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Check WP Post SEO Before it's Published

Worry about plagiarism
  • Always worry about wordpress SEO?

  • You have posted a bundle of articles to your blog, still no ranking in Google.
  • » Have you checked your content is unique?
  • » Did you remove broken links from your post?
  • » Are you using optimized images in your post?
  • If no, then you cannot achieve top rank in google for next 10,000 Years. Don't worry we have solution for you.
  • Download PrePostSEO Plugin

Wordpress PrePost SEO Plugin

Plugin Features
  • Check Content Plagiarism

    Check each and every single sentence in your post in the billions of websites and show you the results either its unique or plagiarized

  • Check Links Status

    Check Internal and external links in your post. Also detect Broken Links in your post.

  • Grammar Checker

    Check spelling mistakes and grammar / sentence styling errors in your article. Also suggest you to solve complex expressions in your content

  • Check Keywords Density

    Check keywords density in the post and show you the keyword density according to One word, Two words and Three words

  • Check Headings

    Count headings in the live preview and score your post according to that.

  • Check Meta tags

    Check Meta title, meta keywords and meta description in your post and score your post.

  • Check keywords in Title and Slug

    Match keywords in title and url and show you the percentage in title and post slug

  • Check Content Status

    Count total numbers of words, characters in the article and calculate the text to HTML ratio.

  • Site SEO Analyzer

    A new feature that will analyze your website deeply, check every possible mistake in your site regrading seo.

Why Download This ?
  • Protect your post content

  • Optimize keywords in your post title and slug

  • Focus on keywords in your article

  • Properly write meta description

  • To choose best placement for headings

  • Lower your text to HTML ratio

  • Remove broken links from your post

  • Load your webpage faster

  • To Know your Post SEO Score
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