the Google Manual Actions Report and resurrect all the issues that are creating problems. In case, you have received one of these reports, it means that a human reviewer has gone through your site and found out that your site isn’t in compliance with Google’s guidelines.

If your site is hacked –malicious content is uploaded on your site. Incase of user-generated spams like spam commenting on forums and blogs etc. Spam free hosting. A large number of your site's pages are hosted on a service which is spammy. For instance, the markup on the page doesn’t compliant with Google’s guidelines, like making a part of the content invisible to visitors. Fake links –If Google deems that a large majority of your links are manipulative, deceptive or fake, then you will face the penalty. If Google notices that unnatural links are coming from your site. You have curated thin content that is of little or no value to the audience. In-depth content should be tour main focus. Offer some real value to the visitors through unique content. Teasing and unwanted redirects. If you have made use of manipulative images to achieve more clicks, you will be penalized. Keyword stuffing is bad in Google’s view. Although we at prepostseo.com shed light on these issues quite frequently, but still people are falling prey to it.

Don’t think that your website exists in a vacuum

SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Simply saying it’s not a lonesome strategy. In fact, it is always accompanied by content marketing, social media marketing, PPC and other online functionalities. Our purpose of mentioning other online advertising strategies isn’t to sell our services but to let you know the broad spectrum of digital marketing.

Online marketing has changed into a holistic strategy. The game is now played on a more broader arena. All the integral elements like time spent on the site, click through rates, mentioning, social interaction between users on a specific post or page, social engagement and factors like these matter a lot in the overall ranking of your site. Although, some of these factors affect your site's rankings indirectly rather than directly but their overall constructive role cannot be undermined in making your site soar in the Search Engine Result Pages.

We never said that excessive posts on Facebook and Twitter will result in better rankings for you. What we at prepostseo.com try to emphasize is that a strong presence digital media will result in more and more people visiting your site, more clicking on your links and reading of your content. This stronger and Omnipresence on social media will reward you with ranking fruits. All the above-mentioned things combined will also allow you to become an authority in your niche.

Your market competitors are achieving more than you

You are not the only one who is doing Search Engine Marketing for being successful in the market. SEO isn’t a secret technique that your competitor may not be acquainted of. Current day marketing has deemed SEO an integral part. Remember that if you are building links and posting blogs to benefit your site, your competitor is also doing it and may be doing better than you.

In case, you are thinking that you don’t need SEO anymore or you have done enough to make a mark, remember there must be someone else trying hard to edge past you. If you stop competing, you will be left behind. If you have started practicing SEO, you must have noticed a clear betterment in your rankings. But, those who do it continuously are going to be at the top.

One important thing you should be aware of is that when you have just started SEO for your site, it’s not you against Google, it’s you against your competitors. You are going to make a space for your self in an already populated place and this could only be possible by sheer hard work and perseverance.


Small things matter a lot

It is obvious that for climbing the stairs of ranking in Google and other search engines, you have to do untiring efforts. And this means that you should start right now. In the beginning, you can make a few simple amendments to your site by yourself. Even before you consult a leading SEO services provider in your area, you need to check the site by yourself.

Don’t hassle into things if you aren’t getting the spot you want. Have patience and give it some more time. Or if you aren’t getting the desired results even after being patient then you can go for a complete change in your SEO/ Online marketing strategy. Whatever option you go for, be mindful of carefully examining your situation every minute.

In case, making changes becomes inevitable then start small and make amendments for the better. You will be surprised to know the positivity these changes bring with them.

Best of luck for your SEO strategy, whether it is an ongoing one, slightly changed or completely overhauled.