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  • Plagiarism Checker This free tool checks copy pasted content over the billions of pages and websites. check true text in your article and assignment also find out the copied sentences in it.
  • Grammar Checker PrePost Grammar checker helps students, writers and teachers to write better English. It improves your text by correcting complex expressions & spelling mistakes.
  • Website SEO Score Checker Free Onine Website SEO Analyzer to review mistakes in your on-page SEO. It also gives you the information about the meta tags, your text, html structure, etc.
  • Broken Link Checker Free and quick online broken links checker. Just copy paste your website URL in the input box and let the tool handle all other things.
  • Online Ping Websites Auto Online website pingler tool, it will ping your website to 40+ search engines available on the internet. You can also ping your website according to the category of your web page.
  • Domain Authority Checker Check Domain authority with prepost authority checker. Domain authority of a website could be from 1-100 scale. You can check domain authority of up to 10 domains at single time.
  • Page Authority Checker Check Page authority of your website with just one click. you can use 1-10 urls to check page authority.
  • MozRank Checker Check moz rank for multiple webpages with just one click. This tool allows you to check mozrank for 10 urls in one time.
  • Similar Page Checker Similar Page Checker, Checks similarity in design , meta tags and text between two different urls. Just copy paste both web urls and let the tool handle rest of the algorithms.
  • Text Comparison Search Plagiarism Comparison Search tool compare two documents to find out the duplicate content percentage between them. you can compare two files or two webpages.
  • Verify Backlinks Check if your backlinks exists on webpages. You can verify your backlink on up to 30 webpages.
  • Server Status Checker This tool will check the header response from of your website. You can check server status by passing different user agents e-g: firefox, chrome or any mobile user agent.
  • Website Page Snooper With this quick html viewer you can easily view the code of your website. Also this tool color different languages like html, CSS and JavaScript in different colors.
  • Spider Simulator How search engines view your website? This simulator will display you the view of your website in the same way as google spider (bot) will see.
  • Ip Location Find out locations of different IP addresses with our quick location finder. Paste up to 20 ip addresses to check their location and maps generated from the google.
  • Page Comparision Prepost Page Comparison tool compare text of two different pages. this tool also compare meta title, meta description of Urls.
  • Google Malware Checker This Malware checker will tell you either your websie is spammed by google or its safe. you can use any domain or webpage for malware detection.
  • SEO Friendly urls checker SEO URL checker will crawl all anchor tags from the specific web page and highlight all those urls that are not seo friendly. Also it checks if a link user friendly or not.
  • Reverse Image Search This tool let users search similar images available on the internet just by uploading or copy pasting an image url. Reverse image search tool check images from google, Bing and Yandex database.
  • Keywords / Total words Tool to calculate ratio between total words in your text with the keywords used in your text. More keyword usage let your web page rank higher in the google search results.

Check WP Post SEO Before it's Published

Worry about plagiarism
  • Always worry about wordpress SEO?

  • You have posted a bundle of articles to your blog, still no ranking in Google.
  • » Have you checked your content is unique?
  • » Did you remove broken links from your post?
  • » Are you using optimized images in your post?
  • If no, then you cannot achieve top rank in google for next 10,000 Years. Don't worry we have solution for you.
  • Download PrePostSEO Plugin

Wordpress PrePost SEO Plugin

Plugin Features
  • Check Content Plagiarism

    Check each and every single sentence in your post in the billions of websites and show you the results either its unique or plagiarized

  • Check Links Status

    Check Internal and external links in your post. Also detect Broken Links in your post.

  • Grammar Checker

    Check spelling mistakes and grammar / sentence styling errors in your article. Also suggest you to solve complex expressions in your content

  • Check Keywords Density

    Check keywords density in the post and show you the keyword density according to One word, Two words and Three words

  • Check Headings

    Count headings in the live preview and score your post according to that.

  • Check Meta tags

    Check Meta title, meta keywords and meta description in your post and score your post.

  • Check keywords in Title and Slug

    Match keywords in title and url and show you the percentage in title and post slug

  • Check Content Status

    Count total numbers of words, characters in the article and calculate the text to HTML ratio.

  • Site SEO Analyzer

    A new feature that will analyze your website deeply, check every possible mistake in your site regrading seo.

Why Download This ?
  • Protect your post content

  • Optimize keywords in your post title and slug

  • Focus on keywords in your article

  • Properly write meta description

  • To choose best placement for headings

  • Lower your text to HTML ratio

  • Remove broken links from your post

  • Load your webpage faster

  • To Know your Post SEO Score
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